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By Pete Moore On August 11th, 2020

Anyone who applauds Kamala Harris being chosen as Biden’s running mate, because she’s a black woman, is stupid. Deeply, unalterably stupid. Those who care, even a little, for character and track record, cannot say they did not know. Kamala Harris is a very bad person. Even the New York Times knows it. The good news is that it suggests she’s not ideological. It’s the ideological who do the real damage to society. Kamala Harris is just another political grifter on the make, but she will do anything, literally anything, even to the innocent and powerless, to advance herself –

9 Responses to “SHE DID WHAT?”

  1. Why do right wingers claim opinion pieces in a newspaper are the opinion of the newspaper and not the particular writer? On blogs where everyone is right wing you can get away with it as part of the circle jerk. But on blogs like ATW where right wing lies and exaggerations are laughingly exposed daily shouldn’t they try harder?

  2. Pete Moore would make an excellent political flunky for any incumbent political office holder. Rushing around out of the traps to smear any would be political rival within seconds of any new challenger emerging !

  3. lol with no right of reply either in the hack clip
    that’s the right wing in a nut shell – mean clips and silence everyone
    swing and a miss

  4. Seriously, Tulsi Gabbard? She was always Putin’s pick and RT strongly promoted her.

  5. Paul Joseph Watson

    Alex Jones Jr……..

  6. Pete has made clear that he doesn’t have a conservative bone in his body. He just wants to burn it all down.

  7. Gabbert was torpedoed by the DNC and their Russian BS about her. She brought up good points. Pete makes a good point too, if you play the ball and not the man. Harris is not an ideologue, and therefore not as dangerous as one, like a Bernie. I say she’s more like a Clinton, super ambitious and out only for herself. She’s been quite successful at it too, as we see.

  8. Like that one Daphne

  9. Any one who tries to argue character while supporting trump… falls at the starting line