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Sounding Forth The Trumpet

By 33230715130361 On August 9th, 2020

There was something delicious in President Trump fleeing his Press Conference yesterday when a female reporter fact checked him on his lie that he initiated the Veteran’s Choice Program after he falsely claimed once again that he initiated it after “no one did anything for fifty years.” The program was signed into law by President Obama in 2014. Trump signed an extension to the law, he did not initiate it after 50 years. it was signed by his predecessor and spearheaded by the late John McCain and Bernie Sanders.
Next he’ll tell us he signed the Emancipation Proclamation, or remind us when he delivered the Gettysburg Address. CNN calculated that Trump has made this false claim about 150 times, so it was not particularly hard for the journalist to challenge him on it. He abruptly ended his conference without answering her challenge, fleeing rather quickly for a man who suffers from bone spurs.
In the beautiful anthem The Battle Hymn of the Republic there is a line “Sounding Forth the Trumpet that shall never call retreat”. The President sounded forth his trumpet and then retreated. I suppose historians and forensic psychiatrists will ponder why a man would think such an obvious lie would not be exposed. They will no doubt conclude he either felt immune from lying, accustomed to lying or incapable of not lying. His lies are marching on.

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  1. He legged it faster than a loyalist hunger strike.

    When I saw the vid this immediately came to mind:


  2. Whoops,

    They will no doubt conclude he either felt immune from lying, accustomed to lying or incapable of not lying.

    It will be interesting to see how this blatant Trump lie will be defended or excused by his minions here.

  3. nice one , can’t wait for pat’s response, he hates liars ! and for the POTUS to be caught in terrible lie , hanging onto the coat-tails of greater men like McCain and Obama will surely have pat pretty cross with Donald too.
    I mean it goes to the heart of his credibility

  4. paul I think trumps handlers have told him to back off and get out when the questions start
    cos he keeps coming out with so much crap , its embarrassing and they’re trying to shield him from himself

  5. you see a good Lawyer not a shyster scumbag democrat drone Mahons would be smart enough to look at the post just before their scree off of lying bullshit was posted would check to see if there were evidence that proves what he says to be totally fabricated bullshit just repeated out of his NY Drone mouth before he exposed himself as either an idiot or a Liar.

    Our Mahons doesn’t have the intelligence to do so……

    The Last 5 min of the clip in the post below shows the Press’s questions and shows that what our resident lying shyster scumbag democrat drone is just not true.

    The President didn’t walk out because of what any question was or was not, he walked because the badgering reporter who wouldn’t allow anyone else to get a question in called him a liar 3 times the third time he walked… look for yourself.

    This is the integrity of a NY Shyster.

  6. as for Obama passing the Choice Act

    June 8, 2017

    Financial CHOICE Act is a bill introduced to the 115th United States Congress in 2017 that would, if enacted, roll back “many of the protections in the landmark Dodd-Frank 2010 federal law, including the “strongest”. Wall Street “regulations from the financial crisis. The legislation passed the House 233–186 on June 8, 2017.
    Financial CHOICE Act – Wikipedia


    who was President on June 8, 2017…… wasn’t Obama was is skippy?

  7. An absolutely superb read on the effect of crisis on history and Covid on the US which should appeal to both the Americancentrics & conspiracy theorists here:

    COVID-19 didn’t lay America low; it simply revealed what had long been forsaken. As the crisis unfolded, with another American dying every minute of every day, a country that once turned out fighter planes by the hour could not manage to produce the paper masks or cotton swabs essential for tracking the disease. The nation that defeated smallpox and polio, and led the world for generations in medical innovation and discovery, was reduced to a laughing stock as a buffoon of a president advocated the use of household disinfectants as a treatment for a disease that intellectually he could not begin to understand […]

    Odious as he may be, Trump is less the cause of America’s decline than a product of its descent. As they stare into the mirror and perceive only the myth of their exceptionalism, Americans remain almost bizarrely incapable of seeing what has actually become of their country. The republic that defined the free flow of information as the life blood of democracy, today ranks 45th among nations when it comes to press freedom. In a land that once welcomed the huddled masses of the world, more people today favor building a wall along the southern border than supporting health care and protection for the undocumented mothers and children arriving in desperation at its doors. In a complete abandonment of the collective good, U.S. laws define freedom as an individual’s inalienable right to own a personal arsenal of weaponry, a natural entitlement that trumps even the safety of children; in the past decade alone 346 American students and teachers have been shot on school grounds


  8. As for Obama passing the Choice Act

    June 8, 2017

    Have you even seen the vid, Pat? It was a question specifically on the Vetrans Choice Act that Trump claims to have passed which was in fact passed by Obama.

