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By Pete Moore On August 5th, 2020

Almost all news from and about Lebanon is bad. So a good word instead: Lebanese food is sensational. If you don’t know it then you really must start checking it out. The climate, landscape and cultures down the ages have come together in meats, vegetables and herbs and spices which are unbelievably mouth watering. In fact you can get a taster in your own kitchen by making “toum”, a garlic sauce/dip, in a few minutes. I make this a lot because it’s like crack to me. This lady explains it, and a couple of pointers below –

Toum is sensational with all meats, but especially with grilled meats. Try a lamb kebab, crisp salad, drizzle of lemon juice and toum. If you want to cut the garlic’s pungency you can add mint.

I use grapeseed oil because it’s neutral and really allows the garlic to pop out. You can keep it in the fridge for up to about five days. I’ve never done so because I get through it quickly.

97 Responses to “TOUM RAIDER”

  1. I am not too familiar with Lebanese food but in my time I have eaten in Lebanese restaurants around 4 times and thoroughly enjoyed each experience. Can’t remember the names of the dishes I ate as I allowed other more knowledgeable people to choose for me but there was not a dish I didn’t savour.

    Lebanon is a very frustrating place. It had the social, ethnic,historic and geographical ingredients to be a real cultural and visitor experience magnet but has always been let down by the disease of various fundamentalisms which have stop it and Beirut truly being the Paris/France of the Middle east it has been sometimes touted as.

  2. sounds interesting I’ll try it.

  3. schwarmas are very popular now all over , the indian and chinese is struggling
    we want the arab food, not the religion but the nosh 😉

  4. My garlic crop is particularly good this year. I’ll have to give this a try. I’m pretty sure I had it in a Lebanese restaurant many years ago and loved it.

  5. petems found garlic mayonnaise and loves it 😉

  6. It’s obviously not mayonnaise. As for my attitude to garlic, I have already gone on the record –


  7. Anything that includes garlic & herbs in its recipe has to be incredible.

  8. boursin cheese garlic and herbs, viva la france 😉

  9. In my world the concept of ‘too much garlic’ doesn’t exist

  10. i like anything smoked
    smoked cheese, smoked ham, smoked salmon , smoked sausage

  11. I have never had toum but a local Middle East/ Mediterranean place that I like a lot has it, so maybe will try soon


  12. //My garlic crop is particularly good this year.//

    I planted potatoes for the first time this year. Not very many came out unfortunately, and some were large enough but far more were tiny. But they were all extremely tasty, as everyone who tried them agreed.
    When I was planting them, I put garlic down in the rows between the seed potatoes, as they’re supposed to keep slugs etc away. But when I dug up the spuds I was surprised to find that the garlic had completely disappeared; I wasn’t able to find a trace of it in the ground.

    Slightly OT. There’s a plant in the ME that Arabs chew or smoke or whatever as a kind of substitute for alcohol. You’re supposed to get a nice buzz from it. It’s illegal in most European countries but is supposed to be legal in the UK. Does anyone know what it’s called?

  13. Khat?

  14. //Khat?//

    Hmmm Yes, that was it. I know a Lebanese guy who was arrested in the Netherlands, of all places, for possession of the stuff, after he flew in with a case of it before travelling on to Britain. He told cops in NL that the stuff was perfectly legal in the UK and was let go with a fine.

    That was last year. I’ve just checked and see that it has also been illegal in Britain, tho only since 2014.

    Has anyone here ever tried it?

  15. Not me

  16. Never tried it but there’s plenty of it about. Certain communities either didn’t notice or paid no attention when it was banned in 2014. Smoking weed a few times at university put me off that buzzy, nauseous head feeling.

    Beer, garlic, Colmans mustard, great food, rock n roll, good shoes, rugby, football, cricket, walking and cycling are my only drugs now.

  17. I thought Khat was mainly an Ethipian/Somalian thing ?

  18. I don’t know anyone who I know has tried it

    Mildly surprised to hear that the UK banned it in 2014, I thought that the trend was towards less banning

  19. Beer, garlic, Colmans mustard,

    ..and then Pete has to fend off all the birds wanting to smooch with him 🙂

  20. Beer, garlic, Colmans mustard

    Three out of three. That’s quite unsettling.

