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By Pete Moore On July 9th, 2020

I was in a motorway services today. Two women were in front of me, one elderly and one middle aged. It was a mother and daughter scene. Both wore masks. The mother was looking left and right, seemingly bemused.

As I walked past I heard her remind her daughter that this is the first time she’s been out since the start of the lockdown. No wonder she’s bemused. The new world is full of arrows, social distancing signs and hand sanitiser dispensers. I felt sorry for her, but she won’t be the last one to venture out. Some went into lockdown and won’t ever come out. It’s quite unnecessary because it’s safe out there.

The Office for National Statistics estimates one in 3,900 people have Covid – 0.03% of the population, down from one in 2,200 the previous week.

That’s including the local clusters. A lot of people in the UK live and work nowhere near the nearest infectious case, but many are still nervous. So the economy is still hugely underpowered compared to where it can and should be. Every day brings news of thousands of more redundancies. There’s no point listing them, there are just too many.

If you have an income then get out there and put a few quid the way of small businesses. Get out there and live your life. Get back to normal. The Chinese Disease is in very rapid retreat and fast disappearing.

64 Responses to “WE’VE BEATEN THE ‘RONA”

  1. Covid 19 is on the rise in the US, thanks to bad leaders and an ignorant population

    But yes support your local small businesses.

    Times remain very hard for many of them.

  2. Phantom

    Our government is giving us all 50% off vouchers to eat in restaurants during the week in August. Anyone fancy a curry ? 🙂

  3. That’s a good thing.

    Many restaurant owners and others are dying a thousand deaths, as recovery is very slow.

    Even those who have reopened in many cases are still losing money.

    If you can support them, please do.

  4. Colm,

    //Anyone fancy a curry ? 🙂//

    Am I coming down there or you coming up here?

  5. Anyone fancy a curry ?

    Christ, I’d kill for a good curry now. You just can’t get them here.

    My mouths watering thinking of a chicken Madras.

  6. Only if Harri comes Colm 🤣

  7. Why eat a curry, when it is bat soup season?

  8. That’s my Saturday sorted.

    Chicken madras, pilau rice, two naan breads, Bombay potato and a load of beer.

    Proper British grub.

  9. What beer?

  10. In the fridge I have Birra Moretti, Hop House 13, a 4-pack of Guinness and Sierra Nevada IPA. Enough for a few weeks.

  11. Birra Moretti can be seriously good

    California based Sierra Nevada always the real thing


  12. “It’s quite unnecessary because it’s safe out there.” So safe 45k are dead.

  13. Phantom, on July 9th, 2020 at 9:08 PM Said:
    Why eat a curry, when it is bat soup season?

    Your Alan is showing

  14. //A lot of people in the UK live and work nowhere near the nearest infectious case, but many are still nervous//

    Haven’t you got the corona warn app there yet?

    I installed that thing on my mobile a few weeks ago but haven’t heard from it since.

  15. Noel

    There is no nationwide Corona app in the UK as yet.

  16. there’s a beer app called Untappd where you can discover new tastes inc corona beer
    if that’s any help to anyone 😉

  17. Try our new improved Corona premium beer – its a taste sensation that’s guaranteed to leave you breathless 🙂

  18. where the only organ failure is a bad pianist plinky-plonking on your night out 😉

  19. We haven’t ‘beaten the ‘Rona.’ There is still no vaccine. Numbers have fallen, but not enough to confidently celebrate. Precautions still need to be taken, or numbers will rise again. The decision to open things up again was an economic one, not a health one.
    But the message will now be, if you’re still being cautious, then you’re paranoid.
    It’s always important to support local businesses. Many have closed and will not open their doors again.

  20. The ONS estimates of course come from “intellectuals with models”. Good to know those are OK again.

    Anyway, anyone heading these days is choosing to spend time with a self-selecting group of the least risk averse in the country. I think I’ll give it 3-4 more weeks to see how those folks get on, myself.

  21. (^*) heading out

  22. An only in New York story

    Trader Joe’s, is a supermarket chain

    During the early days of Covid, It appears that at some Manhattan locations they were hours long lines to get into the stores. The lines stretched well down the block.

    Idiots barking loudly into their mobile phones became Such an annoyance to the locals, that the neighbors decided to pay close attention to what they were saying, to record the comments, to put their comments on signs.

    I guess this is a first world problem, but I understand how annoying this could be.

    I don’t think that I have never waited more than 15 minutes at any store. If there is a long line, I just walk away.


  23. Good beer choices, Pete and Phantom.

    Sierra Nevada was the first craft beer available here and is still among the best.

