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A Cause

By Patrick Van Roy On July 9th, 2020

Each of us has causes in our lives, things that we don’t strive to achieve for ourselves but are motivated to support because it is an issue usually a problem that has passed through our lives and we have witnessed something that just needs to be fixed, or people need help with. There is one among us that has a Cause they Support and asked if it could be mentioned here.

Social care reform needed within a year – NHS England boss


Plans to adequately fund the social care sector need to be in place within a year, the head of NHS England has said.

Sir Simon Stevens told the BBC the Covid-19 crisis had shone a “very harsh spotlight” on the “resilience” of the care system.

He said there was a need to “decisively answer” how high quality care could be provided long-term.

The Department of Health said it would bring forward a plan for reform.

In their 2019 election manifesto, the Conservatives pledged to find a cross-party solution to reduce pressures on the sector and provide long-term funding.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, Sir Simon said the Covid-19 pandemic should be used to give momentum to plans to overhaul how the system works.

“If any good is to come from this, we must use this as a moment to resolve once and for all to actually properly resource and reform the way in which social care works in this country,” he said.

“The reality is that after at least two decades of talking about it, we do not have a fair and properly resourced adult social care system with a proper set of workforce supports.”

Covid-19 ‘legacy’

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10 Responses to “A Cause”

  1. Thanks Pat, there is momentum for this , but as is so often the case headline stories grab the attention of media and gov’ts – rocking from one crisis to another .
    I fear in UK we’re about to be avalanched by Brexit Trade Anxiety as the clock ticks down , this and other pressing matters like covid-19 and the economy drown out the quiet voiced elders who remind us of the growing need to enact social care reform .
    We never learn !

  2. every voice helps Kurt

  3. Ultimately there is a need for a National Care Service. Currently care is provided by local authorities who’s budgets have been decimated in the last decade. That organisation and funding responsibility needs to be taken back to centre.

  4. Good post Patrick.

  5. it was mine Dave, that’s why it is a good post 😉 lol

  6. I also agree there needs to be a National Care Service available for all who need it with the entire cost paid for from central taxation. Abolish National Insurance a and raise the income tax percentages so that there is a single direct earnings tax paid for by everyone (along with other taxes like VAT) which will pay for health, social care, education and all other state funded services. It will mean people paying more in tax but so be it.

  7. It was mine Dave

    Yes, I thought it was a strange post for Pat to produce.

    Spot on Colm.

  8. I was going to say that Patrick had fogotten to include the by line that it was a guest post by kurt, but I think Patrick did write the introduction – its just the topic and the link that kurt wanted promoting.

  9. kurt,

    it was mine Dave, that’s why it is a good post 😉 lol

    Good post Kurt.

  10. Sir Simon Stevens told the BBC the Covid-19 crisis had shone a “very harsh spotlight” on the “resilience” of the care system.

    Not half as much as the harsh spotlight thrown on the negligence of people like Sir Simon Stevens, who ordered the “urgent discharge” of thousands of hospital inpatients.


    The result was tens of thousands of elderly dying in care homes. The less heard from people like Sir Simon Stevens, particularly egregious attempts at arse covering, the better.