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The Pain In Spain Relies Mainly On the Blame

By Patrick Van Roy On July 28th, 2020

Guest post Paul

All refugees welcome?

I’m meeting a new friend for a beer later. 

It seems that ‘political prisoner’ Tom Thug has now done a runner from the UK where he apparently doesn’t feel safe and has declared that he is now a political refugee in what seems to be Spain:

TT alleges that his ‘wife’s property’ suffered an arson attack ‘not done by Muslims but after all this BLM stuff’

Now,  IF there was an attack on his wife’s property it is of course wrong but questions must be asked, will TT be back for the forthcoming libel case against him?

And how many families have the financial wherewithal to up and flee to a new country seemingly on a whim?

Regardless of the questions asked the sweet irony of someone who campaigned against refugees entering Europe, campaigned for Brexit, campaigned against freedom of movement within the EU now using EU FOM to flee to a EU country claiming not to feel safe in his own country months before the UK transition period ends (on an Irish passport?) isn’t lost?

Life really is stranger than fiction and my guess is TT is laughing all the way to the bank on the sunny southern costas while he can still get out. 



21 Responses to “The Pain In Spain Relies Mainly On the Blame”

  1. As always, many thanks, Pat.

  2. Enjoy your pint with Tommy, a chara 🙂

    The irony meter just exploded. Wee Tommy, who objected to people coming into his country, looking for a better life for themselves and their kids, has gone to someone else’s country, looking for a better life for himself and his kids.
    And like you said, the ability to just up sticks and move somewhere else like that – who has the money to do that? Being a right wing, racist xenophobe must pay good wages these days.
    AND – if he did it on his Irish passport!? I mean, what type of proud Englishman would hide behind an Irish passport!? Oops…

  3. Seimi

    Who could you possibly be referring to in your last sentence ? I can’t work it out, You will have to give us moore clues. 😉

  4. Colm

    okay, you got me. It was Daphne!

  5. A proud, staunch English heart Colm, just like wee Tommo.

    Wee Tommy sold the book and took the loot and it’s off to the sunny southern climes of the EU and their six Emperors, golden palaces, endless expenses etc with him amd his family, fleeing their own country.

    As John Rotten once remarked, ‘ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?’

  6. great post
    lots of petty criminals down there, he’ll fit right in
    what’s his residency status as of next Jan Paul, does he have a 6 months visa
    will he be likely be returned to England after that expiry ?

  7. I’m not sure what his residency rights will be Kurt. If he’s using an Irish passport, (at least one of his parents are Irish), he’ll have indefinite residence.

  8. oh yeah d’oh i forgot about dat ..
    its still a great story i can’t stop laughing
    not at the arson , that’s not funny the rest is

  9. IF the arson is true.

    A (unverified) source on Twitter has said that there have been no reports of arson in Beds within the last few weeks.

  10. ahh geddit
    he’s up fer a libel and has got his arse on out the country 😉

  11. I remember the last time my family were involved in an alleged arson attack. I immediately moved to another country and started playing squash.

  12. haha seimi
    looks like the mother made the decision to flee to me

  13. “But, but, loooove, I have a right wing rally to attend this week!”
    “No, Stephen, I mean Tommy! We’re moving to Spain! You’ll just have to find some new right wing friends out there!”

  14. I suspect the decision to flit was TT taking the proceeds of his books bought by his misguided followers his faceless ‘sponsorships’ & ‘donations’ coupled with his pending court cases and failure to make any headway in electoral politics and pissing off to live the good life in the sunny climes of the bloc he was so eager to get the UK out of.

    So long, suckers.

  15. No, Stephen, I mean Tommy! We’re moving to Spain! You’ll just have to find some new right wing friends out there!”

    He’ll be joining Vox next.

  16. He’ll be joining Vox next

    Doubtful Reg. That would mean he’d have to leave the English language colonies and learn Spanish.

    Poor Tommy’s fall from grace can also be seen from the comments on this thread and the half a dozen Euroweenies comments on it. In the past there’d be multitudes of comments from different continents defending him but I suppose breaking contempt of court laws is different from legging it with the dosh.

  17. petems circling the M25 at 60mph – i’m sure he’ll find a rescue post about hi brave lil Tom Thumb

  18. Tom Robinson, Patriot in Exile

    There’s a title for the post, kurt 🙂

    Or: Robinson’s Cruise-o

    Or: Switch Family Robinson?

    Or: Up Shit Creek WITH a Paddle?

  19. The wild goose

  20. Switch Family Robinson


    ‘Robinsons Snarley Waffler’

  21. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/07/29/tommy-robinson-leaves-britain-after-alleged-arson-attack-on-wifes-property/