  24. https://www.totalwine.com/beer/ale/ipa-india-pale-ale-/american-ipa/21st-amendment-brew-free-or-die-blood-orange-ipa/p/178190121-2?glia=true&s=302&pid=cpc:utm_source=Google:utm_campaign=Shopping%2BUS%2BNEWJ%2BENG%2BSPART:utm_term=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzo_r5N_C6gIVjJ-zCh0mHAogEAQYASABEgLqGfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

    I just discovered this yesterday at a local shop

    The 21st amendment to the U.S. Constitution was repeal of Prohibition

    Very good beer.

    IPAs With a hint of grapefruit or blood orange are a thing now, very interesting

    There is increasing experimentation by small Brewers all over the world now. It is a golden age of beer, Support your local craft Brewer

  25. “IPAs With a hint of grapefruit or blood orange are a thing now, very interesting”

    That sounds vile. What happened to beer just being beer? Who decided that beer needed reinventing?

  26. Experimentation is good

    I would strongly recommend that you try a grapefruit infused beer, which you should be able to find locally. Yes it sounds weird, but it’s wonderful

    Perhaps the best beer country is Belgium, Where there has always been a tradition of very high-quality brewing.and experimenting

    For ages, Belgians have made beers with a bit of apricot or cherry in them.

    Let 100,000 flowers bloom


  27. I love lager beer, London Pride , Guinness, All the classics

    And I don’t turn down my nose at Budweiser, like the phony pinky in the air guys do

    But there’s so much variety of interesting things, why wouldn’t anyone want to try some of it

  28. I would definately be a bigger fan of the classics. I’m not much for experimentation with my drinks. I like a European lager, German or Czech (but I was in Poland a few years back and the local Polish lager was lovely), and Stout (though I’m not a fan of drinking Guinness outside of Ireland – it doesn’t travel well). If I’m looking for something sweeter I do like a cider every now and again, but not too dry, not too sweet.

  29. I love some of the French ciders, but a lot of that has to do with the presentation: ice cold, served in stone/clay jugs and bowls.

  30. For some reason, ciders are a much bigger thing in the UK and Ireland than they are here.

    I’ve tried the apple ciders, don’t dislike them, but I don’t seek them out now.

  31. Most of the popular ciders – Magners etc – are a bit too sweet. I like the dry French ciders. Lidl are doing a pretty nice one at the minute here. Perfect for a warm, sunny day – if we ever get one!

  32. IPAs With a hint of grapefruit or blood orange are a thing now, very interesting

    Yes, a great drink on a summer’s day.

    I also don’t turn my nose up, but many of the mass produced beers and lagers taste pretty blank when you’ve had beer produced with free ingredients that is not trying to appeal to everyone’s palate.

    You see some silly stuff like blueberry muffin stout and the like, but much of the craft range is excellent.

  33. The worst beer that I ever bought was a beer with chilis in it.

    I bought a six pack. Couldn’t finish the first bottle.

    Not all experiments work out.

    Like Edison said, you go through the many things that don’t work in order to land at the one that does.

  34. Proof that tea causes mood swings:

    I bought 12 bottles of mixed craft beers, ales and IPAs. I offered one to herself, but she said she’d stick with her cup of tea. After I’d drank all 12, I was in great form, laughing, singing and dancing around the kitchen, but she just got angry and ended up calling me a wanker and going to bed. She should have stuck with the ales, like me.

  35. Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  36. i literally don’t have time for drinking anymore, very rare
    a birthday party, end of a tough week, xmas that sorta thing,too many responsibilities , moving my folks arranging their care,buying selling homes , the inbox is hardly ever empty.

    But but i did find a nice surprise, “bottles of bud” aren’t tasty enough for you to want more than 2 or 3, then you’ve had enough . Wake up crystal clear. So am sticking to them , a safe bet, I just can’t be doing 5/6 or more – in fact don’t think I’ll ever go back to it the way I used to.

  37. lol Seimi.

    There’s a brewery here called The White Hag (see their range here) which will have sours at their stand at beer festivals. It could be grapefruit sour, for example. About half a wine glass of one of these is plenty. I think the mistake people make is they they it’s like Carlsberg and knock back a pint of the stuff!

  38. kurt, on July 10th, 2020 at 2:46 PM Said:
    i literally don’t have time for drinking anymore, very rare

    Do you still smoke weed?

  39. I don’t drink beer much any more. But a while back I found a bottle of Italian Martini that my recently deceased father-in-law has apparently acquired years or decades previously and then forgotten about. It was brownish in colour, and there was a suspicious-looking sediment and funny particles floating at the bottom of the bottle.

    In any case, I opened it and it tasted like heaven, sort of like a seasoned brandy but without the edginess. It was soon consumed and since then I’ve been more or less addicted to anything vermouth-based.
    Perhaps there’s nothing nicer than sipping on a glass of strong vermouth wine before dinner; but guzzling three of them down comes at least a close second.

