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By Pete Moore On July 31st, 2020

In recently unsealed court documents involving dead child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman named Virginia Giuffre, who publicly accused Epstein of sex trafficking, said that she once saw former Democratic President Bill Clinton on Epstein’s island with “two young girls” from New York.

Not entirely a surprise, though two would be an hors d’oeuvre for him. Glancing at my crystal ball here. It suggests that the media might suddenly lose interest Epstein and Maxwell for a while.

19 Responses to “OH BILL”

  1. Because Bill Clinton’s infidelity and sexual misbehavior has never been the subject of media interest?

  2. Did any other presidents visit Epstein’s sex slave island?

  3. Maybe, maybe not. Interesting comments in the linked video.


    Bradley Edwards, the lawyer for Epstein’s victims: Trump is the only person who picked up the phone and said – let’s just talk. He was very helpful in the information he gave.

    Twitter would have us that Prince Andrew is trending but not Bill Clinton. Yeah right.

  4. There’s alot of people in high places mixed up in this, Dershowitch is getting more twitchy than anyone, maybe clinton has an alibi; but mahons 7:33 is a direct hit on your suggestion petem. you has a swing , it looked good, but its recorded as a miss I’m afraid . That’s life !

  5. The press did its very best to avoid reporting on Bill Clinton’s peccadilloes. His victims were, and continue to be, ignored as much as possible by the press. It had to report on the impeachment but it’s always avoided reporting as decently or as deeply as Clinton’s status (and crimes) warrants.

  6. my comment…….


  7. Pete – Clinton’s many pecadilloes were properly and routinely reported on by the press. Those he was involved with became household names as a result.

  8. lol petem keep shovelling , or just rest
    wherever this goes , no-one os going to have cover Clinton or otherwise
    there’s no bias when it comes to this shit, esp in USA
    UK is much more protective of its Royals, senior judges etc
    USA whoever you are, if you’re found with your pants down, there’s gonna be heat
    ( trouble is the rich and powerful in USA tend to get away with it, even after being caught bang to rights – they have money and lawyers and justice for them is just a game )
    that’s why Trump never worries, ever about court cases, its just a game

  9. Ghislaine Maxwell first met Jeffrey Epstein at Trump’s Mar a Lago hotel in 2000. There is a delightful photo of them alongside Trump and Ivana. Truly delightful. Here you go:


  10. And the delightful Ghislaine must be grateful to sleazy Trump even now, because he’s still rooting for her:

    “President Donald Trump on Tuesday offered sympathetic words to Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime companion of Jeffrey Epstein who stands accused of facilitating the abuse of girls by the now-deceased sex offender. “I just wish her well, frankly,” Trump said when asked about Maxwell during a news conference.”


  11. Clinton’s many pecadilloes

    You mean Bubba played away from home? Who knew?

  12. Peter

    Trump is the Einstein of witness-tampering.

    No one does it better. He does it right on live TV.

    If any of the things said about her are true, I do not wish her well.

  13. My guess is that Ms Maxwell is currently being offered ever-increasing amounts of money/protection/immunity deals in exchange for conveniently implicating a certain person, around, oooh, say October?

  14. Way to turn it around!

    Good lad.

  15. Brex

    You mean she is going to try and drag Biden into it ? 😉

  16. She’s just Biden her time, Colm.

  17. !!

  18. implicating a certain person, around, oooh, say October?

    You mean the pussy-grabber? Shit, I didn’t see that one coming. Fake news!!

  19. It’s a conspiracy.