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By David Vance On August 14th, 2020

Here’s one for you to ponder.

Obama was the first “Black” American President, according to the trusted legacy media. (His mother was white but apparently being half-black is good enough to be black)

Ka-MA-la is the first “African-American” to run for V-P. according to the legacy media. Yet her mother was Indian and her father was Jamaican.

How does this work?

54 Responses to “BLACK AND WHITE….”

  1. Simple in amurica a single drop of black DNA makes you black

  2. i wonder does the Right always play the race card , would it be as simple as to take the focus of her glittering career and achievements ?
    She graduated with a Juris Doctor in 1989 , is that worth talking about ? prolly not eh !
    mahons have you got a JD ?
    I know i like a drink of JD but that’s because I’m a 2nd generation bog-trotter, who though without formal qualification, possesses some degree of legal charm 😉

  3. How does this work?

    Here’s how. Many on these pages and further afield put people – human beings – into little boxes. One of the most important boxes, obviously, is White. Any other box is automatically inferior to the ‘White’ box. Other boxes (human beings) of much lesser value include Black, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Gay, Socialist, Republican etc. A combination of any two or three either increases or decreases the value of those placed in it, with the combination of White & Christian trumping all others. For example: Black & Christian is good, but only until the people in the White & Christian box disagree with something the Black & Christian occupants say, then there is more emphasis on the Black part, and less on the Christian.
    There are subdivisions of this White & Christian box, which are inferior ie White & Atheist, White & Gay, White & Socialist, White & Republican, White and Supremacist etc, but when push comes to shove, they may get a bye-ball for their words or actions, because they sit in the White box, with the creation of a new box – White & Supremacist & Mental Illness/Drug Problem/Lone Wolf.
    Both Obama & Harris are in subdivisions of the Black box. Within that box, they may well occupy separate smaller boxes as well, but, because some people disagree with both of them, their ‘parent’ Black box supercedes all others.
    It’s a complicated system (no it isn’t, it’s just racism/sectarianism), and it can become so confusing to those who live by it, that they sometimes find themselves wondering how the individuals they are criticising, whilst having many different traits, beliefs and backgrounds, also fit into the overall Black box.

    Hope that helps.

  4. In the history of our nation even a small percentage of non-white ancestry qualified you to be viewed as inferior and “colored”. This sentiment of course continued well into the 20th Century within the legal system of many states and within the “minds” of certain people. It also poisons the “minds” to the this very day of some people who participate in blogging.

  5. True above. In the slave days in the old South, a person could have three white grandparents and only one black and would still be considered black and sold and owned as a slave.

    I think it has something to do with the Nazi-like concept of racial contamination, just as a person with a very minor virus infection is contaminated the same as someone with a major dose.

  6. Seimi,

    Thanks. It doesn’t help.

    Harris is of Jamaican-Indian heritage.

    How is she therefore “African-American”.

    Try again.

  7. If the information given is correct, she obviously isn’t African American.
    By birth or heritage.

  8. The one drop rule is about as racist as it gets.

    It was I believe studied approvingly by the Nazis, was used as part of what led to the Nuremberg laws

    It is amazing that this rule, this thought process, remains acceptable, and has been internalized by black people and others

    Kamala Harris Is often described as a black American, and is sometimes referred to as an Asian American. You rarely hear her described as a mixed race American

    Mr Obama, on the other hand Is almost always referred to as a black American. He is never described as a white American, rarely described here as a mixed race American.

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  10. Hi Phantom,

    Yes, I am trying to improve the way the site works! Bear with me…

  11. The term African-American may not be accurate, but Black-American certainly is, because she is not White, but she is certainly American.
    African-American is being used here, I think, as an incorrect, PC-friendly term.

  12. And…

    Her father, with whom she appears to have a distant, chilly, relationship, says that the family had white ancestors in Jamaica, who owned slaves.

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  14. Ah, I see. 5 minutes to edit. Very nice 😊

  15. Nicely designed second chance feature.

    Good show.

  16. I like the 5 min editing feature. If you post a comment and then decide it isn’t offensive enough you can add a few stronger insults and expletives 🙂

  17. It would also be good for people who post 5 or 6 comments in a row 😁

  18. African American is sometimes used broadly to describe people of color whose heritage may technically point towards the West Indies as opposed to those whose heritage is the straight Africa to the US model. It does not strike me as a particularly significant distinction as the prejudice of white supremacists is directed to them as well.
    The disturbed race baiter Trump of course is not satisfied with the mere visual difference and of course has stooped to suggesting that Harris (born in the US) may not be qualified to be President as her parents were immigrants. A tactic of “otherness” he used against Obama.

