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By Pete Moore On July 13th, 2020

The Washington Redskins announced last week that they will review their name. I said at the time that they would buckle under and change it. These things have a momentum all of their own. Today they announced that they will change their name. It will not stop there. The mob moves on always like a plague of locusts. Only when others stop giving in will they stop. Just you watch. By next week it will be another team, another name, and the radicals will demand that history and tradition be wiped- oh, forget next week. It’s today.

Opinion: The Texas Rangers’ team name must go. Members of the Texas Rangers force were violent agents of white supremacy.

Even Mao became frightened of the Red Guards as they cancelled everything which came before. In the end he had to put them down violently.

17 Responses to “IT WILL NEVER STOP”

  1. pat, i thought you said promoting violence towards any group was a no-no on
    going to delete the post ? it would be binned on twitter ( hate speech )

  2. Arvixe reserves the right to refuse Services to anyone at any time. Any material that, in Arvixe’s judgment, is obscene, threatening, illegal, or violates this Agreement in any manner may be removed from Arvixe’s servers (or otherwise disabled), with or without notice.

    you should take it down pat, the site could be taken off-line for breaches of the terms of service . Advocating insinuating or calling for violence is a no-no . David Vance was always clear about that, you just don’t stand a chance with the host company ..

  3. Kurt

    Pete isn’t calling for violence. He just mentioned a historic example of what can happen when movements become too extreme. Why are you seeking to have his post censored ? Argue back agains his views. That’s the way to deal with opinions you disagree with.

  4. Correct, Pete is not calling or any violence.

    Kurt, for God’s sake calm down.

  5. its the same as when the shooting starts the looting starts
    thanks for your views, see what the others say ..
    whatever its sailing close to the edge ..
    there a target a group and a suggested action .. Twitter has taken down stuff like this
    If POTUS wrote this what would you say ? call it out for ? honestly ?

    “In the end he had to put them down violently” what would be the reaction ?

  6. Meow

  7. Pete’s post doesn’t rise to the level of a direct incitement to people to attack specific individuals. It’s the rhetoric of an individual commenter on a small blog. We can discuss it amongst ourselves without fearing Pete’s post is going to trigger frenzied mobs in the streets !

  8. Kurt

    Why not just explain why you disagree with Pete on this name change business ?

  9. The change will be tough for many of that team’s loyal fans.

    They’ve been the Washington Redskins since 1933.

    Until the Atlanta Falcons were founded in 1965, the Redskins had a big following in the Southeast US.

    They have one of the more known fight songs. It will be hard to slot a new name into that song, perhaps.


  10. Colm it’s the same banalities were used to . Factually incorrect in every respect . It’s corporations that are withholding sponsorship that’s havin* the effects we see . Same thing happened to bill o Reilly . Tucker Carson has lost huge sponsors. What ya gonna do cancel the internet . Stop printing money . It’s ridiculous.

    Phantom the ROI contingent know a dog whistle even if you don’t buddy . Ask them

  11. Not to many ROI people on this site, bro.

    You gotta start paying attention just a little bit

  12. I’d like Mahons opinion . See your playing defence.
    Someone playing offence like a prosecutor coul make an argument that the post incites violence via a nod and a wink . It plants a seed in some dumb fascists mind this what you gotta do “ put them down violently “
    The “them in question “ insinuates BLM as you only have to go back a few threads and it’s more explicit .
    You don’t know how a web host will view this material . Why take the risk .
    It’s easier for pat to tell Petem stop being a knob head with your violent fantasies and take the post down.

  13. There’s no incitement to violence in this post, kurt. Pete has paraphrased the account of the actions taken by Mao against the Red Guards, and is using that as an example of how badly things have gotten out of hand in other circumstances. He’s not threatening anyone though. Chill, mate 🙂

  14. Ok . Maybe I was seeing paisley in it . The way he used to drop hints and then wash his hands after some atrocity

  15. Do you mean Ian Paisley ?

  16. i do colm, rememeber it well , the nods and wink, the language of suggestion and insinuation
    do you recall his incendiary tongue ? compare and contrast with here, what do you find?
    on a scale of 1 to 10 🙂

  17. Ian Paisley was publicly addressing mobs of people in the street who he was inciting into going into and attacking Catholic neighbourhoods. Hardly comparable at all to Pete’s post which simply contains one sentence about Chinese violent history. On a comparability scale of 1 to 10 I give this post a 0.1 🙂