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July 23 1967

By Patrick Van Roy On July 23rd, 2020

Tensions between African American residents and the police flare in Detroit, Michigan, during an early morning raid on a nightclub. Before the riot ends five days later, 43 people will be killed, more than 300 injured, some 1,400 buildings burned, and more than 7,000 people will be arrested.

3 Responses to “July 23 1967”

  1. Interesting. I have just finished reading an excellent book called Detroit 1967 – The year that changed soul. It mainly covers Motown and the music scene but it covers social issues and the riots of course and the levels of police brutality which was much worse than today. It was thought provoking reading it just now with what is going on in the States today. Things were worse back then, much worse….. but the music was much better 🙂

  2. tough titty pat, the generals are fighting back, we will see the military refuse to deploy troops against US citizens .. sorry pal you played and lost big time dude


  3. Back in ’67 Berry Gordy toyed with the idea of trying to get his top acts like the Temptations, Gladys Knight , and of course Miss Ross and the Supremes (and no I don’t mean the judges) to help solve racial tensions. Who have we got today ? Beyonce ? Nicki Minaj? ,Drake ?

    No comparison or am I just getting too old ? 🙁