    I believe that is mainly an east/north African / Midde Eastern drug. I’m unaware of knowing anyone who’s tried it but I believe it’s a stimulant as opposed to Pete’s buzzy, nauseous head feeling above.

  21. //Beer, garlic, Colmans mustard, great food, rock n roll, good shoes, rugby, football, cricket, walking and cycling are my only drugs now.//

    Yes, we all remember those raves and the ecstasy with fondness.

    Your first six choices are spot-on, however I discovered Triclement’s mustard which is even better than Coleman’s.

  22. //Yes, we all remember those raves and the ecstasy with fondness//

    I have never done either, Dave.

  23. I know Paul that was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek comment. I think I’m the only person on ATW who has. 😁

  24. Ah, Colman’s mustard. England’s greatest gift to an undeserving world.

  25. Colmans, cheddar cheese, Branston Pickles & minced beef & onion pies almost excuse the 800 years of oppression & pillage Reg.

    ….but not quite.

    I’ve experimented with most drugs Dave but have never tried E and never been to a rave in my life.

  26. ” .. however I discovered Triclement’s mustard which is even better than Coleman’s.”

    What is this sorcery? It says “Strong English Mustard” on the label. They had me at “Strong English Mustard”. I’ll give it a go.

  27. Some good red wines come from Lebanon, and also some interesting video footage of a missile attack on the port of Beirut. Watch before it disappears……


  28. My man!!

  29. Totally fake missile

    Do better

  30. LOL Allan. Good man yourself. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint!

  31. Allan

    Are you enjoying the Aberdeen lockdown

  32. Fake missiles, fake explosions, fake diseases – what’s the world coming to?

  33. What is this sorcery? It says “Strong English Mustard” on the label. They had me at “Strong English Mustard”. I’ll give it a go.

    I’ve loved Colman’s mustard since my grandmother first gave me some when I was 7-years old. That’s why it feels wrong to say Tracklements mustard it’s like a better version of Coleman’s.

    Unfortunately I’ve got to work this weekend which is when I normally do my creative cookery. However, I’m looking forward to making some Toum. I make my own mayonnaise so hopefully this should be fairly straightforward for me.
    Something I make which would go nice with this is take pita bread and break it up into crisp size pieces. Mix in a bowl with cumin and coriander powder and cumin seeds along with an oil of your choice, and bake it in a hot oven until the pitta bread goes crisp. It’s bloody gorgeous.

  34. Allan@Aberdeen,

    Fake missiles, fake explosions, fake diseases – what’s the world coming to?

    It’s not fake Allan those things are all perfectly real here inside the matrix.

  35. Nice pita bread idea, Dave.

  36. Aberdeen lockdown – zero deaths, zero hospitalisations, and this shows just how deadly and insidious this disease is. Nobody knows that they have it. But it could be worse – like the deadly pandemic in Australia, deadly, just deadly:


    The state of Victoria, and the city of Melbourne, have declared a “state of disaster” and instituted a lockdown and curfew. The state’s 6.3 million inhabitants, nearly 5 million in the city, have to follow these restrictions:

    Workplaces and shops that are not deemed essential will close or reduce their hours from Wednesday midnight but services such as supermarkets, petrol stations and doctors will remain open.
    “Permitted” or essential workers will have to carry a special permit to work outside the home.
    There is a nightly curfew in force: between the hours of 8pm and 5am you cannot leave home except for work or to get or provide urgent care.
    You must stay within five kilometres of your home to shop or exercise.
    If you leave the house to exercise, it should be for only one hour each day.
    While up to two people can still exercise together, people should shop on their own – groups in public, even from the same household, are no longer allowed.
    Schools will shift to remote learning except for vulnerable students and children of permitted workers.
    Childcare centres will close to all but vulnerable children and those of essential workers.
    Funerals can continue with a maximum of 10 people but weddings are off except for rare, compassionate reasons.

    Since march, Australia has had 247 Covid19 deaths, across the entire country. The median age of these deaths is over 80.

  37. Have to admit, there is a real case fr suggesting the Victoria State restrictions are somewhat OTT compared to the Coronavirus numbers.

