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By Pete Moore On August 4th, 2020

An explosion in Beirut this afternoon. The ultra-loons are all over it. No, it wasn’t a nuclear weapon. It was a warehouse full of fireworks and it went off with quite a bang.  Who stockpiles fireworks in Beirut?

If you think that fireworks can’t do that, I give you the Enschede fireworks disaster, in the Netherlands, twenty years ago.

47 Responses to “WALLOP”

  1. There are rumours (and they remain that) that there was a second explosion at the residence of former Prime Minister Hariri’s residence. If that rumour was to be confirmed then the most likely scenario is that it was Hezbollah (or some linked group) who are not too happy at the ongoing (in absentia) trial of four Hezbollah members over Hariri’s murder.

  2. *don’t know why I wrote residence twice there.

  3. The explosion from a different angle:


  4. That would suggest fireworks. You seen mini explosions going off before it his something (most likely the stores of explosive material used to make the fireworks).

  5. residence of former Prime Minister Hariri’s residence

    I read that as former PM Harri, trauma stays with you for a while 😉

  6. Pining for a lost love can be so painful kurt 🙂

  7. yeah right colm haha
    some H-adults still refuse to be potty -trained 😉

  8. While early reports pointed to a fire at a fireworks storage facility, the director general of Lebanese intelligence suggested confiscated high-explosive materials being stored at the local port triggered the explosions.


  9. Just reported here 30 dead and 3,000 injured.

  10. //Who stockpiles fireworks in Beirut?//

    A Fireworks manufacturer?

  11. another view


  12. that link shows the aftermath of where the building WAS

  13. Lebanon was already suffering so badly economically that some people couldn’t feed themselves. The explosion destroyed the port, the main entry point for food imports, and grain siloes.

  14. Wallop – I thought that was Pete’s reference to the Irish cricket team tonight.

    That explosion was terrifying. Apparently it was ammonium nitrate.

  15. Lebanese President Michel Aoun has said that it is “unacceptable” that 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were stored in a warehouse for six years without safety measures, according to statements published on the presidency’s Twitter account.

    Aoun pledged that those responsible would face the “harshest punishments”.


    73 dead, thousands wounded.

  16. Word is its ammonium nitrate, the problem is ammonium nitrate is just a simple fertilizer until its mixed with a catalyst like diesel fuel at which point its known as anfo

    Anfo is an industrial explosive that is most often used in mining because it takes 2 separate ingredients and is completely safe until they are mixed together

    It is used in mining because it is literally mixed together down the blast holes as close to ignition as possible

    you place the AN down the hole and then introduce the FO(fuel oil) place a blasting cap ballast the hole and move on

    When the time comes you blow the bench i9n the quarry and then clean up the shattered ore

    Its considered one of the safest explosives available because it is inert till combined, it is easy to use and even if it doesn’t fully ignite it is dispersed into small batches which makes it easier to deal with than sticks of dynamite

    If this was Ammonium Nitrate then some one had to introduce a catalyst and intentionally detonate the stock pile

  17. A simply awful turn of events. Beirut’s glory days may be over, but you still see glimpses. A fascinating and infuriating city to visit.

  18. // the problem is ammonium nitrate is just a simple fertilizer//

    Is it? Isn’t that what was called “Donegal Annie” when the IRA used to smuggle it into the North during the Troubles?

  19. EP 727

    s considered one of the safest explosives available because it is inert till combined, it is easy to use and even if it doesn’t fully ignite it is dispersed into small batches which makes it easier to deal with than sticks of dynamite

    I dunno how safe ammonium nitrate is. There have been a number of serious incidents with it, that didn’t involve mixing it or intentional bad actions by anyone.


  20. “If this was Ammonium Nitrate then some one had to introduce a catalyst and intentionally detonate the stock pile”

    Not necessarily. It is also possible it was being stored near different chemicals. Given the scale of the fire pre-explosion it definately suggest that there was combustable material, potentially even fuel.

  21. The problem is ammonium nitrate is just a simple fertilizer

    Yes and no. AN was a key compound of commercial fertilizer as opposed to it being fertilizer itself. Many large IRA bombs were ‘cocktail mixes’ largely comprising of high compound nitrogen fertilizer mixed with other highly combustible materials and a small quantity of Semtex high plastic explosive used as a detonator.

  22. There is no question that such a huge supply Of this dangerous material should never have been stored in a built up area ( in port of Beirut )

    And it had been in that warehouse for years

    For what purpose?

  23. This material is so dangerous that it is banned outright in ten countries and is tightly regulated in others


  24. Trump says Beruit explosion looks like ‘an attack’ and ‘a bomb of some kind’ :


  25. And it had been in that warehouse for years

    For what purpose?

    Abbas Ibrahim, chief of Lebanese General Security, said it might have been caused by highly explosive material that was confiscated from a ship some time ago and stored at the port.

