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The Real Killers and spreaders of death

By Patrick Van Roy On July 19th, 2020

20 Responses to “The Real Killers and spreaders of death”

  1. Notice how the pro mask NYrs are ignoring this post…….

  2. Florida Republican governed , has the highest confirmed cases in the country.

  3. Second .

  4. Nice cut and paste

    Good boy

  5. Pat, many Rep states have higher number of cases than Dem states:


  6. Again, The point must be made, even though not everybody will listen here

    These are still very early days

    Many should have learned from the hard experience of Italy, and of New York and New Jersey

    But did not

    Even now, the Trumper governor of Georgia is banning localities from implementing mask policies. This can only be seen as a pro-virus policy

  7. Although in fairness, the statistics for deaths and the care home scandals do show an area where Democrat governors performed badly which shouldn’t be brushed aside,

  8. In the last week there have been 5,281 Covid-19 deaths in the United States. 3,343 in red states, 1,938 in blue states. In the past month there have been 20,335 Covid-19 deaths in the United States, with pretty equal numbers (10,062 in red states, 10,273 in blue states). So that means on average over the last month there have been 2,350 deaths per week in red states, and 2,400 deaths per week in blue states. So it seems to be increasing (average of 2,350 to a total last week of 3,343) in red states and slowing down in blue states (average of 2,350 to a total last week of 1,938).

  9. I have not brushed them aside

    Cuomo deserves criticism for forcing homes to accept Covid patients, when nearly none of the nursing homes would have had the knowledge or tools to protect the staff or other patients. In that situation

  10. I always find it confusing that Red states are Republican and blue ones Democrat. Over here I the U.K. the colours refer to the other sides of the political spectrum.

  11. In pretty much the entire world blue was largely seen as a conservative colour (though Christian democrats would often use black or orange), while red seen as a social democratic colour. Gold or yellow would normally be the colour of liberal parties (and is the colour of the Libertarian Party in the US) but red would also often be the colour of liberal parties in the Americas (the Canadian Liberal Party uses red, most Latin American liberal parties use red).

    So if they were using what is used every where else the Democrats should be red, while the Republicans should be blue. Historically both parties would have used red and blue (colours of the American flag). The association dates to the 2000 election. Before that each broadcaster had their own standards for what colour is used to represent the parties. Most used blue for Democrats, red for Republicans, some had it reversed, and I think one of them had blue for the incumbent party and red for the opposition party. The 2000 election was close, and pictures of the electoral map became major news pieces, so it was pretty much agreed by the broadcasters that they would have a uniform colour arrangement. So it became universal for blue for Democrats, red for Republicans. And then about a decade later the two parties adopted them as well (the Democrat logo is now all blue [used to be blue and red], while the Republican logo is now all red [also used to be blue and red]).

  12. Hmmmm

    And what’s with the donkey and the other animal (I forget which)?

  13. Republican elephant. Apparently, though it is debatable as to whether this is true or not, Abraham Lincoln (first Republican President) favoured using symbols of an elephant (a majestic, strong animal) to describe himself, while political opponents described Andrew Jackson (first Democratic President) as a stubborn ass, and he decided to play up to the idea.

  14. Thanks for the info Seamus.

  15. //opponents described Andrew Jackson as a stubborn ass//

    Whence perhaps the American expression “a darn jackass”

    You’re a mine of information, Seamus.

  16. Trump is the president and responsible for the safety of the US people. He deserves the blame for these deaths but is trying to squirm out of it. Blaming governors is part of his evasion of responsibility. But, the majority of Americans hold him responsible for the worst health catastrophe in a century.

  17. The buck stops at the White House when there is a national crisis

  18. I think it was the late, great, broadcaster Tim Russell who came up with the red/blue scheme on air one day to describe the division in the country. It certainly stuck.

  19. Whoops! Wrong thread!

  20. Not the wrong thread Charles