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The Joy of Dance

By Patrick Van Roy On July 11th, 2020

I can’t dance, to me it has always been a spectator sport. I wish I could. I could Box, do 3 different forms of martial arts, Fence and 15yrs of gymnastics, but keeping in step with the music….. just can’t do it.

To me if you couldn’t dance like Fred Astaire, you just shouldn’t dance, period. I made the comment once to my wife that I thought Astaire was the greatest dancer ever. Her response was “Yeah, but remember Ginger Rodgers did everything he did…. except backwards”

Here are 2 Modern Songs with the best of what I consider Dance.

30 Responses to “The Joy of Dance”

  1. Two things I could never learn to do, dance and rollerskate.

  2. Real men don’t dance. It’s for girls.

  3. I love dancing, and the girls love a man who can dance.
    I can also roller skate, snowboard, ice skate, surf, windsurf, sail and scuba dive.
    Life’s too short not to try everything! 😁

  4. I don’t bother playing golf or football though.

  5. I like talking I like dancing
    The trick is knowing when to lead and when to follow

  6. I think our Pete is still bitter about being kicked out of ballet classes as a kid 🙂

  7. Real men don’t dance. It’s for girls

    Tony Manero and Vince Vega disagree.

  8. C’mon, let’s be serious. Dancing is for girls. Women too after one glass of fizz too many. Blokes can only get away with skanking. Anything else is proper suspect, like advertising that the rozzers need to look at your hard drive.

  9. We know you’re a secret Billy Elliot Pete.

  10. Slurs are weak against my bar-propping manliness.

  11. Is that the bar in the ballet class?

  12. Good thought but weak videos in support. Here is what should have been linked by Patrick:


  13. Well if that’s the line –


  14. cool videos Allan and Pete

  15. Patrick – my link was shown on a late-night ‘grave-yard shift’ music show called The Old Grey Whistle Test, and others at ATW may recall it.

  16. That Zep video was great

  17. “Yeah, but remember Ginger Rodgers did everything he did…. except backwards” That is a great response your wife had. She is right and I never thought of it.

  18. The Old Grey Whistle test was just about the best music show ever. No miming, all live music. Pete played a performance from Vinegar Joe from the show a week or two ago. Here’s a great version of Hocus Pocus, by Focus, from the show 🙂


  19. Great video Allan.

  20. I know the Old Grey Whistle I have to agree with both Allan and Seimi it was the best.

    I’ve posted videos of the Animals and others from that show. Wasn’t carried over here wish it was.

  21. New Yorker.

    That quote was attributed to Ginger Rogers herself.

  22. I think the full quote is “backwards and in high heels”

  23. Yes, that’s right. Frank.

    Anyway, back to the “only girls dance” theme. They can do other great stuff too as this fascinating little documentary I saw on BBC this morning shows. Well worth watching if you can view it.


  24. I will occasionally listen to BBC radio. Many of their shows are rebroadcast by public radio here.

    A few weeks ago, I listened to this broadcast about Hazel Hill, which was interesting.

  25. Correction

    I heard a BBC radio broadcast about this other woman, Who corrected a defect in the Spitfire


    BTW BBC player ( tv ) does not work in the United States

  26. Phantom, yes that’s her, Hazel Hill, who aged 13 helped calculate the mathematical modelling that persuaded the Govt. to Support 8 gun aircrafts which was pivotal in winning the Battle of Britain. The documentary is on YouTube.

  27. Persuaded the Govt. to Support 8 gun aircrafts which was pivotal in winning the Battle of Britain

    Yes, those And Polish Air Force pilots 😉

  28. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRpWMlZ6s3M

    BBC TV on Hazel Hill

  29. Frank ODwyer, on July 12th, 2020 at 10:13 AM Said: Edit Comment
    I think the full quote is “backwards and in high heels”

    you’re correct Frank, but my wife didn’t include the high heels when she said it…..

    It was not an original answer by my wife, but a common response that woman have given for decades.

  30. Great link Phantom and everyone else, I had never heard of Hazel Hill.