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The Good Mothers of Portland

By Patrick Van Roy On July 23rd, 2020

14 Responses to “The Good Mothers of Portland”

  1. From the title, I thought it was a guest post by kurt 🙂

  2. haha colm
    pat yo been digging, took ya 55 days to come up with that, got anymore? lol
    I got more: Mom Lisa is a lifelong Republican from South Carolina with a powerful message

  3. Portland is too white, and I really mean it. These idiots need some real-world experience and here it is.


    USA, Los Angeles — Delivery van swarmed by Blacks. Just watch the behavior here. As soon as one or two start stealing items, Blacks in traffic get out of their cars to join in until it’s a feeding frenzy. How alien is that to you and me? Notice the gobsmacked Whites left at the end.

    There’s so much to this video, apparently taken from an upper story office or apartment across the street from the event it documents, that it bears repeated watching. It constitutes quite an education for those who are capable of seeing it with open eyes and who have a willingness to question what they’ve been taught. The date of the posting of this video is 9 July, 2020 — just a little over a week ago.

    When the scene opens, we see an Amazon delivery truck parked on the curb in a racially-mixed section of Los Angeles. White people and Black people, but mostly the latter, can be seen on the street.

    The driver of the truck is a White man dressed in black and blue with a blue cap, but you can’t see him right at the beginning of the clip. He’s in the back of the truck, where he presumably went to get a box to deliver.

    But he’s not alone. A couple of Black males in red jackets are at the back of the truck. They close the door and block the driver in, then go around to the front doors and block his exit there. Then they go in and start stealing. We can’t see what they do the the driver who’s still trapped inside. He comes out of the back of the truck at around the 16-second mark and makes a call on his cell phone once he’s out of the center of the looting.

    Meanwhile, other Blacks walking or driving nearby have seen the robbers, and they, instead of helping to stop it, immediately join in. A Black male emerges from the driver’s door from the interior of the truck, carrying some booty. Then it becomes hard to follow. They’re going in and out of the front doors, swarming the back doors, carrying off so many boxes so fast you can’t keep track except by freezing the video and going through it a few frames at a time. And it’s Blacks, almost all Blacks — one dreadlocked monster looks like a mulatto. It’s almost unbelievable to see it in real time, but before 17 seconds have gone by from that first door-slamming, half a dozen other Black passers-by have joined in; by the 25-second mark, at least 25 Blacks have swarmed the truck and are grabbing anything they can. They’re all over the truck — at the back doors, at the passenger door, at the driver door, grabbing whatever they can.

    When the camera pans back for a moment to focus on the stopped traffic behind the swarm, we see Blacks running, some of them away, and some of them likely getting back into their cars with their stolen goods — almost fifteen cars deep. And just over one minute has passed since it all began.

    (I guess Jeff Bezos is going to have to drive his slave laborers a bit harder to make up for the loss. And he’ll make all of us pay more, too. I’m sure he doesn’t live on this street. And I’m also sure that Bezos’ Jewish friends who run the Washington Post for him aren’t going to highlight this swarm attack in their news coverage.)

    There’s more to the swarm to be seen than just thieving, though.

    At the beginning of the video, we see a blonde White woman with a dark blue top, fairly young-looking, walking down the sidewalk. The audio isn’t clear enough to hear what she’s saying, but the video shows what happens very clearly.

    Between the five second and ten second marks, she’s witnessing the swarm build up. As she walks past on the sidewalk, an apelike Black grabs a traffic sign and bends it back and forth right in front of her, then points at her and apparently says something to her before joining in the swarm. That should have been her warning to absent herself as soon as possible from the scene. But she did not absent herself.

    She walks around the front of the truck, with the swarm still building, and apparently starts saying something to the looting Blacks in the vicinity of the driver’s door. She just stands there, gesturing and saying something, as multiple Black males approach. I can only imagine what she’s saying — “This is wrong. What are you doing? Where’s the driver?” I don’t know what she said. Whatever it was, her chance of making the Blacks stop what they were spontaneously doing was about the same chance as getting skunks to stop stinking.

    She engages one of the looters, a large Black male in a black hoodie and red pants, in some kind of animated conversation. Then Red Pants starts to move on. But before he leaves, he suddenly notices Blonde Girl’s purse, turns around abruptly, and uses all the force he can to rip it right off her body, breaking the strap and sending the young woman down hard, with her head and all the rest of her making a sharp impact on the concrete. She’s lucky she’s still alive. At the exact instant Blonde Girl goes down, Dreadlock Monster darts in and steals her cell phone and runs off, coming back in a few seconds to “get his main loot on” again. Only 43 seconds have gone by.

    Blonde Girl is dazed. She gets up, but looks unsteady. She’s basically just wandering now, walking right next to the carnage. Another White woman bravely comes forward to help her, and guides her. They meet up with the driver and another White man in a ponytail. The Whites stay together.

    So this is the Swarm. By one minute and forty seconds into the video, it’s all over. The Whites stand in a tight knot behind the van. The Blacks have scattered on foot or gotten back in their cars and are fleeing the scene. Debris from ripped-open packages litters the street.

    Can you even imagine White people acting this way?

  4. Portland moms lining up outside federal courthouse, facing the crowd

    new tactics, bring your oven gloves and moms can throw back the gas canisters

    Hard to believe but oven mitts are doing the rounds on twitter

    21st Century Third World America

  5. charles hi
    if your’re reading we’re coming for the crown jewels : Texas 😉

  6. OMG, children said a rude word.

    Tasteless indeed but ‘child abuse?’ Perhaps they should start crying and Trump could have them thrown out.

  7. Donald cancels Florida conventions to protect people

    But the schools will reopen there at the same time, a policy supported by Governor Dedantis and Donald

    Who will protect them school teachers and other vulnerable staff there.


  8. DeSantis

  9. Avg school teacher age is 40-45 the average school staff age is under 30. There are only 5% of the Adult staff in the education industry that are high risk.

    Children don’t catch the disease and they don’t transmit it…. if you follow the science, but in this case your “science” doesn’t fit your political goals so you just ignore it skippy like a good drone.

  10. yeah lets takes risks with people’s lives pat, what a callous statement
    young middle and old work in schools perhaps you didn’t know that
    maybe you weren’t schooled at all !

  11. 18.8% of school teachers in US are 55 years of age and above

    And some of those younger than that have health issues.

    And many custodians, lunch staff, bus staff would have the same issues.

    But our buddy could care less about any of these.


  12. portand now has grandads coming in from all over
    Peter Buck brings a good tool to the party – a leaf blower
    man he’s pissed, like every good american should be


  13. ‘Wall of Vets’ joins Black Lives Matter protests in Portland


  14. pat
    animal vets? animal moms ?