  38. They are actually closing borders to and from Queensland Australia.

    Not imposing a quarantine – banning travel within that nation.

    This to me is insane.

  39. Bloody Aussie bewdwetters 🙂

  40. Colm,

    “ the Victoria State restrictions are somewhat OTT compared to the Coronavirus numbers”

    I don’t see how the numbers are relevant, it’s the direction of travel. The numbers once were low everywhere this has been a problem. Once they were 0. But the thing is exponential so it doesn’t take many cases to start a big problem.

    We’ve already seen in the U.K. that one week delay led to 50%-75% of the death toll that could have been avoided.

  41. Frank

    I know, but now it is in the community more widely and isn’t restricted to one place can we really keep overreacting and have such strict lockdowns everytime there is a spike in numbers. Surely more finessed and focussed isolation of individuals traced would be a better option than spending possibly years using sledgehammers to try and crack every flying nut in the china shop approach that will end up wrecking economic and social life if businesses and public life can have no confidence to invest in the future where they never know when the shutters will be forced down again.

  42. Australia I don’t think needs to restrict any internal travel – if everyone does the smart thing, as the Asians have done.

    But Australia too has the anti mask people, bound and determined to ruin life for all their neighbors


  43. Colm,

    Yes I was just talking in general, not suggesting the U.K. should do that.

    The whole point of having any kind of lockdown as I understand it is to reset the clock and buy time to do something else less invasive (track and trace and so on, maybe local lockdowns that don’t go as far, etc).

  44. As is seen from the comments, the focus is on the ‘lockdown’ rather that on the (absence of) severity of the pathogen which provides the pretext for governments to impose Stalinist measures on their populations. In Scotland for example, one reads that…….


    Patients succumbing to COVID-19 in Scotland have an average age older than the age at which people pass away normally, numbers show.

    National Records of Scotland (NRS) data reveals the median age caused by the novel coronavirus is 81 for men and 85 for women.

    A man’s life expectancy in Scotland, by contrast, is 80.5, while women, according to the Office for National Statistics, on average live to age 84.

    There it is – the absurdity of lockdown, and yet it’s very popular with politicians. Why?

    The data adds to growing evidence showing the virus strikes the elderly, while schoolchildren are more at risk of being hit by lightning than falling victim to COVID-19.

    That’s why schoolchildren should under no circumstances be allowed outdoors, even in sunny weather. Lightning could happen in sunny weather – one cannot be too careful.

    As I linked recently, stats show that for under-60s, the chances of dying in a car accident are greater than dying of Corona yet nobody advocates banning cars

    Experts contacted by MailOnline were torn about the significance of the findings, some claiming that it “reinforced the extraordinary impact age has on the risk of dying from the coronavirus.”

    Still others felt they “expected the difference to be greater” and cautioned “there is always a risk if you catch COVID-19 you could die,” irrespective of age.

    And there before you all is the stupidity of ‘experts’. The risk is less than being hit by lightning – what do the ‘experts’ suggest be done about lightning?

  45. We’ve already seen in the U.K. that one week delay led to 50%-75% of the death toll that could have been avoided.

    That’s supposition and not something we’ve actually seen. Many things would have avoided many deaths. Closing the airports, sealing hospitals and care homes, for example. But it’s a shift to definitely attribute many deaths to a short delay in a light-lockdown. It’s all guesswork right know.

  46. But Australia too has the anti mask people, bound and determined to ruin life for all their neighbors

    Phantom – wear a mask, and buy all the toilet paper that you can afford though watch out for lightning and automobiles. You are free to do that, and I’ll not wear a mask. As is seen, healthy people are being effectively imprisoned and persecuted – that’s tyranny


    Following reports of large parties that violate health orders aimed at slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday that he will authorize the city to shut off water and power services to residents who hold such gatherings.

    Beginning Friday night, if Los Angeles Police Department officers respond to and verify that a large party is occurring at a property, and there’s evidence that the venue has repeatedly engaged in such behavior, the department will request that the city shut off water and power services within 48 hours.

    DS – If you’re going to transform the basic values of society from “people have a right to make their own decisions about their own life” to “we are going to protect you from the flu by taking away your ability to make any single decision about your own life,” then the philosophical reasoning for this should be front and center.

