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July 7 2005

By Patrick Van Roy On July 7th, 2020

Three explosions on London’s Underground system and a blast on a double-decker bus injure some 700 and kill 56, including the four suicide bombers responsible for the terrorist attack. The London bombings come a year after train blasts in Madrid and nearly five years past the 9/11 attacks in the US.

21 Responses to “July 7 2005”

  1. I remember waking up to this news.

    A hard punch in the gut.

  2. The anniversary of London’s worst terrorist attack has been completely ignored here in the UK today.

  3. I was in work about 500 yards away from the bus bomb but surprisingly we didn’t hear the explosion at all. However I recall earlier IRA bombs in the late seventies and eighties which I heard miles away from where they happened.

  4. July 2005 is not nearly five years past September 2001.

    It’s less than four years after.

  5. Pat, check mail pls.

  6. PS – Maybe I am being a bit pedantic but as the post is commemorating the London bombings perhaps the picture should also be a London one.

  7. Paul

    Get behind kurt in the queue 🙂

  8. no your’re right colm

  9. Did that train blow up?

    The anniversary of London’s worst terrorist attack has been completely ignored here in the UK today.

    The media is trying to ignore it because it wants to pretend that muslim terrorism doesn’t exist.

  10. oh dear petem this is gonna really piss you off


    7/7 London bombings: Mayor pays tributes to victims

    Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said: “Our capital will never forget the terrible events of that day.

    “As we mark 15 years since the attack on our city, I want again to pay tribute to the heroic efforts of our emergency services and transport workers, who ran towards danger to save lives, on that awful day.

    “The way that our city responded and stood united in the aftermath of the attack showed the world that our values of decency, tolerance and mutual respect will always overcome the hate of the terrorists.


  11. Kurt’s already had his weekly indulgence Colm. I still await mine.

  12. 7/7 London bombings: Mayor pays tributes to victims

    He had his fingers crossed. Khan defended Zacharias Moussaoui, a 9/11 conspirator.


    Terrorists and angels? No thanks.

  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7_July_2005_London_bombings#/media/File:Trapped_underground.jpg

  14. Pete’s so tolerant with that freedom of speech thing.

  15. s’ok paul
    petem puts a post up, it get demolished in 5 secs and he learns something
    we are his educators, I’m sure deep down he’s grateful – but lacks the grace to say so

  16. Pete is jaded.

  17. prolly colm, that’s why its good to avoid click-bait threads and the like.
    Its always bullshit mountain, we should keep debate more reflective on an established story

  18. Didn’t they initially blame the Madrid bombings on ETA, claiming they had broken their ceasefire?

  19. Yes. It cost Aznar the election three days later.

  20. Yes. ETA of course had previously engaged in bombings in Madrid, but not on that scale. As a theory they weren’t above suspicion but no one should have suggested them as a certainty, especially to deflect political issues.

  21. It was believed that the PP wanted to deflect the issue because any Islamic link would have been seen as retaliation for Spain’s involvement in Iraq and would have cost the PP the election. So, they immediately blamed ETA.