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The Paper of Record

By Patrick Van Roy On July 23rd, 2020

The New York Times in 2017 falsely reported that the Trump campaign had ‘repeated’ contacts with Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 campaign, and instead of being held accountable for publishing lies, the story’s authors received Pulitzer prizes.

The FBI official who ran the investigation into whether the Donald Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election privately admitted in newly released notes that a major New York Times article was riddled with lies, falsehoods, and “misleading and inaccurate” information. The February 2017 story was penned by three reporters who would win Pulitzers for their reporting on Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia.

16 Responses to “The Paper of Record”

  1. poor colm, for goodness pat we give in , stop the torture
    yes its safe

  2. poor colm ? eh ?

  3. more Flynn torture – that’s the reference 😉

  4. Oh I get it. I’m immune to it now kurt. My body goes into automatic defensive shutdown when I see another of Patrick’s Flynn/Russia/No collusion, posts. My eyes won’t see them and my ears won’t hear them 🙂

  5. yay we got herd immunity 😉

  6. ” Let’s divert eyes from pandemic “

  7. Let’s draw the line on the ‘pandemic’…….


  8. The Pandemic IS the diversion…… the indictments will change that.

    But this proves the NYTs printed LIES about Russian Collusion and even won a Pulitzer for those lies that you phantom still believe.

  9. The world has made these major changes, suffered this huge price, so that it would hurt Trump’s reelection chances?

    When did the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy, China agree to this sabotage plan? Did they have a meeting?

  10. Phantom – as I linked yesterday to the report in The Daily Telegraph, the UK government had a report in April stating that 50,000 deaths would be attributable to Covid and that lockdown TO PROTECT THE NHS (???) would cause 200,000 deaths


    More than 200,000 people could die from the impact of lockdown and protecting the NHS, an official government report shows.

    As national restrictions were imposed, experts from the Department of Health, the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the government’s Actuary Department and the Home Office forecast the collateral damage from delays to healthcare and the effects of recession arising from the pandemic response.

    It estimated that in a reasonable worst case scenario, around 50,000 people would die from coronavirus in the first six months of the pandemic, with mitigation measures in place.

    200,000 deaths is more than 50,000 deaths, even to the fabulously-innumerate ATW-ers

    But in the report published in April they calculated that up to 25,000 could die from delays to treatment in the same period and a further 185,000 in the medium to long term – amounting to nearly one million years of life lost….

    This is in April – so what I’ve been saying this month was known to the government in April – AND STILL A LOCKDOWN WAS IMPOSED

  11. The indictments will change that.

    Just make sure you have $50 ready for the end of next month.

  12. yup
    might as well add the followint to the title of ATW
    ATW – “A fact free dissenting view of contemporary British and American politics”
    least that would be honest
    hat-tip mahons

  13. Is that my line? Funny.

  14. They dissent, but never do they dissent from Fox News or Breitbart,etc

  15. That is where they start, where they get the orders for the day. Of all the right wingers only Mike Cunningham has original thoughts (usually involving one of modern life’s intrusions on his worldview).

  16. Yes.

    Charles I would not call right wing, even though a Trump supporter. He has mixed opinions, calls them as he sees them.

    The others, not so much.

    It is amazing that this deep into the Trump rule, and still not one word of real criticism from many here. They’re not dissenting from anything, they just follow another false religion.