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By David Vance On August 14th, 2020

As you know, theatre productions have been cancelled these last long months. But comes the good news, there may be a re-opening, sort of. Get this…

The Derry Playhouse is aiming to be the first theatre in NI to open its doors to a paying audience for live performances since lockdown in March. It is planning productions from the beginning of September, in line with the latest advice from Stormont. However, capacity has now shrunk from 150 to 20 due to social-distancing regulations.

Wow, let me just stop you there! If you shrink capacity from 150 to 20, you don’t have a functioning business, you have a hobby.

Let that sink in.


  1. It’s good to see you interacting around these parts again David. I hope it’s a regualar return and that you’re going to stick around.

  2. ello ello

  3. 20 is ridiculous. I think the maximum restriction should be perhaps a third, so a 150 seater could have 50 people sitting each person 2 seats apart with face masks and regular hand sanitising that would be a bearable start for re-opeening for the first few months.

  4. Maybe 20 today, slowly building the size up.

    If everyone wears masks, and if all respect the process.

    One form of entertainment that I fear for – movie theaters. I fear that many will never reopen.

  5. Hi Colm,

    I happened to speak to the box office of a major theatre. Unless they get to 70% + capacity, shows are not sustainable. It’s such a problem and I sympathise with them.