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Trump holds news conference from NJ, signs executive orders on coronavirus relief

By Patrick Van Roy On August 8th, 2020


Announcing the tiring of the Democrats playing Politics with the Chicom Flu, President Trump signed several Executive Orders to start the flow of money and help to people in need that the Democrats let expire at the end of last month and have been holding up for blackmail.

Half this video is Trump listing the implementation of voter fraud , and other goodies the Democrats stuffed into thier 3 1/2 Trillion Dollar “RELIEF” Bill, that less than the first Trillian is even designated for dealing with the issues from the Chicom Flu. 

6 Responses to “Trump holds news conference from NJ, signs executive orders on coronavirus relief”

  1. Chicom Flu

    You mean the Trump Pandemic?

  2. no I mean the Chicom Flu.

  3. This just turnip trying to save his cojones from the fire

  4. Trumpdemic?

  5. Trump throws toys out of the pram and storms out after being questioned on false claims:

    Trump storms out of press conference after
    asks him why he keeps lying about passing Vererans’ Choice, a program that actually was passed under Barack Obama. Trump has claimed over 100 times that it’s his program, when it’s actually Obama’s. He got so upset he left!


  6. Actually on this occasion he did the right thing. If financial assistance is held up because of any sort of political stonewalling In Congress the President should use the executive order in this way.