    No one is stopping people who are afraid of this virus from staying home. There was never an attempt to bully people into going outside. Those people who are scared to death of getting the flu have a total right to stay home and they should stay home.

    But the rest of us should not have our decisions made for us by the government. This is wrong. It violates all of the core agreements of the social contract of Western civilization.

  47. Some hugely successful nations ( Korea, Japan, Singapore ) never closed their airports. They cut flights drastically, they banned foreign tourists, but they never cut themselves off from all air travel.


    You have no right to spread disease around just because you think that it’s fun to do so.

    You and your reckless buddies are the authors of the new Aberdeen Lockdown, and the damage that the virus has caused the your countrymen.


  48. Australian police are now smashing in car windows and hauling out the drivers to provide ‘details’:


  49. Allan

    You have no right to spread disease around just because you think that it’s fun to do so.

    Phantom – what disease? There is more chance of youngsters being hit by lightning than of dying of Corona, and the median age of victims is greater than the life expectancy. Take these facts on-board: there is no pandemic.

  50. //Take these facts on-board: there is no pandemic.//

    I see Allan also struggles with the meaning of the word pandemic.

  51. Its the Chicom .flu

    And it will go away if you drink Clorox

  52. Dave – it’s a killer, and a novel, insidious disease. People affected show no symptoms: how deadly is that? There is more chance of youngsters being hit by lightning than of dying of Corona, and the median age of victims is greater than the life expectancy. Dreadful affliction.

    The worst affliction is stupidity to the point that stupidity is more powerful and prevalent than good or evil. Evil has the upper hand only because it has harnessed the power of the stupid to do its bidding even though the great majority of stupid people aren’t evil. I’m seeing people in their cars wearing masks, even cyclists wearing masks. These idiots are beyond reason, for example……

    it will go away if you drink Clorox


    As professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, I have authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications and currently hold senior positions on the editorial boards of several leading journals. I am usually accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines. As a result, tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.

    I am referring, of course, to the medication hydroxychloroquine. When this inexpensive oral medication is given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, it has shown to be highly effective, especially when given in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and the nutritional supplement zinc.

    I’m not concerned on a personal level about this virus because I’m healthy, but I’ve seen several borad-certified medics stating the same thing: the hydroxychloroquine program works. Obviously this runs contrary to the interests of Bill Gates and big-pharma.

  53. “the hydroxychloroquine program works”

    Hearty lol

  54. Its great isn’t it how Allan can flip from one conspiracy to a completely contradictory other one.

    He spends most of this thread telling us it is a basically harmless virus that will only affect crinkly old farts who are about to drop dead anyway , and then suddenly switches to it being a deadly killer with one specific known workable cure that the evil governments and medical establishment are hiding from us – thereby killing tens of thousands of victims – in order to promote Bill Gates world domination vaccine !

    Make up your mind Allan 🙂

  55. Even if you believe yourself to healthy, be very wary of this virus Allan.

    Where I live, a number of physically fit police officers, firefighters and others have died of it.

    And a number have somewhat recovered, but have lingering effects such as loss of memory and great pain

    I will never know why you guys on ATW choose to minimize this.

    If it were not for the lockdowns etc the death count in the US UK and elsewhere would have been much higher.

    Doctors take this seriously, it’s about time that you and Pat did also.

  56. Phantom

    You are wasting your time. Do you honestly think Allan will remotely listen to you or anyone else who contradicts his analysis.

  57. Correct , he will not listen

    Having this dialogue to the deaf also helps frame discussion to acquaintances elsewhere Those who get their opinions from Fox News and junk radio etc

  58. There are legitimate arguments to be made about policies and tactics and whether (as I did on the Australia discussion) certain measures are disproportionate but you can’t really debate with those who regard the whole COVID event as a planned hoax or a hijacked opportunity to promote a sinister global control experiment.

  59. Yes, he has long ago lost it on multiple subjects.

    But there are the other, the weak ones, who get their opinions from Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh and from Trump, some of those people will listen, to some extent, some of the time.

  60. Phantom, speaking for myself I’m not minimizing it. It’s deadly.

    The position you have and that you promote expands the danger. You can’t hide from a virus. You are going to be exposed and very very few are going to die. Over 90% that contract this are going to live.

