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By Pete Moore On July 31st, 2020

Former England cricket captain Sir Ian Botham is to join the House of Lords, the government has confirmed … Ex-Labour MPs Frank Field, Kate Hoey and Gisela Stuart become peers too.

Rare sensible choices, though the full list includes the usual shysters. Sir Ian Botham’s qualifications are beyond measure. England’s greatest all-rounder; destroyer of Aussie batsmen and bowlers; prodigious charity fundraiser; wine lover, country sports enthusiast and total Brexiteer.

The Lords will be a better place with him around, not to mention Frank Field, Kate Hoey and Gisela Stuart, three fine Labour MPs who stayed sane amid the madness all around them. Nigel Dodds also gets a peerage, which no-one will quibble with. It’s a fine reward for a fine record of service.

9 Responses to “FROM LORDS TO THE LORDS”

  1. Johnson is rewarding his Brexiter cheer-leaders with nice little earners. They will get £323 a day attendance dosh if the sign in to the Ouse O’ Lords, even if they leave for home a few minutes later.

    Botham will likely sit as a Tory rather than pretend to be “cross-bencher” and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hoey does the same, despite being Labour since her twenties. Lord Botham of Brexit has a certain ring to it. As does Lord Hoey of High Tory.

  2. one annoying woman that Hoey , voice would drive me mad
    like nails scratching on a chalkboard

  3. Peter –

    I read that Botham will sit as a cross-bencher. He’ll enjoy annoying all sides.

  4. He has said he will sit as a cross-bencher but the guy is more Tory than half the cabinet. In reality the whip system in the Lords is pointless. Doesn’t matter if someone is Labour, Tory, Liberal etc… or cross-bencher. There is nothing the party can do to get them to vote in a particular manner.

  5. What have Deputy Dawg and the vile Hoey done to deserve apart from being failed politicians?

    Jobs for the boys & girls living it large on public purse largess.

  6. Pete

    I’m old enough to remember Botham’s heroics at Headingly in 1981. And I have huge repsect for him and his charity efforts over the decades since he retired. And I also supported Brexit.

    But I’m disgusted at Johnson’s blatant corruption. He has handed a Lords sinecure to his own brother:


  7. He has said he will sit as a cross-bencher but the guy is more Tory than half the cabinet.

    Yes, and then some. Try UKIP for starters.

  8. Nigel Dodds? Will we ever get rid of this guy? He lost his seat so he gets a reward? I hope it does not go to his head. When will the missus join him?

  9. What a lovely cozy officially sanctioned vehicle for corruption elevation to the Lords is. Cheerfully abused by Tory and Labour governments. No wonder they never ever reform it in the clear and transparent manner it deserves. I don’t necessarily think it ought to be a fully elected chamber but the ability of the government or PM to decide who sits their should definitely be scrapped.