  9. if you knew what you were talking about you might know that what Obama passed was an empty shell with a pretty name that did nothing for the Veterans, the Bill was fixed so that vets like me and others can actually tell the VA go screw go to any doctor and just submit the Bill to the VA.

    Obama’s Bill was useless….. they could choose to go anywhere, but the government wouldn’t pay which made the Bill useless as tits on a boar pig which is what it was….

    The FINANCIAL Choice act actually allowed the veterans to not just CHOOSE to go to any dr, but actually pay for the dr and treatment they choose where what Obama called the Choice act DID NOT.

    You lack information, and if you bothered to watch video provided before this scree of lies by the shyster was put up you’d know that it wasn’t the context of the question that made Trump walk.

    Look if you guys aren’t bright enough to watch the information handed right to you only you can be blamed for being stupid and buying the lies of the shyster.

  10. You buy spin spouted by spineless drones even when the information has been right in front of you…..

    baaa baaa sheep.

  11. if you knew what you were talking about you might know that what Obama passed was an empty shell with a pretty name that did nothing for the Veterans

    I strongly suspect that’s personal, biased opinion posted as fact. Please provide supporting links to verify it.

    You buy spin

    Nope. True bill:

    We passed VA Choice and VA Accountability to give our veterans the care that they deserve and they have been trying to pass these things for 45 years

    — Montoursville, Pennsylvania, rally on May 20

    He really did lie about passing the Vetrans Choice that Obama passed:


  12. There is a great scene in the movie Bob Roberts about a Presidential Candidate who pretends to have been unable to walk after being wounded in an alleged assassination attempt. One of his loyal supporters (Jack Black in his first film role) spots him walking through a window and a look of pure joy spreads across his face as he realizes the candidate is faking it. It was clearly foreshadowing our present situation.

  13. I watched the press conference linked by Patrick in the thread below, and Trump was very much engaged – clearly better than the press corps which, at one moment near the end when the ‘gotcha’ question was put, cheered in unison. Contrasting with Obama, one saw a worshipping press corps giving a slow-thinker an easy time. Can one see Biden dealing with a hostile press corps? Indeed, can one see a hostile press corps for Biden? Of course not. Trump performed well.

  14. If there is a way on ATW to measure how lacking in credibility a politician may be one can turn to Allan’s analysis. If it is full of praise then the politician is clearly lying through his teeth.

  15. Thanks for pointing this out

    I had no idea that this was yet another Trump lie

    It’s a very big lie

    You cannot keep up with all of his lies

  16. one lies and the other one thanks him for it….

    The Bubble Brothers, brought to you by the disease infested state of NY.

  17. Pat you are increasingly sounding shrill and desperate

    Its quite telling

  18. Wait to see how fast he flees the White House if he loses the election and puts up a bogus argument on the validity of the election. Millions will drag him out of the White House and deliver justice. That is the way you deal with a scoundrel who has been rejected by the voting public.

  19. Poor Patrick. It must kill him Obama helped him.

  20. He is so blindly partisan.

    He believes everything that Trump says and can’t accept that Obama ever did one thing that was good, or that he even tried to do one good thing at any time.

  21. https://www.va.gov/opa/choiceact/documents/choice-act-summary.pdf

    From VA website

    Veterans Choice Program
    o As directed by the Choice Act, VA will administer the “Veterans Choice
    Fund” to implement the Veterans Choice Program (“the Program”). The Program will operate for 3 years or until the Fund is exhausted. The Program will provide Veterans who were enrolled as of August 1, 2014 or eligible to enroll as a recently discharged combat Veteran with a Veterans Choice Card, and allow those Veterans who are unable to schedule an appointment within 30 days of their preferred date or the clinically appropriate date, or on the basis of their place of residence to elect to receive care from eligible non-VA health care entities or providers. This is separate from VA’s existing program providing Veterans care outside of the VA system. Eligible non-VA entities or providers must enter into agreements with VA to furnish care, must maintain the same or similar credentials and licenses as VA providers, and must submit to VA a copy of any medical records related to care and services provided under the Program for inclusion in the Veteran’s VA electronic medical record.
     Claims Processing

    o VA will establish and implement a system to process and pay claims for care delivered to Veterans by non-VA providers under the Program and other non-VA care authorities.

