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Words of Wisdom

By Patrick Van Roy On July 4th, 2020

8 Responses to “Words of Wisdom”

  1. Jesus but that’s some awful slushy, mawkish shite.

    The only good part of the video was @ 1.51.

  2. The last bit should have been “We’re Americans and we’ll F**k y’all ” 🙂

  3. Some other less treacly words uttered by John Wayne 🙂


  4. great ideals, trumpled on , look at the wall in mexico , disgusting
    Biden will deliver us back to those goals, and US will shine again

  5. I hope you had a good 4th Patrick. As well as our other Americans on ATW.

  6. Jesus, that’s pure awful. As Wayne himself might have said,

    A man might…take that poem and…shoot it, right in the gut, it’s so bad.

  7. That is some bull-shit

  8. Its not just any old bullshit, its AMERICAN bullshit. There ain’t none finer on this planet as I’m sure Patrick would agree 🙂