  19. I don’t think that any Trump supporters here criticized Trump for Birtherism 1.0 as used against Obama.

    They will really enjoy the new and improved Birtherism 2.0 as used against Harris.

    An exceptionally stupid and undisciplined tactic by the dotard.

  20. I think the idea that Jamaicans don’t have African ancestry will come as a surprise to many, not least of all Jamaicans, plus the Windrush generation and Lenny Henry.

  21. Frank – Indeed.

  22. A fact noted by a number of black Americans – we still don’t have a major party Presidential or VP candidate who has had an American-born black parent, who has that heritage.

    Obama’s father of course Kenyan, Harris’ father Jamaican.

  23. Jamaica and the other Islands were populated by escaped slaves if memory serves.

    The fact that what shade a persons skin is makes any difference in anything I’ve never understood so I am not the best person to speak on race, and gender is less relevant.

    At least she has a functioning mind, that right there gives Biden a boost…. he has his Sarah Palin. She will bring a large section of votes who wouldn’t have voted for Trump but would have sat out voting for him.

    It’s the same exact roll Palin had with the Traitor.

  24. Harris is smart, and has a resume.

    She’s not in the same universe as the empty headed and un-read Palin.

    McCain’s campaign ended the day that he selected Palin on a whim. She was quickly sidelined, but the damage had been done. A nobody would be one heartbeat away from the presidency if McCain had won, and his judgment was shown to be poor.

  25. No one in the US thought that Palin was a plausible commander in chief. She knew nothing, she still knows nothing.

    There would be many who think that Harris would be a good president; especially as compared with the frail Biden, or, God help us, Trump.

  26. Although retrospectvely, having Sarah Palin in the White house would have been a selection of considerably greater intelligence, competence and gravity than the current incumbent 🙂

  27. “How is she therefore “African-American”.”

    She was born is the US, therefore “American”
    Her father is of African ancestry therefore “African-American”

  28. and so go’s the analysis from inside the bubble……

    The fact that a big city rube didn’t understand that Palin added to the ticket is just par for the course.

    McCain like Biden it was his time. McCain like Biden can not or could not pull a large part of their sides regular base.

    The blacks are traditional democrat voters but a large section would just not vote for Joe Kamala guarantees they won’t just sit out. McCain was hated by a large block of the republicans, rednecks are part of the base that’s as reliable to the republican vote as the blacks are to the dems. Without Palin McCain would have lost those votes not to the dems but to just not voting.

    These are facts of campaigns.

  29. Palin made it impossible for McCain to attract any swing or moderate voters.

    And without lots of moderate voters, Republicans can’t win any national elections.

    It was impossible to think of any empty head like Palin negotiating with the likes of Putin or with the Chinese.

  30. Jamaica had escaped slaves (they went into the interior and were largely independent) but also hundred of thousands of slaves from Africa.

    Harris probably doesn’t bring many extra votes (Biden would have won California, Blacks and Women anyway) but the fact that she is at least mainstream in her Party means he didn’t make an error.

  31. McCain never had a chance, he had a better chance with Palin. I know you don’t believe that, but it’s simple demographics.

    So you’d feel confident with Joe or Kamala negotiating with Putin…..

  32. McCain never had a chance, as the economy had nearly melted down on the watch of a Republican, and as the GWB Iraq war was almost universally seen as a failure at that point.

    But Palin put a million nails in the coffin of Republicans that year. You couldn’t trust McCain’s judgment after her selection. Even he I believe said that it was a big mistake.

    Harris might wipe the floor with Putin. She’s no shrinking violet, and she does know stuff.

  33. //i wonder does the Right always play the race card , would it be as simple as to take the focus of her glittering career and achievements ?//

    Only the Right? I think the “race card” was in play from the start, ever since Biden said (or who said?) that, whoever would be his running mate, it was going to be a black woman. There wasn’t much “focus on career and achievements” in that early announcement.

    I think BLM had a lot to do with this sudden (and pretty cynical) reduction in his pool of possible candidates. But the US has a major issue with skin colour anyway, and it seems any appointments, political leaders, – shit maybe even your doctor or lawyer – is going to be viewed through a prism of “race”.

    Maybe people thought that 8 years of Obama would see off all this “identity” nonsense, but if anything it seems to have got worse.

  34. The left play the race card far more than the right do. Identity politics and compartmentalizing of minority groups is definitely a phenomenon used by the left more than the mainstream conservative right – although of course the right are not averse to seeking the support of the genuine racist white voters by often pandering to their fears and paranoia.

