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By Pete Moore On July 6th, 2020

The Chinese communist ambassador to the UK has received his orders from above. This morning he gave a news conference in which he said that said the UK’s offer of a path to citizenship for up to three million Hong Kongers amounted to “gross interference”, and that if the decided against using Huawei’s technology to build its 5G network, this would send a “very bad message to other Chinese businesses”.

Oh dear. I’d suggest we keep on interfering by standing by our promise to Hong Kongers, and that Chinese businesses can do one. The sooner the world turns its back on that evil junta, the better. No, I don’t care that its economy is already large. The Chinese Communist People is so evil that good people must have nothing to do with it.

One Response to “IT’S GOOD TO UPSET THE CCP”

  1. Agreed. Sadly none of those folks will get out unless they pull a runner.