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A Good Speech

By Patrick Van Roy On July 4th, 2020

21 Responses to “A Good Speech”

  1. It wasn’t a blistering speech, and his delivery of it, to me anyway was as is always is, not impressive. However it is a good speech an does address concerns large numbers of Americans do have abut the deeply unlikable and uncomfortable radical and intolerant movement that has emerged from the George Floyd/BLM phenomenon. Trump will have impressed many people with how he has addressed this.

  2. I though the President gave a good, if not animated, speech. The crowd cheered at 3:15 when he said Mt. Rushmore would never be defaced. He explained that “cancel culture” was truly anti-American, and means to replace the ideas of the American Revolution with it’s own revolution.

  3. He was absolutely reading a speech that he didn’t write from a Teleprompter the whole time

    And this was the thing you guys used to criticize Obama for

  4. which you didn’t criticize Obama for, but will for Trump…..TDS

  5. All Presidents use speechwriters. I never gave Obama grief over that.

  6. All Presidents use speechwriters. I never gave Obama grief over that.

  7. Of course I didn’t criticize Obama for it

    99% of US politicians do the same

    I didn’t criticize Trump for it here.

    I am just pointing out the endless fakery of the Trump mob

    For a July 4 present, why don’t you take a reading lesson

  8. Allan, and other Trumpers Criticized Obama for that 1 million times here

  9. Oh I knew he didn’t write the speech. He couldn’t articulate a coherent and well worded argument if his life depended on it. I also don’t think he sounds sincere in almost anything he says. However the message of this speech was good and a much needed riposte to the current timidity expressed by so many others in authority against the current “we decide what is racism” orthodoxy of certain activist groups.

  10. No politician has written his own speech since Lincoln wrote The Gettysburg Address! Why is this even an issue?

  11. anyone can say any old crap, I know cos i do it all the time 😉
    all that matters is this:

    Turnout in Georgia’s 6/9 primary (final):

    1,283,836 Democratic votes
    1,033,308 Republican votes

    Georgia has changed.Democrats are energized. Republicans are running scared

    That’s all she wrote, save your poor fingers guys ..

  12. Kurt, primary for what? President? Trump is running uncontested.

  13. Which you didn’t criticize Obama for, but will for Trump…..TDS

    Which would inversely give you ODS?

  14. I dunno charles, some races in Georgia ..lol
    My sources are telling me, Trunk has till labour day to turn things around or he’s on his own . in UK we have this thing called a stalking horse, when its felt a leader isn’t cutting it, or the party is pretty sure they won’t win a gen election.
    Do you have something similar over there?
    and presumptuous as it might be, who do recommend as party leader post Trump
    the one who will re-mould the party back to what it was before it got hi-jacked by his nibs

  15. Frankly, there’s no one in the bull pen as we say, no one after Trump. Marco Rubio? Ted Cruz?

  16. Marco Rubio or Mitt Romney would be a Churchill , an Abraham Lincoln, a George Washington compared to what we have now

  17. Ted Cruz is a despicable waste without any self respect

    After Trump accused his father of being a murderer, Ted Cruz bended the knee to Trump

  18. Rubio at least has been intelligent on masks, late as it is and seems like others have followed his lead , he wrote this : on mask derangement
    “Fortunately this derangement has not infected the vast majority of Americans,normal people who don’t spend every moment thinking about politics & culture wars”
    ofc twitter erupted in rage

    the base ( not you charles ) wants stoopid and trump gives them stoopid
    the next leader of GOP is going to have to face this down .

  19. Any top electable women in the GOP ?

  20. Trump’s speech was a rallying call to his racist mob. Why would a president defend Confederate ‘heritage’? The Confederacy tried to destroy the US to keep blacks enslaved. The word ‘heritage’ is code for the ‘Lost Cause’ movement which erected most of the Confederate statues. Stonewall Jackson is not a hero, Ulysses Grant is a hero. Trump wants to save statues of his Confederate statues and keep Confederate names on military bases. Why is he doing that? Why does he want to be on the wrong side of history? Trump’s racist call is contemptible and divisive at a time the country needs to band together to fight an enormous lethal pandemic.

    Trump’s speech was also another effort to encourage the spread of the virus and death. It was against his government’s advice on social distancing. It is reported 7,500 people were there and they were from many states. We know that his previous rally in Tulsa caused many to be infected and the same is likely at this rally.

    Trump’s speech is more freeloading on the government. This campaign rally was paid for by the federal government and not Trump’s campaign. Funds spent on this rally would be much better spent on fighting the virus he is spreading.

  21. As seen on the internet:

    Gay marriage has been around twice as long as the confederacy why not build statues to that

    Obama was president for more years then the confederacy existed