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Ahh a glorious weekend….

By Patrick Van Roy On July 3rd, 2020

Time to whip up a few raw facts, some ole Negro wisdom light a fine Dominican cigar and lay out the tale.

244 years ago 13 became one force.  A small nation of heavily armed shithoarders and individualists with one underlying philosophy….. anyone can get rich because we’re all going to play by the same rules. Over the next 244 years it’s been pretty much the same.

Make your money anyway you can as long as you’re not hurting anyone or exploiting anyone. Well the second one has been the problem, and always will be. First Law of Ferengi Business was stolen from America. Rule #1 Exploitation begins at Home.  The country went to war with itself over exploitation. Slavery is it’s ultimate form, but we fight exploitation everyday it’s human nature. The Strong prey on the weak.

People say we are living in harsh times. In the decade from 1963 to 1973 there were over 250,000 riots in the United States, In April of 1968 110 cities burned for 4 days when King was murdered. The violence taking place now is nowhere near disaster levels. They are mild if anything.

They locked everyone in their homes for 4 months, it was only a matter of time before it got violent. This is pressure and steam barely even being vented. The more people get back to work the less of this nonsense there will be, it will still happen. One or two cities go insane with riots every summer, it’s expected.

Come 6 months from now there won’t be a single riot, everyone will be back to work and enjoying a bountiful Christmas, because that is who we are and who we will always be.

We are the Greatest Nation to be founded in the Planets History where even a poor half black half white kid with an absent Daddy can grow up to be President elected by a majority of white people…… twice. There is no racism in America, but we do have the fatherless among us that were taught that their problems stemmed from the shade of their skin rather than their lack of a Father, a HighSchool Diploma, lack of morality, and lack of a job……

I’m tired of the race bating. I grew up in Philly and ran into just as many black racists as white racists What I have never seen in 60yrs is race stop anyone from achieving anything they were willing to work for.

We’ve only just begun……

51 Responses to “Ahh a glorious weekend….”

  1. that’s great pat, not every word mind 🙂 but it has heart and soul
    “Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.” Luke 7:47
    Enjoy your celebrations tomorrow
    I gotta train to catch 3:10 to Yuma on BB1 inn 5 mins

  2. I was expecting the theme to Fr Ted over the opening part of that video

  3. We are the Greatest Nation to be founded in the Planets History ..

    So close, but the tale of the tape doesn’t lie: you’re a gallant runner-up.

    Don’t argue. That would be undignified.

  4. I’m sorry Patrick but Pete Moore has a point here.
    The fact is the British empire was the greatest empire in history.
    And the US will never ever match that.


  5. Dave. You’re drunk, what’s Pete’s excuse ? 🙂

  6. Never said this to you before pat but I like the old school republicans. Been hearing their stories on that video channel of ex trumpets . They’re a fine of people . I can’t understand with your tastes and lack of racism how you can abide a man like Trump .
    He’s everything the republican party despises
    Immoral without courage adulterous cheating lying stealing . A rotten example .
    So I don’t know why you just don’t quit with your idolatry . What the heck in god’s name are you getting out of it ( nothing but trouble and strife m

  7. A leader must calm boiling tensions and divisions. Trump will inflame them tonight. With each vile utterance Trump will further vandalize the Office of President of the United States. He will desecrate our Independence Day with his malignant blusterings and divisiveness. Shame
    Steve schmidt

    Pat do you agree with is
    A patriot means to stand by the country it does not mean to stand by the president .?

  8. They locked everyone in their homes for 4 months,

    No they didn’t

    I left my house multiple times every day during this period. On most of the days I went for a long walk or for a bike ride, and went shopping in local stores.

    And all of this was in compliance with local and national rules

  9. Trumps speech at Rushmore was pure division, he had no mention of the scourge of coronavirus, no mention of racism in the USA, he just uses these “presidential ” moments to whip up fear like in a campaign rally . Someone really should tell him the way this works is he has his base in his pocket, but to win in 2020 he has to reach out to swing voters.

    It appears he’s incapable of doing that; must be so frustrating being his campaign manager
    I think if it was me I’d be gnawing my fist off whenever he opens his mouth, like you do when someone’s acting is so wooden it’d be more authentic to use a chair .

  10. on a recent heath visit for psychiatric evaluation doctors and clinicians disagreed Trunk was “the chosen one” 😉

  11. Kurt

    I think his speech, the reported bits of it I have read about, I haven’t heard the whole thing, was better than it could have been. His defence of traditional American symbols statues and history against the current wave of destructive activism will resonate with a lot more people than you think. It may be a divisive strategy but it will be one where the larger number will agree with him.

