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By Pete Moore On July 31st, 2020

Because Friday night is Music Night

I see that film director Sir Alan Parker has died. We can thank him for Bugsy Malone (such a great film), Midnight Express, Fame, Birdy, Mississippi Burning and Angela’s Ashes among others. That’s what you call range. He also directed The Commitments, another great film. It’s a rather brave choice to include a rendition of a song owned by Otis Redding, but that’s what they famously did, and it was rather good.

Have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend, except Chelsea fans. As always feel free to share your top sounds down below.

Up the Gunners –


  1. spot on petem, nice tribute
    I loved Birdy the most , but your list is top class

  2. What’s your prediction for tomorrow, Pete? Will the cup have red or blue ribbons?
    Chelsea are favourites, but Arsenal have FA Cup pedigree, plus we’ve beaten them on the two occasions we’ve met in the final. Here’s hoping for lucky number three!

  3. Seimi –

    It’s a 50:50 game because it’s a one-off cup tie. Ok, I’ll go 51:49 to Chelski because of league form, but that’s about it. As always it depends on which Arsenal turns up (and how many errors David Luiz makes at the back). We can stink the place out but our front three can run hot and win a game on their own. Chelsea went into the 2017 final as champions but we deservedly won. That’s how it goes.

    Prediction: 5-0 to the Arsenal.

  4. Chelsea will focus on Luiz. They know him too well and know exactly how to get him riled up. I can see a Chelsea penalty, given away by Luiz, possibly resulting in a red card too. If we go down to 10 men early in the game, we’ll get stuffed.
    But, like you said, it all depends on what Arsenal team show up.
    I’m going with a hard fought 2-1 to the Gunners.

  5. Funny that, I thought that a Chelsea penalty conceded by Luiz is a very good bet.

  6. The greatest version of this song ever recorded.

  7. Paul –

    Maybe it’s the greatest version. I’m not arguing. Would Otis Redding live, with more comebacks on stage than Status Quo, have a say?


  8. never heard this song before, but does the lead singer know he’s Joe Cocker’s kid ?

  9. go Chelsea…

  10. Fuck Football – having said that I’ll prolly be sneaking a peak 😉 lol

  11. the Ottis version was good, here’s a 3rd version


  12. Of course Otis is in with a shout but what makes the Commitments version for me are the backing vocals. Tha are absolutely superb & brilliantly done

    I saw the Commitments over here about ten years ago in one of the free gigs during San Fermin & they were incredible.

    While we’re on the subject of sould legends:


  13. What a show. Wilson Pickett earned his fee that night.

    Linked on the right for me is an old female American band called “Fanny”. They were alright as it happens and had some success. I always thought that’s like a band over here called “Arse”.


  14. I bet Fanny opened for a lot of bigger male acts 😉

  15. It’s a 50:50 game because it’s a one-off cup tie. Ok, I’ll go 51:49 to Chelski because of league form,

    No Pete. I think it’s at least 60-40 Arsenal because they need to win and Chelsea don’t. And I have invested accordingly. I will disclose figures tomorrow after the match.

  16. My favourite scene from Amadeus:


  17. This is the Schubert music played in Barry Lyndon

    The only problem is that Barry Lyndon is set in the 1750s and Schuert wrote this about 1820. Stanley Kubrick was a genius, but he failed with this choice of music. There was so much Bach or Handel he could have chosen.


  18. Here it is in the film. Kubrick got the music wrong, but this scene is pure genius. If you have never watched Barry Lyndon you need to rectify that.


  19. nipples of venus…… there are so many scenes in that movie that are immortal, combined with some of the nest music ever written a true gem of a film.

    Wilson Picket is a must in anyone’s playlist……

  20. I’ll put it on the list Peter.

  21. Some Kasia for tonight’s Jukebox. (Poland)


  22. Good to see you, JM. How’s it going?

  23. Obviously JM,s adoration of Kasia is still going strong 😉

  24. Several versions of one of my favourites, try a little tenderness. excellent.
    Wilson Pickett was also very good.

    Peter and excellent classical choice as always but I’m not sure I agree with you that the music choice for Barry Lyndon was wrong.

    Here is my contribution, late as usual:


  25. While we’re on the subject of black music I saw this guy do this on a hot August evening in front of five thousand people at a free gig on the beach in Donostia, (San Sebastian):



  26. Up the Gunners. I enjoyed that, and it’s s (new) record 14th FA Cup win.

  27. 2-1
    I called it last night 😊
    Up the Gunners 😁

  28. Seimi…many thanks. I’m doing ok. Time is just limited these days hence my frequent absences. Hope you are good yourself.

    Colm….Close, but no cigar. I just found Kasia a few weeks ago. I still manage the UK Fanclub for Ewa Farna. Was heading to Poland in April to see her but all got cancelled because of the Covid thing. Hoping to get over again soon.

  29. JM

    My bad. I knew you had a long standing admiration for a Polish female singer. Couldn’t remember the name. Must remember not to get my Polish pop stars mixed up 😉

  30. Ewa Farna is definitely the better looking of the two.


  31. Ewa Farna is definitely the better looking of the two.


  32. Went looking for something to contribute, landed on this and wondered if somebody had spiked my drink:


  33. Superb Frank.

    Two northen accents sing a Tom Waits song:


  34. Excellent accompaniment to my late lunch Frank and Paul.

  35. Noel…an oldie but a goodie.

    Ewa has put on a lot of weight in the last few years and is constantly attacked by the local press about it. That’s all them seem to be interested in now.
    Here’s a more recent one. I still think she’s looks fantastic?