  61. Patrick

    I don’t propose to stay in the house or to hide. I have not done that even for one day.

    I leave the house five times a day or more, and have traveled out of state a few times.

    I propose to wear masks, and social distance and to wash hands, to stay out of indoor bars, to do what Fauci asks us to do.

    If we all did that, the nation would be in a better place today.

  62. If the nation had taken this more seriously months ago, the economy would have been way more open today.

    Half the country has never taken this seriously. In every part of the country this is true. I see it here, too.

  63. everyone stayed home the first 3 months, everyone took it seriously. It did nothing to stop the spread. You can protect yourself by social distancing washing hands, and staying out of indoor bars, but you’re still going to be exposed.

    ONLY your individual health will decide how your body reacts.

  64. No one is disputing the you’ll be exposed, it’s a virus. Social distancing, frequent hand washing & masking are all preventitive measures not cures.

  65. Everyone most certainly did not stay at home, most certainly not for any three months

    The closing of offices and stores did limit the spread. No serious person who has studied it has ever disputed that.

    The curve was crushed in the Northeast and in many other countries once the more serious steps were taken.

    Again, very many in the US, the northeast included, do not take it seriously even now. I see it with my own eyes.

  66. I would rate the 26 Counties as having done fairly well overall.

    Definitely mistakes were made and you get plonkers who act as though nothing has changed. I was in the supermarket yesterday in Rathmines. A place I wouldn’t normally be and it was around 6pm when everybody is on the way home from the office — the absolute worst time.

    The shop was bloody packed, social distancing non-existant, and a too-large-for-comfort minority were not bothering to wear masks. I won’t be back.

  67. Again, in NYC you would never see customers in a big store without masks. The other customers would have a word with you.

    Social distancing in big stores very good too.

    In some small shops you will see some customers without masks.

    Patrick, mahons, Charles, what about by you

  68. I was in the grocery store yesterday and there was one person with no mask, a young man. Everyone was social distancing. We wear masks everywhere. People are following the governor’s order to mask up, for the most part.

  69. Again, in NYC you would never see customers in a big store without masks. The other customers would have a word with you.

    I was very close to saying something to the group of 3 in front of me in the queue. They were all together and instead of one person going in, the clogged the shop up with all three and didn’t bother their arses wearing masks.

    I think it will go the way here of people having words with people not wearing masks. From Monday it’s the law which will make people feel a little more empowered to challenge the selfish dolts.

  70. Petr

    I understand that Irish law is that you have to be masked up in public buildings and outside where you can’t social distance. Is that correct?

  71. I may post something before long about how it has gone in Japan.

    They passed no laws, didn’t have any enforcers.

    They asked people to wear masks, to distance, to have consideration, and the entire society did exactly that, without the need for any compulsion.

    A lot of Americans / British and apparently Irish have no regard whatsoever for the health of their neighbors. That’s what we are talking about. We’ve seen that in blog posts here. They see everything in terms of their own selfish comfort and preference. But this isn’t the case in all countries.

  72. Hi Charles — Yes. You need a mask for supermarket, public transport etc. and outside where social distancing is difficult. You don’t get a huge number of people wearing them outdoors unless it’s a large gathering like a demonstration, something like that.

    When is your trip?

  73. Phantom — I have friends living in Vietnam (a developing country) and the situation is quite similar to Japan.

  74. Yes.

    And Vietnam, which has a long land border with China, has been very effective in dealing with this, much better experience than the US or UK

    Where do your friends live

    I went on a two week to Vietnam in 2005. I found the country and its people fascinating, impressive. I would go back.

    You see the world and history differently when you spend time in that part of the world.

  75. Thanks Petr. We arrive Dublin Sept 11 and leave Oct 4. That give us time to quarantine and still have a fun holiday for 10 days. We are quarantining at the Crowne Plaza near the airport in a suite for 14 days, which is next to a park with multiple walking trails. Should be a relaxing fortnight!

  76. Charles

    You may or may not know that Ireland shut down the country on September 14 2001 for a national day of mourning in solidarity / sympathy with the American people after that had just happened.

    Will never forget that.