  12. yes colm but its completely tone-deaf to the factors that has led usa to this god awful mess.
    Her hasn’t a clue about a 2nd term plan, or coronavirus , and these things matter
    Miller is his speech writer , he’s allan/petem on steroids, everywhere he looks all they can see is commie filth ..
    well lets see how it works out for them in exactly 4 months time yeah 😉
    as pat has been saying ( until quite recently ) that’s the only poll that matters.
    pat have you thrown the towel in? looking to who might rebuild the republican party afterwards, any names you’d like to offer up ? Romney?

  13. You won’t get many answers from the septic tanks today, Kurt. They’re all busy firing up the BBQs and celebrating 😊

  14. lol seimi
    i guess there’s 2 choices , Trumps Russian Gangster Mob Rule , or a huge progressive shift towards universal healthcare, limits on weapons, fairer taxes , cleaner energy, supporting our allies, opposing dictators, undoing the damage of the last 4 years

    colm do you see it as either mob rule by gangster Trunk or mob rule by BLM

  15. kurt

    There is a third choice. The entire population of the USA could move to the fabled land Troll talks about here, the greatest nation ever in the planet’s history, where there is no racism and the only real problem is a lack of fathers.

    I wonder where it is?

  16. Contention , just North of Tombstone , Arizona 😉

  17. 2 quotes from Patrick’s article.

    There is no racism in America,

    just as many black racists as white racists

    Take your pick !

    Happy 4th July to all our American friends here on ATW 🙂

  18. i have colm, here’s my pick
    412 to 126 Electoral College Votes
    need Seamus to look at it , polls say the exodus continues of those abandoning the Russia Mob Gangster

  19. Hillary Clinton led the polls through summer 2016, she had a lacklustre campaign compared to Trump and we know what happened.

    Biden doesn’t appear to be even staring to campaign at all, and there are 4 months to go where a lot can happen. I think it is still possible the result could be very similar to 2016 where Biden might still get the popular vote like Hillar did, but Trump will get the electoral college votes where it counts.

  20. alrighty colm that’s on record , 4 months to go

    shadenfreude is when on the 1st July you post this angry tweet:

    “Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump. PEOPLE ARE FED UP!”

    and the following day you test positive for COVID-19

    Herman Cain , nor relation to John McCain

    wish him a speedy recovery
    and a happy day to all our friends in the developing world ( USA ) 😉

  21. Pat

    its not strictly tobacco in your cigar is it?

  22. Colm

    quotes from Patrick’s article.

    “There is no racism in America,”

    “just as many black racists as white racists”

    Take your pick !

    I know Patrick’s got a track record for contradicting himself, but literally doing it in almost the same sentence is impressive.
    He’s all over the place, I think he may have had a few drinks when he wrote this. 😀

    Happy 4th of July to you and ungrateful yanks. 😁

  23. Dave

    To be fair the fuller context of the latter quote is the claim of what he saw when he was growing up. Of course the first qute is still ridiculous. There is nowhere on earth where racism – in all directions – doesn’t exist.

  24. yes every thing Trump does is Evil, everything he does is decisive and stupid. Everything he says is to insight….. the babling of the inept with TDS…..

    The Speech is up, pull your heads out of your butts and actually watch it for yourself. make an analysis based on your own views rather than the view of me or some talking head on the radio or tv…

  25. Patrick

    I did make an analysis based on watching the clip on that post and also an an earlier one above on this thread. It may not exactly match your views but mine isn’t in the same category as the “everything he says is evil” bracket.

  26. Patrick.

    I’ve written a piece for ATW. It’s not about religion or Trump.
    Would you mind posting it for me please?

  27. Let me elaborate for those given short shrift in the thought dept.

    “There is no racism in America,”

    “just as many black racists as white racists”

    There is no racism in America your race, skin color, creed, sex or religion will not be used against you in or for anything. If it is you have a lawsuit where you will own the company these rules are enshrined in Law and Laws that are even self enforced as corporations take a knee.

    People however as individuals can be quite racist. The Majority of the individual racists I met growing up were Black Racists. Hated white people, but except for their personal hate they had no power to implement their racism.

    If you are to stupid to understand the difference or understand that both can exist you shouldn’t breed…… let your line of inept genes die with you.