  26. Ammonium nitrate is sold in bulk to farmers all over North America

    Its not dangerous until it is mixed usually with FO(fuel oil) at which point it becomes ANFO

    We used to rip ancient deposits off the floors of the local storage warehouses with bulldozers

    the dangerous mix of AN is I believe 40-0-0 which used to be available at any garden centre as a lawn fertilizer, my own dad usually had a partial bag lying around his garage

    It wasn’t till Timothy McVee blew up the federal building with 40-0-0 and Fuel oil that it became a controlled substance

    You can Still buy Ammonium Nitrate over the counter at any garden centre just not 40-0-0 more often like 10-30-10

    It is not dangerous until you mix it with other chemicals

  27. Noted.

    That would have been a Russian ship.

    But that stuff should have been moved away from the port of Beirut ages ago.

    By all accounts, Lebanon’s governance is a mess.

    Very serious breach of any proper practice to leave it there.

  28. EP

    I hear you, and you sound like you know what you speak of, but this stuff is commonly stored near other chemicals which is a big part of the problem.

    Some incredibly bad explosions involving this product, including in 1918 or so in Halifax NS with a ship collision that I think involved 2000 deaths.

  29. not ANFO but high explosives bound for WW1


  30. McVeigh used 2300kg. The Beirut warehouse was storing 2750 tonnes of it.


    “The cargo of ammonium nitrate arrived in Lebanon in September 2013, on board a Russian-owned cargo vessel flying a Moldovan Flag. The Rhosus, according to information from the ship-tracking site, Fleetmon, was heading from Georgia to Mozambique.

    It was forced to dock in Beirut after facing technical problems at sea, according to lawyers representing the boat’s crew. But Lebanese officials prevented the vessel from sailing, and eventually, it was abandoned by its owners and crew – information partially corroborated by Fleetmon.

    The ship’s dangerous cargo was then offloaded and placed in Hangar 12 of Beirut port, a large grey structure facing the country’s main north-south highway at the main entrance to the capital.”

    And there it sat, because no-one made a decision on what to do with it.

  31. From Pete’s linked article

    Months later, on June 27, 2014, then-director of Lebanese Customs Shafik Merhi sent a letter addressed to an unnamed “Urgent Matters judge”, asking for a solution to the cargo, according to documents shared online.

    Customs officials sent at least five more letters over the next three years – on December 5, 2014, May 6, 2015, May 20, 2016, October 13, 2016, and October 27, 2017 – asking for guidance and warning that the material posed a danger, Badri Daher, the current director of Lebanese Customs, told broadcaster LBCI on Wednesday.

    They proposed three options: Export the ammonium nitrate, hand it over to the Lebanese Army, or sell it to the privately-owned Lebanese Explosives Company.

    One letter sent in 2016 noted there had been “no reply” from judges to previous requests.

    It pleaded: “In view of the serious danger of keeping these goods in the hangar in unsuitable climatic conditions, we reaffirm our request to please request the marine agency to re-export these goods immediately to preserve the safety of the port and those working in it, or to look into agreeing to sell this amount” to the Lebanese Explosives Company.

    Again, there was no reply.

    A year later, Daher, the new Lebanese Customs director, wrote to a judge once again.

    In the October 27, 2017, letter, Daher urged the judge to come to a decision on the matter in view of “the danger … of leaving these goods in the place they are, and to those working there”.

    Nearly three years later, the ammonium nitrate was still in the hangar.

  32. Oh boy, that is a real disgrace. That stuff was sitting right beside densely populated neighborhoods. Insanity.

  33. I’m waiting for Allan to tell us what really happened.

  34. He has been sleeping on the job lately.

  35. My money is on a secret weapons factory.

  36. (((secret weapons factory)))

  37. Touche Paul.

  38. Allan’s in lockdown. Nicola has spanked his and his fellow Aberdonians naughty backsides and send them to bed with no pudding 🙂

  39. Come on Allan, don’t leave us hanging. What’s the fun theory?

  40. A friend of a friend of a friend on facebook appears to have turned conspiracy nut. He is talking about a “bird” being seen diving towards the port just before the explosion.

    So…as my evidence has clearly shown, it was a remote controlled explosive “bird-drone” operated by the reverse vampires to cause an explosion to create political chaos and seize control of the global production of Toum.

  41. The evidence is all in front of you, Reg. All you have to do is connect the dots.

  42. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-53666665

  43. Sturgeon is of course a (((Soros))) puppet Noel

  44. I like Sturgeon. She’s a decent sort and very competent. But, och aye, her wee Scottish face – she reminds me of Jimmy Kranky.


  45. They didn’t ,take the virus ( “ the flu “ ) seriously and there was a flare up. My my.

    Congratulations, Allan and to the other Allans.

  46. She reminds me of Jimmy Kranky

    Surely I’m not the only person who feels uncomfortable with having your wife dress up as a schoolboy?

  47. //I like Sturgeon. She’s a decent sort and very competent//

    I think she’s a real cutie. You just want to give her a big hug.