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By David Vance On August 14th, 2020

I woke up to the news that the UK Government has added FRANCE to the list of naughty countries return from which means 14 days self-quarantine. I understand France is (rightly) reciprocating. Given the vast numbers of British people that holiday in France, this should provide a death rattle to UK tourism, but that is irrelevant. You see the spike in Covid cases in France is just SO worrying that this robust action must be taken. Here are the stats…..and as you can see the mortality rate is soaring. Oh, wait…


8 Responses to “VIVE LA FRANCE…”

  1. Test

  2. What is Frances infection rate? the mortality rate always lags behind the infection rate

  3. “Daily New Deaths in France”

    What’s a “new death”?

  4. Hi Noel,

    A death that is new?

  5. The infection rate in France has quadrupled in less than a month. Coronavirus does not kill in a matter of days, it kills in a matter of weeks. So nobody with half a brain would expect the death rate to have shown a corresponding increase yet. That being the case, imposing quarantine restrictions seems an eminently sensible, if frustrating, thing to do. That is why experts make the rules rather than commentators.

    PS ironically it is the same people who complained (correctly, in my view) that flights from China were not stopped six months ago who are now complaining when the UK government imposes similar measures on other countries.

  6. My understanding is that the self quarantine rules are rather similar to the initial lockdown restrictions we all faced back in March/April. People in quarantine can go out for exercise and to to buy ‘essentials’ . It will be impossible to police. Its a gimmick. It isn’t even a real quarantine.

  7. F the French

  8. Now we are back to normal 🙂