  28. Dave do you have my email?

  29. I don’t Patrick if you would be so kind as to send me an email.

  30. Dave check the email you use for this site, I just sent you a hello that’s my email.

  31. Cheers Patrick.

  32. Patrick

    The only genuinely stupid remark in all of the above conversations remains your one about their being no racism or indeed as you claim no other forms of discrimination. It isn’t even worth arguing against. It is absurd. Yes there are laws against it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. All sorts of levels of racism, sexism, religous intolerance, anti-gay prejudice, class prejudice etc. exist both in individuals and through that upwards into unspoken but still effectively implemented cliques of privilege and networking accesses
    catalysed by corporate attitudes. Just because official segregation policies don’t exist anymore doesn’t mean, undercurrents of continuing segregations don’t still happen in all sorts of circumstances, and yes not just white against black.

    To claim racism/prejudice is just an individual one on one thing and no longer exists at all at any group power levels is naive in the extreme.

  33. There is plenty of racism in America, From whites, blacks, others

    Relations are better than they used to be, despite the efforts of BLM, KKK and other racist groups, We still have problems

  34. you can say it exists Colm, but you can’t point to any numbers that prove it.

    I’ve had Black Bosses, Female Bosses, Indian, and Oriental Bosses, there are people of every sex, race creed and color in every level of business. People of every distinction in Schools, Business, every aspect of American Life.

    No ones race EVER plays a role in anything in a legal or professional level and the legal consequences destroy anyone that uses them. Systemic Racism is a myth.

  35. There is plenty of racism in America, From whites, blacks, others

    all on the INDIVIDUALS level not professional, scholastic, or societal in any form.

  36. So there is racism in America?

    And yes there is racism in an organizational level

    It’s called affirmative action

  37. Anyone can get rich because we’re all going to play by the same rules

    Apart from the (hundreds of?) millions of poor you mean? With some of the greatest wealth inequality on the planet all that schmaltzy guff about the American dream is just that, a dream.

  38. Anyone cannot get rich

    That’s just a completely silly thing to say

    There is much more upward mobility in the US then there say in France, But it’s simply not close to being true that anyone can get Rich here

  39. Patrick just adopts the other end of the blinkered thinking spectrum from the militant anti-racist brigade. Just as there are those who ludicrously claim, systemic white privilege and racism still relentlessly oppresses blacks asn much today as in the 1950s and earlier, those like Patrick who claim it has all now dissapeared and everyone regardless of background can equally rise in all areas of employment and society are just as deluded.

  40. I can only speak to what I have witnessed first hand.

  41. Phantom, on July 4th, 2020 at 2:39 PM Said: Edit Comment
    Anyone cannot get rich

    That’s just a completely silly thing to say

    There is much more upward mobility in the US then there say in France, But it’s simply not close to being true that anyone can get Rich here

    That is utter bullshit.

  42. It always amazes me how immigrants come here with nothing, and through hard work and smarts, end up well off. They usually start a small business, then it’s off to the races.

  43. Phantom,

    Anyone cannot get rich

    That’s just a completely silly thing to say

    I suppose technically anyone can get rich. But it’s a hell of a lot harder for some people than others to achieve it.

  44. If you are a working class white or black kid, The chance of getting rich is slight

    The working class white kid in say Kentucky has no one looking out for him.

  45. From my limited experience of the US those immigrants that you speak of above Charles would be very much the minority.

    If a society is judged on how it cares for its vulnerable and weak, the US is banjaxed. America, the land of opportunity – as long as you don’t get sick.

  46. Phantom.

    I agree, but I’m just pointing out that Patrick is technically correct. However, his point would apply to all westernised nations, not just the US.

  47. Yep

  48. social mobility is the USA ranks along side 3rd world developing countries ( fact )


    no-one so far left or right wants to comment on these findings . Why ?

  49. sorry but we’ve blocked USA from coming over to UK
    you import 3rd world you get 3rd world ( wherez harri ? )
    only kidding I see you guys as our red-haired cousins across the pond
    everyone has a ginger in his family 😉

  50. Of course it is possible for anyone of any background to become rich and succesful but it just isn’t true that the opportunities and pathways are equal for everyone. In theory and legally they are, but in practice they won’t be and that is not to single out the USA here, it applies everywhere on earth. There are advahtages of all kind, from the specific, family connections, networks etc, to the generic, being physically attractive, tall healthy etc and just fitting in to the right circle that makes certain career and success paths easier for some than others. Prejudice, discrimination and privilege are not just individual traits but happen in organisations and society too. It is foolish to pretend otherwise.

  51. It’s easy to get rich if your daddy is rich.