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By Pete Moore On August 1st, 2020

Okene in Nigeria celebrates “Arsenal Day” every 28th December. Nope, me neither, but it’s a mad world.

So here’s to Okene, tonight’s party and the mighty Gunners, who have just won the FA Cup for a record 14th time. Football annoys and irritates more than it brings joy. That’s all part of being a fan. But I love that old trophy. Up the Gunners.


  1. Well done Pete

    Richly undeserved, but at least my £15 balance with William Hill is now £34. I call it insurance.

  2. Peter –

    I thought we deserved it. Chelsea had the first twenty minutes but we were the better team after that. Chelsea will say it was never a red card, and so would I. It was a joke, but Pulisic doing his hamstring was more significant. He was sharp today. Even so, I thought we would have won. We played well.

  3. Pete

    It was never a penalty and it was never a red card. But the Arse just about edged it overall. They were always favourites because they had more to play for and I was surprised at the generous odds I got.

  4. Oh my days, I’ve just read that today’s result relegates the Sperz to the Europa League qualification round.

    Peter –

    I’m not a gambler and never look at odds. Luckily I wasn’t born with that gene. But I know how odds work and would have set them close to evens. A one-off cup tie between teams in the same division is usually closer than many assume. If the teams are roughly comparable, like today, it’s a brave punter who thinks he can split them.

  5. Yes Pete, I was lucky. But it was an educated guess on the result.

    Chelsea had qualified for the Champions League so they had nothing at stake today. Arsenal needed the win to qualify for the second division of the Champions League aka the Europa League.

    I will be surprised if Mourinho is still Sperz manager by Christmas.

  6. I had no skin in the game. As Pete says the odds on a cup final aren’t worth the actual risk. So didn’t even have a bet on it. And as a Man Utd fan choosing between Chelsea and Arsenal is a bit like choosing between gonorrhea and chlamydia. I thought gonorrhea were the better team and worth their win, though chlamydia were unlucky at times.

    I think the penalty was a penalty. Aubameyang was cute but as soon as Azpilicueta puts the hand on the shoulder he’s leaving the referee little choice in the matter. A generation ago that’s not a penalty but there isn’t a referee in the world who doesn’t give that now.

    I agree with Pete that the turning point really was the injury to Pulisic. He was dominating the game up to that point. And Chelsea looked out of ideas after he went off.

    I thought the referee made two big, big mistakes in the game. Firstly the red card is a joke. The only mitigation (though not so much for Anthony Taylor) in the situation is that there is argument that Kovacic could have been sent off for the first. The second yellow is ridiculous. If anything Xhaka fouled Kovacic. The other one was the second Aubameyang goal. And I don’t see much in the way of anyone else talking about it. But for me Christensen takes the ball then Bellerin is late and leaves one in on him. Thought it really should have been a Chelsea free.

  7. I’m not a gambler and so never look at odds either

    Gambling has infiltrated US sports big time in recent years . It’s mentioned on broadcasts and is advertised in the arenas, which never used to be the case.

    All of which makes me watch and attend much less than before

  8. I think, as with most things, gambling in moderation is perfectly fine. I think a good rule of thumb is never place a bet you need to win.

    I do find some of the betting adverts hilarious (not necessarily in the good way) though. “Bet on the number of yellow cards, red cards, free kicks, corners, throw ins …. please gamble responsibly”.

  9. Fans of any sports here will have noticed the explosive growth in the betting industry, driven by online tech.

    All televised and radio events are punctuated by the ads. Being completely uninterested in having a bet is a stroke of luck (for me, in my opinion). The ads go over my head, but they look like crack to those with the gambling habit.

  10. A good life hack is betting on the outcome you don’t want. So if your team/whatever wins, you won’t care you lost the bet. And if they don’t, the winnings take the sting out of it a bit. Especially if whoever you support was supposed to win.

    It works especially well if, like me, your bet is the kiss of death. One year I bet on pretty much all the seeds in the women’s Wimbledon draw and most of them were out before the second week. None of them won it.

    For a small fee I am available to place a £2 bet on your team’s nemesis and doom them too.

  11. A good life hack is betting on the outcome you don’t want. So if your team/whatever wins, you won’t care you lost the bet. And if they don’t, the winnings take the sting out of it a bit.

    Yes Frank. I call it insurance.