  22. Trump -extended- the bill that Obama has signed


    I honestly had no idea that Trump and Trumpers were pulling this particular line of jive

    PVR 330

    I suspect that unsubstantiated comment is filled with error

  23. sorry I do pity you the lot of you. You not only have no sense of perspective, but no sense of humor either.

    Obama was horrible President no matter the metric you use to measure his Presidency. Now you can blame that on Bush, Congress, the Banks, Globalists, little green faeries as far as I care the country was in its second great depression. That’s how we got a carnival barker for President now.

    You may not like the carney barker but whether you want to give him credit, Obama credit, Congress credit, or those same god damn little green faeries I don’t care. Before the plague hit every record was shattered for employment, blacks, hispanics, woman, even friggin illegals every body was back to work and we became the largest supplier of fossil fuel in the world. Happy F’ing Christmas gentleman… you lack vision if you do not see the industrial boom that’s about to hit over the next ten years.

    Obama was a marxist and an ass who was untouchable because he was black and rather than using that for the good of the country he used it to weaponize the law enforcement and intelligence assets of the federal government for political gain. He violated the holy of hollies.

    The Judgement on his administration has only been put on hold like the rest of the world as we suffer due to chinese incompetence.

    Obama’s Fair choice was fair chose in name only, Trumps financial choice fixed it. Ask any veteran who has to deal with the Va. Trump walked out not because of the question you morons he left after the reporter called him a liar three times. but Trump deserves no respect he’s only the President whether you or the press like it or not. To try and spin it as you did Mahons was either a lie or ignorance. I vote the later.

  24. Trump, speaking at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club, had claimed again that he is the one who got the Veterans Choice program passed — adding, “They’ve been trying to get that passed for decades and decades and decades and no president’s ever been able to do it, and we got it done.”
    In fact, former President Barack Obama signed the Choice program into law in 2014. The law, which allowed eligible veterans to be covered by the government for care provided by doctors outside the VA system, was a bipartisan initiative spearheaded by two senators Trump has repeatedly criticized, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and the late John McCain of Arizona.
    What Trump signed was a 2018 law, the VA MISSION Act, that modified and expanded the eligibility criteria from the Choice program. Rather than tout that bill, Trump has claimed over and over that he created Veterans Choice itself — after others had failed for “50 years.”


  25. The unsubtle line of attack on Obama that he was “untouchable” because he was black is the racial angle that many of his foes were left with. A direct attack on him for being black was no longer acceptable, at least not out loud, in even their circles. But the false claim that he couldn’t be criticized because he was black was made by the same people who were critical of him on a daily basis.

  26. These guys can’t just say that they improved upon the bill that Obama signed?

    They have to pretend that it was Trump’s idea all along and that before him that no one ( McCain, Sanders, Obama ) did anything?

  27. yep History will record Obama and MCCain as great men ,
    whereas Trump will be regarded as the turd
    his supporters on here see their role as polishing that turd
    and lets be honest they’ve done pretty well as polishing it
    and putting lipstick on the pig

  28. I never voted for Obama

    But I will never understand the demonizaton of him by some, and the constant attempts to negate what he did and what he tried to do

    He did the best that he could. Nobody can say that about Trump.

  29. No Mahons if you criticized Obama you were attacked as racist…… it was done here on a daily basis and everyone who criticized him of note was called racist here in the press.

    If you’d like I can provide thousands of examples.

    YOU are still using his race as a shield now in your comment. To say that the fact that he was black wasn’t used as a shield is a denial of the evidence.

    Phantom did you ever use your VA benefits? Do you have first hand knowledge ?

  30. Obama was a Marxist/Leninist.

  31. Sure he was

    He was a devil worshiper who burned down orphanages on the weekend too

  32. You will be way more effective adversary if you don’t exaggerate like that.

    A lot of the criticism of Obama actually was racist.