  77. We crushed the initial spread with the lockdown but we didn’t get rid of the virus. As soon as you come back out you are going to be exposed. It is a living biological agent that survives in the air, on surfaces and in people.

    One of two things will happen as happens with every deadly biological agent. 1) it will kill everyone that is susceptible to dying from it and then there will be no one it can effect or 2) we will develop a level of immunity to it and it will be a reoccurring virus at an unknown frequency at this point, but after two to three years of tracking the flareups they’ll be able to pattern it’s frequency.

    You can not sterilize a city, you can not eradicate any virus that has a viability of over 24hrs exposed to air on a surface. So unless you live on a submarine or a space station you are going to come in contact with the virus.

  78. No one said that the virus is gone

    It can’t be eliminated, but if we’re smart we can deal with it.

  79. it’s such a shame that half your trip will be spent in quarantine Charles, but you’ll have a blast anyway. Enjoy it.

  80. It can be a very nice time of year in Ireland

    At least when you do get going you’ll have no jet lag

    Sleeping in late for a few days with no goals at all is a very fine thing, enjoy that.

  81. It’s a pity but you will have ten days. That’s a good amount of time. Hopefully the weather will be kind. So far it’s been a fine summer by Irish standards!

  82. East Berlin style checkpoints and not letting children go back to school is not dealing with it, not allowing people to go to church is not dealing with it.

    Political persecution of one group while allowing free reign by another is not dealing with it.

  83. The virus is running wild in 35 or more states.

    What should NYC do?

    You had no complaint when the hapless Desantis was forcing quarantine for NY/NJ visitors

    Why the double standard?

  84. Pat, I don’t know why you keep making the point of exposure to the virus. No one is disputing it.

  85. Phantom, yes, sleeping off the jet lag will be great.

    Petr, living in the desert as we do a few Irish soft days will be welcome!

  86. Because Paul the left in the US is projecting the attitude that you can and so is the rest of the world.

    Masks, gloves, quarantines do nothing but stager the exposure and make it look like there are new outbreaks here and there when they aren’t new outbreaks. It’s one outbreak and all we’ve done is prolong the initial exposures. All these “New” cases aren’t a reemergence they are still the initial wave.

    If everything opened up full blast we could get through this first wave instead of extending it as we have.

  87. No.

  88. The virus has no politics

    Expressing any of this in the terms of left or right is a sign of greatest moral confusion.

  89. No moral person will frame any part of this as individual decisions or individual rights.

    None of us are our own country

    We live to protect ourselves as well as our families and neighbors.

    The question is how to we minimize the virus in practical ways while protecting the most people while keeping the economy as normal as possible. This is exactly what the Asians have done, with minimal whimpering.

  90. bullshit Phantom the left has politicized the virus from first word of it. To accuse anyone other than democrats for politicizing this is excuse me for saying it, but a view from in the bubble.

    You believe the country views this one way, I believe they view it another.

    Who is right we will know Nov 3rd.

  91. The country knows that Trump has f** this up nine ways to Sunday.

    All here know it too

  92. no Phantom that is your view, not the country’s view.

    That view is held by one side and one side only. There are at least 64 million people who blame the democrats.

    You may not see that in the NYTs but in Podunk and it’s 64 million residents they look at the lockdown, the collapse of the economy, the persecution of the religious, and the riots in the streets all due to the dems politicizing this.

    If you’re right Joe Biden will be President and the Dems will control the House and the Senate in 87 days we shall see.

  93. Bullshit Phantom the left has politicized the virus from first word of it


    YOU said that masking up was a tactic used by the left to blame on Trump to make him lose the election.

  94. It’s the “ new democrat hoax “

    So said Hannity

  95. Because Paul the left in the US is projecting the attitude that you can and so is the rest of the world

    I don’t know the US left but I don’t see the rest of the world suggesting it and the only one here suggesting it is you?

  96. The country knows that Trump has f** this up nine ways to Sunday.

    All here know it too

    I’d like to know it too, but every time I ask what he could have and should have done I never get an answer.

    I suspect it’s because those who claim that Trump screwed up only want to claim that. They have no idea what he could have and should have done. It’s empty politics for them. Empty, far-left, virtue-signalling politics.

  97. You’ve been told, but have never listened.