  40. Do you still smoke weed?

    never really got weed it in the UK, skunk is awful, used to like the hash but it can come cut rough, so I stuck with the pollen which is the most pure. and similarly not for a while with that even. It went with the drinking scene as like after leaving the pub going back to mates houses. I left that scene. A friend died, thought not of alcohol or drugs at 55, and the manger of our local went posh and threw us all out as he wanted a red wine and quiche crowd.
    It was a good scene for about 10 years, but you move on to other avenues.
    I play alot of piano now, and you’re always adding things, buying pedals, upgrading stuff, writing material and such .. I’m happy with that , oh and the Angels too 😉

  41. I play alot of piano now, and you’re always adding things, buying pedals, upgrading stuff, writing material and such

    Sounds nice, Kurt. Fair play.

  42. cheers Petr, its beautiful, as like Art, Music is Eternal 🙂

  43. Always wanted to learn an instrument

  44. This is why any celebrations may be premature…

  45. Seimi — Any celebrations and downright stupid. This thing isn’t close to being over. There were some grotesque scenes in Dublin City Centre last weekend. I hope we don’t see a repeat this weekend, with far better weather.

  46. I like most Dry white wines and full bodied reds. I can have an occasional very dry cider, don’t really like any clear spirits but am partial to a good Brandy but increasingly prfere mellow whiskys. Have also gone off almost all lagers and beers and rarely drink them nowadays.

    There, that’s my alcohol preference summary for the ATW group.

  47. I like a Bailey’s from time to time, with a lot of ice, natch.

    Colm: “I like… full bodied reds”

    I bet you do, you dog you!

  48. petr

    I know a bloke who actually enjoys drinking a pint of Baileys, no ice. Can’t think of anything more sickly !

    Of course my mention of liking full bodied reds will have Pete Moore saying “I knew Colm was a commie lover” 🙂

  49. That Covid is a deadly killer – everybody is dying from it.

    No – I’m just kidding. In reality, it was never any worse than other respiratory viruses and probably less severe:


    06:35 mins DR. Kaufman:
    They ‘re relying principally on one of two tests but these tests actually don’t measure a virus, and they have no known accuracy rate because they were never compared to a gold standard test where they actually demonstrate a virus and then compare this test, like the PCR test for example, it detects RNA. They say that RNA is from the virus but if you look closely at the papers, they never isolated a virus and took RNA out of it. Instead, they took an RNA sequence from a really messy sample of lung fluid that had many, many sources of RNA and DNA in there and they used a probe from a database that they already identified as being viral, and said because it some sequences close to this probe or these other viruses that it’s a virus but that’s a far cry from proving that had actually come from a virus.

    So, when they do these tests there’s no known accuracy. There was one attempt at trying to calculate an error rate and that study showed there was an 80% false positive rate. and it was subsequently redacted or withdrawn but you know like I said, there’s really no way to calculate and error rate because there’s nothing to compare it to.

    I would say the best estimation of the error rate is that it is zero percent accurate these tests. So, we’re testing people and when they’re positive we’re saying that they’re a case of COVID and using that as the bottom number to calculate a mortality rate but it’s extremely inaccurate because there is no proof that that test measures anything related to a disease.

    Watch out for the ‘second wave’ 🙂

  50. Allan

    Stop banging your incessant Corona drum and join in the REAL topic of this thread – Favourite tipples 🙂

  51. Or go over to the Cultural Wars thread, where the topic is – just going on and on and fucking on… 🙂

  52. Allan lad, it’s Friday. Take off the tinfoil hat and tell us what you like to sip on.

  53. Kool Aid? 🙂

  54. Seimi

    I was going to comment on how that thread is dragging on but then realised I am part of the drag too !

    We have learned and discussed everything we will ever need to know about what a certain American footballer does with his knees 🙂

  55. Allan likes most drinks except any type of Fruit Jewse 🙂

  56. I believe Allan is partial to one of these.

  57. Colm

    Don’t mention it again here! Imagine if the same topic of debate spilled over into a completely unrelated thread! It would be like having Harri here, but without the pleasure of his company! 🙂

  58. I know what Allan drinks – L’chaim aid 🙂

    Taxi for Seimi! 🙂

  59. Allan’s least favourite soft drink:


  60. Allan is partial to a specific process of Beer making.

    Its called a He-Brew 🙂

  61. maybe an edgar allan poe cocktail

    phantom its never been easier ans simpler to pick up and instrument
    go here for example
    type in a song and it plays the chords for you,
    simply play along with that and you’re playing music in 5 mins
    with a bit of practice , say your 3rd of 4th time of the song , its start to sound ok
    you get the timing better , always pick a song you really love 🙂

  62. I can play my own instrument 🙂

  63. Thanks for that

    Never heard of it

  64. I like those adverts for that Piano learning app you see on Youtube which shows people learning Queen songs. Looks very cool.