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99 Day’s…..

By Patrick Van Roy On July 28th, 2020

A beginning of the week musical interlude….. The Election is 99 Day’s away and we’ve got 99 problems but the B ain’t one….. the video is from the Telegraph, the Music is from Hugo……. the rioters are from the Democrats.


14 Responses to “99 Day’s…..”

  1. sky news reporting seem to have covered all the angles here
    so you can’t go saying crazy dumb shit via outlets like fox or indeed cnn if you think they’re biased reporting .


  2. Wall of Moms sue US Department of Homeland Security over officers’ use of tear gas and rubber bullets


  3. //U.S. District Judge Michael Simon issued a restraining order that bars federal agents from dispersing, arresting, threatening to arrest or targeting journalists or legal observers at protests//

    Feds preventing journalists & legal observers from witnessing what’s happening?


  4. 48 page lawsuit
    legal comment mahons ?
    judge comment pat ( was on the bench i’d heard a few years back )

  5. Portland protests: Ban federal agents from cities, Democratic mayors say


    Six Democratic Party mayors have urged the US Congress to block the Trump administration from sending federal law enforcement agents to their cities.

    In a letter, the mayors argue that the agents’ presence, against the request of local authorities, is unlawful.

    Among the signatories is the mayor of Portland, where federal agents have clashed with anti-racism protesters.

    It comes as US Attorney General William Barr is set to defend their deployment during congressional testimony.

  6. Another ’99’ themed song. This one’s much more easier on the eye:


  7. Whoops,



  8. The President has the authority to send Federal agents to any City or town in the US.

  9. PaTroll – sent you an email

  10. Me too.

  11. Is it “send an e mail to Patrick” week ? 🙂

  12. colm you’re just hoping to see portand babes or portland milfs turn out
    then you’ll start to get excited yes ? 😉

  13. kurt

    I believe those Portland stunnas are currently making their way up the Potomac river in their own “Mamas ark” to flash their secret weapons at the dear leader in the White House 🙂

  14. yes Colm Paul and Seimi send me fan mail….. I am their Idol, but not their Ideel.