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Fly Me To The Moon

By 33230715130361 On August 12th, 2020

The Russian Covid Vaccine has been dubbed the Sputnick drug as it appears to be a scientifically questionable attempt to launch the fist vaccine by Putin in an attempt to “beat” the World to a vaccine. It has that Cold war race to the Moon feel about it.
When your media is used as a virtual rubber stamp for your policies (Hello Russia Today) you have an opportunity to pull the wool over the eyes of some people. Reaction worldwide has primarily been skeptical. Only true nutcases seem to be jumping at the chance to take it. We worry about Trump’s lack of credibility but Putin takes it to a new level: boldly proclaiming success in spite of significant skepticism. It is a wonder he didn’t make the announcement with his shirt off. I suspect half the reason that he made the announcement is not because he thinks he will actually be believed, but to show how big a fable he can spin without any domestic political consequences. No doubt anti-Vaccine conspiracy nuts will be in a twist. Do they accept they statement from him (the leader of so much of their disinformation on other topics) or do they question his motives?

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