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By Pete Moore On July 10th, 2020

Captain Hindsight has taken over from the Mad Marxist of Islington. The Tories have presided over a total crap show of a Chinese pandemic. Surely Labour is riding high again as the lawyer Keith Starmer forensically critiques the government? Yes, yes?

Erm, no.


  1. There is still a Brexit Party?

  2. It exists but isn’t really functional now and certainly not relevant in any way. Brexit itself took away its purpose.

  3. There still hasn’t been an proper politics here since the Pandemic started. Social distancing rules have emasculated the atmosphere of the House of Commons where real political mood shifts can catalyse. Its not healthy for a poorly performing government to be free of effective and popular opposition. That will change. Kier Starmer is a sensible and intelligent leader and in time he will get te better of the Johnson administration.

  4. I want you to all join this party


  5. Sorry, Phantom. Since their dearly beloved leader Lord Sutch died that party has just gone downhill 🙁

  6. Colm –

    Yes, but in truth politics as we knew it stopped in June 2016. Brexit and the virus have completely dominated since.

    Phantom –

    All Britons are emotional members of the Monster Raving Loony Party, the one sane constant in British elections. I want you to have a look at this photo –


    You’ll see Theresa May in red on the left. She was Prime Minister at the time. The Boss Hogg in white is the leader of the OMRLP. The bloke with a chimney on his head is Lord Buckethead.

    They were all candidates in Theresa May’s constituency in the 2017 General Election. I’ll cut the suspense: Theresa May held the seat. But because they were candidates, on the ballot and had paid the deposit they were entitled to be on the stage with the Prime Minister at the count. It’s a magnificent thing.

  7. Absolutely correct Pete. The most magnificent thing about British politics is that most Brits really don’t take it that seriously. We don’t worship our parties, leaders or ideologies. It really is the best safeguard against genuine totalitarianism.

  8. I’m not too bothered and haven’t been since the election , UK is sticking with the devil we know better than the devil we don’t .
    rebuilding after this awful plague is going to set us back years, but we could still fix social care, that would be a huge gesture by the Tories and if they pulled it off I’d vote for them next time .

  9. kurt

    I get the impression you’d be so happy if they pulled it off, you’d be willing to pull off Boris as a thank you 🙂

  10. your mind is in the gutter after a few strong glasses of red 😉

  11. I haven’t had a drop of red tonight kurt….. but if you are talking about white.. 🙂

  12. Captain Hindsight

    Johnson used this childish name-calling to refer to the fact that people can transmit the virus without symptoms and that the government didn’t know this in late March when it ordered tens of thousands of elderly patients to be expelled from HNS hospitals into private care homes without being tested. The result was at least 20,000 deaths in those care homes.

    This claim is a blatant lie from a shameless liar. Because no-symptoms transmission was known for at least two months before that. And the fact that the government was demanding in March that households isolate for two weeks as soon as one of them showed symptoms was proof that they knew this at the time.

    Johnson’s lies get more shameless by the day. Many of us suspect that he hates the PM job and will jack it in some time soon, but only after he has fired fellow-egotist liar Cummings. That will be a day to savour, reminiscent of the day the stable genius fired Bannon from the White House.

  13. Surely Labour is riding high again as the lawyer Keith Starmer forensically critiques the government? Yes, yes?

    No Pete. It’s just eight months since the election when Labour was hammered. So it would be amazing if they weren’t still miles behind the Tories. The UK electorate are not a bunch of primary school children, even though Johnson-Cummings treat them like that with their endless lying slogans.

    The word is that Cummings will be gone soon “by mutual agreement” to pursue other interests, as they say. There is no room in Downing Street for both his ego and Johnson’s ego. But Johnson will be gone as well before much longer. The job is way above his pay-grade and his party knows it. And he is not having the fun he expected.

  14. Colm

    “We don’t worship our parties, leaders or ideologies.” What about Maggie and the Thatcherites?

  15. What worries me most, is that anyone is prepared to vote for any of that shower.

  16. There are a number of factors at play, but two in particular. Firstly while Boris has fucked up on Coronavirus, and the majority of people recognise that, the majority of Tory voters don’t. Johnson’s approval rating amongst Tory voters is actually still very high. As such there hasn’t been much of a switch from the Tories to Labour, with most of Labour’s gains coming from the Liberal Democrats. The Tories have also got a little bump from re-opening the economy. And that is the second reason. The major political issue is increasingly the economy. At the start of the crisis issue polling had health 30% ahead of economy as the most important issue. Now the two are neck and neck. And as the economy becomes more important the Tory advantage grows stronger for two reasons. Firstly people still don’t trust Labour on the economy, with the Tories enjoying a sizeable polling advantage there (with the flip side of Labour’s lead on health). Secondly Rishi Sunak is probably the most popular politician in Britain at the moment (and probably the most popular Chancellor since pre-crash Gordon Brown – it is funny to remember that a time he was very, very popular), while most voters (even engaged voters) couldn’t pick Anneliese Dodds out of a lineup.

  17. when a gov’t is borrowing 330 billion and spreading the cash they’re not going to be unpopular
    lets do this polling thread again next year .

  18. Peter.

    //Johnson’s lies get more shameless by the day. Many of us suspect that he hates the PM job and will jack it in some time soon,//

    I predicted that when Boris first took the job. I never really wanted to be PM, he just thought he’d give it a go.

  19. “We don’t worship our parties, leaders or ideologies.” What about Maggie and the Thatcherites?

    I still think most Thatcherites were able to separate their admiration for the woman and her ideology with the sort of fanatical blind obedience and respect culture which some other countries and peoples have for their leaders, governing parties/ideologies and State authorities.

    Most of those Britons who would have regarded themselves as Thatcherites would still have been able to laugh at portrayals of Maggie Thatcher such as seen on the TV show Spitting Image.