  35. Palin would have been a good choice if she had just never opened her mouth

    its the old adage, its better to keep your mouth shut and have the world think you a fool then open it and prove them right

  36. It seems to me the use of race for good and bad is bipartisan,although it is obviously used differently (gender and religion are also manipulated by politicians).

    Our current President prefers to use these things to divide. It isn’t original, but it works. The current challenger wants to use it to unite a divided country.

  37. I think that in America the left is far more obsessed by race than the right is

  38. Those adversely effected by something tend to have a different perspective than those who benefit from something.

  39. P.S. With the new click to edit feature when is Colm going to comment on how difficult it is for men of a certain age to keep it up for five minutes….

  40. Frank O’Dwyer,

    I think the idea that Jamaicans don’t have African ancestry will come as a surprise to many, not least of all Jamaicans, plus the Windrush generation and Lenny Henry.

    So we’re all Africans then?

  41. And Al ” Tawana ” Sharpton, the racial arsonist remains a revered figure in the Democrat Party, a kingmaker whose approval is sought by all Democrats, and who is seen on MSNBC five days a week or more.

    That is the Democratic Party of today. https://www.theblaze.com/news/joe-biden-al-sharpton-systemic-racism


    The party of AOC, the Squad and of Sharpton.

    Biden is a feeble figurehead. All the momentum is with the bad guys.

  42. Despite the momentum (which I think is really better described as attention) the mainstream Biden pretty much ran away with the nomination. Odious as Sharpton is, and as odious as his participation is, he isn’t the driving force in the party.

  43. Dave,

    “So we’re all Africans then?”

    If you go back far enough, then almost certainly, yes.

    More than that, AFAIK it’s also probably true that we all share a common ancestor who lived much more recently than would seem intuitive (from memory, some thousands of years, something like that).

  44. I think that in America the left is far more obsessed by race than the right is

    Yeah, sure. That’s why you have white supremicists giving Nazi salutes and shouting ‘Hail Trump’


    and Trump defending neo Nazis in Charlottesville

  45. Whatever about the virtues of Biden-Harris, at least they have to be better than the world of lies and bragging and downright stupidity that is the Trump world.

    //it’s also probably true that we all share a common ancestor who lived much more recently than would seem intuitive//

    I believe “mitochondrial Eve” lived in sub-saharan Africa as recently as 100,000 years ago.

  46. If you go back far enough, then almost certainly, yes

    There’s a guy from Aberdeen says no.

  47. Trump is a businessman of dubious finances with a record of bankruptcies, who knew little about how the world works

    On his watch, the economy has tanked in a major way, just as it tanked under GW Bush

    But of course, it’s someone else’s fault. It always is.

  48. your insane

    On his watch, the economy has tanked in a major way, just as it tanked under GW Bush

    But of course, it’s someone else’s fault. It always is.

    So Obama who leads historically in bankruptcies and foreclosures he wasn’t responsible for anything it was Bush’s fault, Bush was responsible for Dodd Frank which caused the collapse, and Trumps responsible for the chicom flu……

    Never mind that in spite of no cooperation from either of the two congresses over the past 4 years the all time record numbers for employment of…. Woman, Blacks, Hispanics and black youth ever…. none of that means anything.

    We need to replace Trump with the VP from that served as the #2 during the second worst depression in the countries history…. part of the team that said “Those Job’s aren’t coming back”

    lmao…. oh ok Phantom…..

  49. Dodd Frank had little to nothing to do with the 2008 collapse of markets

    Bad conduct by banks were the primary cause of it. Jamie Dimon, the number one banker in the US, has said this years ago.

    Trump didn’t cause Covid 19, but he orchestrated a weak federal response and set a bad example by not wearing a mask and by speculating about injecting Clorox, etc.

  50. Noel,

    “I believe “mitochondrial Eve” lived in sub-saharan Africa as recently as 100,000 years ago.”

    Yes – but I was thinking of this which is much more staggeringly recent (and some say may even be too conservative an estimate): https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/09/040930122428.htm

    According to this kind of estimate if you wandered into any village in around 3000 BC the first person you meet would very likely be an ancestor of yours. And the most recent common ancestor would be even more recent than that.

    No matter the languages we speak or the color of our skin, we share ancestors who planted rice on the banks of the Yangtze, who first domesticated horses on the steppes of the Ukraine, who hunted giant sloths in the forests of North and South America, and who labored to build the Great Pyramid of Khufu.


    “There’s a guy from Aberdeen says no.”

    There’s a guy from Aberdeen says a lot of things, many of them contradicting other things he also says 🙂

  51. Our friend in Aberdeen has gone a bit quiet lately. I wonder if its anything to do with the local lockdown ?

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