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All you need to know……

By Patrick Van Roy On July 14th, 2020

2 Responses to “All you need to know……”

  1. Patrick – I live in this area. My kids attend elementary school in a San Diego Unified school, which was part of the joint decision/announcement with LA schools. This is not a political decision. I’ve been to multiple meetings with the principal and/or district superintendent and a lot of parents were asking for this because they are afraid their kids or other family will get sick. The district had not shared any plan for how they would have opened in person so lots of worries about how they would mitigate risk and how they’d respond when someone was positive. Teachers and other school employees are also worried about their own health – something like 30% of the teachers Certainly there are also parents who think there is nothing to worry about, but the districts have heard a lot of parents and staff telling them to slow their roll.

    Now, to the extent that the LA teachers’ union is piggybacking unrelated things on, agree that is political and not helpful here. But that’s not the reason for the decision to begin with.

  2. I never knew that you lived there.

    What a swell big town San Diego is.

    Massive, endless, southern California roads and towns.