  33. pat there’s something quite creepy and pervers about getting up each day and painting the Pig D.J.Trump with lipstick. do you ever tire of it, do you even weigh your own soul in the matter ? are you happy to meet your maker being a trump defender ?

  34. Phantom he implemented Marxist policy with Obamacare and he acted like Lennon by using the IRS/DOJ/FBI/NSA to spy on and attack Americans whose politics he disagreed with.

    Now you can shove your head in the dirt if you choose, but you are smarter than that.

    and can you find idiots where his race was an issue…. of course you can, but I can find and list 1000 examples of people being attacked as racist just for criticizing him, and you know it.

  35. Your president rode to political fame with an ugly racist Birther smear campaign

  36. Obamacare has nothing to do with any Marxism

    The real lefties hated it for a hundred reasons

  37. He acted like Lennon (All You Need Is Love?) says the scholar….

    Thousands of examples I’m sure. Like the daily examples of NYT and Washington Post saying Trump was guilty that you never provided despite repeated claims you would do so?
    Some attacks on Obama were in fact racist. And someone may very well have accused a critique of him as racist when it wasn’t. But the claim that any criticism of Obama was denounced as racist is a complete fabrication.

  38. The popularity of Obamacare is at an all-time high. In fact, it appears to have become more popular since Barack Obama left office, recent polls suggest, even though the fate of the program is uncertain since the Supreme Court agreed to take on a new lawsuit on Monday.

    The Supreme Court will hear an appeal by 20 mostly Democratic states of a lower court ruling that declared part of the statute unconstitutional and cast a cloud over the rest, the AP reported. The justices are not expected to make a decision until the spring of 2021.

    Some 55% of Americans support the ACA, a record high since the law went into effect a decade ago, according to a recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, while 37% of the 130,000 respondents in the nationally representative poll hold unfavorable views.

    Some 55% of Americans support the ACA


  39. Recall the scope of Trump’s lies. No one did anything for 50 years. It is simply an indefensible lie that anyone trying to defend him can’t do so with a straight face. We all know what is going on here.

  40. Mahons your state of denial is amazing….. yes the NYTs and Wapo didn’t push the phoney Russian Collusion story for 4yrs and Obama didn’t us the IRS/DOJ/NSA against conservatives and conservative organizations….. My god somebody give Mahons a crown he’s declared himself Pharaoh…. King of DeNile.

  41. Now this bum wants to put himself on Mount Rushmore.

  42. So Phantom have you dropped your corporate healthcare and signed up for Obamacare?

    You say Obamacare is GREAT, you say Obama fixed the VA…… yet you do not nor have not participated in either program.

    Your one of those people that count a book as read because you’ve read the spine……

  43. lmao…… Daily Mail propaganda…. I was talking to someone else on line earlier about that story and saying it’s sad because I know first hand that people on that side of the pond will believe that bull…. I’ll have to let them know NYrs are dumb enough to buy it also… lol

  44. You’re still befuddled and clueless after all these years.

    Just about noone said that Obamacare is great.

    But despite its flaws it did expand healthcare for many Americans, including white working class in places like Kentucky, and that’s why the majority in that state, and the country, support it.


  45. More people were no longer able to get care due to Obamacare. It front loaded the deductible and the average person had to shell out 6000 dollars before coverage would kick in. Now that may not be a lot to you, but it put over a third of the country that had healthcare before obamacare in a position that made using their healthcare financially impossible.

  46. Note Patrick’s “thousands of examples” claim has withered on the vine.

  47. It was so horrible, which is why most Americans support it today.

  48. ok Mahons you want me to fill the thread with everyone that was called a racist while Obama was President? That’s what you want.

    It so sad.

    You’re just incapable of making your case, you either to stupid or to lazy. Your entire history on this site consists of elementary school arguments.

    You put forth nothing to support your position your whole tactic is attack the person not the argument. They may work when you’re denying someones insurance claim, but in the real world where your arguments need substance other than just accusations against the witnesses credibility it just doesn’t fly.

    I am not someone claiming a false injury or trying to bilk a company for extra money. Attacks on my credibility have no effect. If you had any intellectual acuity you’d actually attempt to make your case once in awhile with a solid presentation of the facts and your view on how they should be viewed, but in 20yrs you have never done so.

