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So, my oh-so-nosey Capita friends, just try it!

By Mike Cunningham On August 2nd, 2020

I am, as yet, not completely recovered from my infection, and the problems therein: but an compelled to state; categorically and definitely, that I shall never, ever send my bank statement and personal details to the National Propaganda Machine which also goes under the title of the BBC.


Imagine, any sentient being, capable of independent thought, making a conscious decision to send personal unencrypted  banking details to the Leakiest News Organisation on the Planet? I think not!


I will not apply for a ‘free’ TV licence. I will not disclose to anyone whether I or my wife are in receipt of Pension Credit or not, because it is, quite simply, NONE OF THEIR F*****ING BUSINESS!


3 Responses to “So, my oh-so-nosey Capita friends, just try it!”

  1. Glad you are up and about Michael

  2. Well I sent in a Pension Letter for my Dad to get his free TV licence. But it’s very specific a pension credit is only given to low income , most receive just the normal Pension . So it failed .
    There was no request to send in any bank details .
    I suspect they asked for that to recredit you your fee Mike if you’d paid up front
    It’s a means tested benefit to help the most vulnerable. The rage is therefore misplaced .
    Case dismissed 😀

  3. Glad that you’re feeling better after that nasty rap on the head Mike!