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There Has Got To Be A Morning After

By 33230715130361 On August 12th, 2020

The decision by Joe Biden to name Senator Harris as his Vice Presidential Choice is now history (or herstory if you are into the ardent feminist thing). It appears to be a safe choice. The naming of a Vice Presidential candidate no longer seems to be based on adding a region to the ticket so much as complimenting the ticket. Harris doesn’t bring California or even more black votes into the fold (he already had both). She does provide a bit of balance in terms of age, optics and gender. She is liberal but not left wing (the Sanders-Warren faction got bypassed). Not a natural on the campaign trail but there is no campaign trail this year. A record that offers some criticism from the left and the right but nothing damning, and certainly nothing too fringe to trouble greatly the mainstream who Biden needs to get back to win those swing states. She is of course the fourth woman on a national ticket (the other three lost). It certainly won’t hurt in appealing to women who happen to represent more of a swing vote, especially this time. All in all a conventional and safe choice from a campaign that is running a safe campaign in unconventional times. She didn’t always agree with the Vice President which is a good thing, look what happens when people don’t dare to disagree with the head on an Administration. It is almost as if Biden was following the doctor’s code of “do no harm”.

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