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By Patrick Van Roy On August 2nd, 2020

28 Responses to “WOW!”

  1. I wonder how many OUCH! moments he must have had while practicing how to jump like that.

  2. well actually there are some repblicans who are doing a similiar thing to get Trunk out
    fascinating to hear from the horses mouth, and so different from hearing from democrats who you’d expect to be anti-Tump
    these people you cannot throw the TDS line at .. hahaha


  3. kurt

    What on earth has that got to so with this light hearted non political post ? For pities sake talk about Trump somewhere else !!

  4. This would be a kind of parkour?

    These guys are insane, and insanely great athletes / acrobats


  5. I wonder how many OUCH! moments he must have had while practicing how to jump like that

    Here you are Colm:


    I want a full progress report in one week’s time.

  6. Just wait till ye see Seimi’s next post from his visit to the Giant’s Causeway.

  7. colm

    political parkour

    Some times, Donald Trump performs so many policy pirouettes it feels like watching gymnastics; yet often, his behaviour can appear so vaulting, so reactive and so seemingly impulsive, it is more akin to political parkour.

    that’s the link 😉

  8. Noel, on August 2nd, 2020 at 11:12 PM Said:
    Just wait till ye see Seimi’s next post from his visit to the Giant’s Causeway.

    Is that a dare? 😉

  9. I think it would probably end up being the shortest video clip ever on ATW😉

  10. John Hume just passed away , I’m sure mahons will put up a post, if has time
    RIP John you were a catalyst and a great man of Ireland
    John really caught the vibe from USA civil rights and mirrored as much as he could from the likes of Martin Luther King, though ofc with religion being a toxic mix in Ireland, he didn’t go down that path
    RIP John Hume
    a peacemaker takes risks , a peacekeeper holds a line
    blessed are the peacemakers

  11. Kurt you need to take a deep breath my friend… you are all over the place on multiple threads take a deep breath.

  12. Anyone who wants to read a good book review Phantom you’ll find this interesting


  13. Will read

    And yes Kurt, take a breath.

    Obsessing 24/7 on events in some foreign country isn’t good for you.

  14. Pat, are you at home?

    I’ve started a piece and should have it ready in an hour or so.

  15. yeah its frustrating, not enough threads or links on ATW on good topics
    its very much picking up the crumbs from the masters table

    can’t rely on you phantom whatsoever, mahons will do a post on Hume
    pat thanks for putting up threads

  16. You shouldn’t obsess this much on ATW either

  17. that’s a slur phantom, its a way of ignoring the message, your petty humiliations
    are legendary, truth is you don’t like emotion expressed , and name-calling is your weakness
    go ride a bike man , you’re useless here !

  18. That’s away Pat. Pls check mail.

  19. Sorry folks, I’ve just seen Kurt’s 12.18

    The blog I sent to Pat was on Hume.

  20. Looking forward to it, Paul. I’ll read it over my first pint in 5 months, up in Donegal! 😊

  21. kurt

    I’ve been thinking on Hume, as I have thought on the great man before.

    Not rushing to post on his passing within hours of his passing. That’s what the newspaper is for.

    I will look forward to reading the comments from those who are natives / locals. Their thoughts would be more important than yours or mine.

  22. David rarely posts.

    I for one would be interested in a post by him on the passing of Mr. Hume.

    One that his thoughts, alone.

    I have my opinions on Hume, but again, the view from afar isn’t important.

    I am more important in hearing what locals from various corners in the parish have to say.

    I may think that many of them would have seen Hume, perhaps met him, and would definitely have been affected by what Hume did.

    So I hold my tongue, and await local comment.

  23. Seimi

    I have never properly been to Donegal – I was in Letterkenny town for a couple of days, not in the wild west.

    I am jealous of your staycation there, and hope that you enjoy that pint

  24. Where? I imagine somewhere in West Donegal?

    Bain sult as.

  25. I’m home give me few minutes…. thanks

  26. Thank you Pat.

  27. North Donegal – Fanad Head. Beautifil, rugged, remote. The pints in the Lighthouse Tavern were spectacular and well worth the long wait 😊

  28. I stayed there once years ago in Nuala M’s place.

    Spectacular. A real feeling of being on the edge of a continent.