    Try it sometime….. if you are able.

  49. Phantom, on August 10th, 2020 at 4:29 PM Said:
    It was so horrible, which is why most Americans support it today.

    then why aren’t you on it?

    and how many people in your life are ? Do you know a single person that has Obamacare as their insurance….. Yes yes the NYTs says everyone loves it. Who do you know that has it and raves about it? Now will never know because nothing you say can ever be verified, when someone can’t tell you their own name nothing they say is verifiable.

    Go volunteer at a local drug and alcohol clinic and see what people who aren’t on welfare, but are the working poor stuck with Obamacare trying to use it to cover their rehab or even basic doctors visits. Then tell us how great it is.

  50. Indeed, you persist despite having your credibility destroyed. Pointing that out by me and others has had zero effect on your making baseless claims. You said thousands of examples. You produced none.
    You can’t say 800,000 people attended a rally when they didn’t, you can’t say the NYT and the Washington Post accused Trump daily of being guilty of collusion for years when they didn’t and you can’t say every criticism of Obama was met with the claim of racism when it wasn’t.

  51. // other than just accusations against the witnesses credibility //

    Patrick, you will have no credibility as long as you continue to state as true things that are blatantly false. You never stop doing that. Simply getting things wrong is only part of it, you persist in making mad claims that we all know are either embarrassing errors or blatant lies. In fact, it’s come so far that we more or less know they are false simply because you claim they’re true.

    Most threads are peppered with them, but on this one, for example, most of us directly assume that “the badgering reporter called him (Trump) a liar 3 times” and “More people were no longer able to get care due to Obamacare.” are not true simply because you say they are.

    Also on this thread, you called us all fools, tried to pretend that the Obama Choice act was something else (before you were caught out), you also called mahons, without any provocation, “our resident lying shyster scumbag democrat drone. That kind of thing only makes your credibility worse. ATW’s resident liar unfortunately isn’t mahons.

  52. As I said before, all this is a fixed part of the Trump world, where endless lies and errors that would embarrass a child are thrown about freely, and usually driven home with anger, personal insults and tons of phoney bravado and boasting.

    It seems that there’s a large constituency for this kind of thing in the US. Formerly, these people were I presume to be found as drunks on the street, in mad right-wing compounds and in lunatic asylums, but in 2016 it seems they finally found a leader with whom they can fully identify – simply a man who can’t stop lying and boasting and making mistake after mistake.

  53. Trump is highly argumentative, quick to anger and to hold a grudge, and he lies all the time, with the biggest lies imaginable.

    And when he’s not lying, he’s hinting at something without any knowledge ( ” the attack in Beirut ” )

    As with the old Soviet publications, Trump will occasionally surprise you when he tells the truth. Which he does, at times.

  54. Patrick, you will have no credibility as long as you continue to state as true things that are blatantly false. You never stop doing that. Simply getting things wrong is only part of it, you persist in making mad claims that we all know are either embarrassing errors or blatant lies. In fact, it’s come so far that we more or less know they are false simply because you claim they’re true.

    The thinking of an ass……

    You are a fool Noel. Whether you believe me or not is your choice, but the fact of you being a total fool is proven just in this comment alone.

    Most threads are peppered with them, but on this one, for example, most of us directly assume that “the badgering reporter called him (Trump) a liar 3 times” and “More people were no longer able to get care due to Obamacare.” are not true simply because you say they are.

    Also on this thread, you called us all fools, tried to pretend that the Obama Choice act was something else (before you were caught out), you also called mahons, without any provocation, “our resident lying shyster scumbag democrat drone. That kind of thing only makes your credibility worse. ATW’s resident liar unfortunately isn’t mahons.

    When you tell a President in a Press conference 3 times that what he is saying isn’t true you’ve called him a Liar 3 times. Play the last ten minutes of his press conference, you’ll hear it three times and the last time he ended the press conference.

    More people were unable to access their healthcare after Obamacare was implemented. It front loaded the co-pays starting at an amount of $6000 going up to $10,000 that an individual had to shell out before insurance paid anything. Now I don’t know how it works in Germany but in the US most people have health insurance from their job. They go to a doctor and they pay a co-pay of 19-50 dollars for the visit that costs several hundred. Obamacare stopped that. Instead people had to pay the full cost of the doctors visit or any procedure until they reached that $6000-$10,000 amount. The average american income for a family of 4 the median is income on a family of 4 is $44K. Only a fool would think that if you tell a family they have to use 25% of their entire income on dr’s visits before insurance will pay would believe that it’s not going to prevent people from going to the doctor. This is what gave birth to the Tea Party and flipped the house and senate the very first election after it was passed.

    Obama’s choice gave choice, but refused payment to nonVA doctors, Financial choice fixed it…. those are undisputable unless you’re a fool or a member of the press trying to feed the fools. Ask any American Vet getting treatment through the VA. Do you know any Noel? If not what is YOUR source of information.

    Noel you call yourself an Irishman, but you live in Germany, you raise your family in Germany, you work in Germany but you call yourself an Irishman…. walks like a duck…. or in your case a fool.

    The only person on this site that actually looks things up to see what is or is not true is Seamus (besides me) and a third of the time he still gets it wrong.

    So the idea that you say I have no credibility holds no weight, as the babbling of fools like you never does.

  55. At least pick a thread where your credibility has been shot to pieces again when trying to deflect to others. Hard to do I know.

  56. Mahons, unlike you I’ll argue with reason and the facts as I see them.

    You just refuse to put forth a cogent argument to support your views. As goes the majority here. None of you have made a reasoned argument on any thread.

    You’re a Liar, You’re wrong, you’ve no credibility. Only here at ATW do such things pass for debate or argument. You being the biggest offender of them all Mahons.

    Both Phantom and you have the talent, intellect and more important the local knowledge to each make great arguments to back each and everyone of your views but you both chose not to. With Phantom I write it off to TDS because he used to occasionally define his reasoning. Where you on the other hand have never bothered to give anything to your positions.

    As you put it “this is just a blog” so therefore in your elitist view not worthy of the effort to actually make a case for what you believe. Hell it works for the euros they don’t know any better and only a few are actually capable of seeing through your bull anyway.

    I am not a foreigner so your gaslighting, obfuscating and just general bullshit demeanor to me is just that bullshit. You can spin and give nondenial denials all you want. I know who you are in character and position in our society as well as you do I.

    We both now that things in this country are not readable to outsiders as they are to it’s own citizens. I don’t know your family background but just what you have shared here. You are a well educated white male. You posses a higher education, you work in the largest city in the country, but have the sense to commute into it for work rather than live in it’s confines. Before I was forced to retire I also posses a higher education, worked in the 5th largest city in the country, but had the sense to commute into it for work rather than live in it’s confines. Both of us have families that we work or worked hard to provide for.

    Both of us know that for our children to have a good future they have to be taught and learn certain things, how to act, how to be responsible, how to provide for a family.

    We may be on opposite sides of every argument, but what we have in common is greater than you want to admit.

    I know you’ve met others just like me as I have met others just like you. We both want things to work, we both want people and the country to do well.

    The difference between us is you believe in handouts where I believe in handups.

    I will put it to you again. As university educated professionals, as fellow catholics, and as fellow fathers. Can we have Peace between us?

  57. Re Pat’s elongated 5:10 ‘Obama is a bastard’

    Trump still lied when he claimed he passed Veterans Choice that Obama passed

  58. Patrick – I take the position that everyone is reborn here every day, and if they have sinned they can come back and not do so. I hold no grudges. I mean it is a blog, not life.

  59. PaTroll,

    Sent you an email.

  60. Shooting near the White House?


  61. // It might not have had anything to do with me//

    An alleged armed man behaves aggressively towards a cop outside the WH

    The above comment puts Trump’s prioritising of the incident into perspective.

  62. Mahons, on August 10th, 2020 at 11:18 PM Said:
    Patrick – I take the position that everyone is reborn here every day, and if they have sinned they can come back and not do so. I hold no grudges. I mean it is a blog, not life.

    How convenient you give yourself a fresh slate everyday….. I think the clinical term for that is Sociopath.

    Well I tried…. again…. I don’t just give clean slates I judge people by their record.

    Keep calling me a Liar…..

  63. If we are all born again each day, do we need to have our little baby bottoms smacked as we cry and wail to each other ? 🙂

  64. oh you naughty boy…….