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Bomb Her Harris?

By 33230715130361 On August 14th, 2020

President Trump has implied that the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Harris is not eligible for the Presidency because her parents were immigrants. The Senator was born in California in 1964 and under our Constitution is clearly a US Citizen. Why engage in this nonsense when he could try to argue against her record and policy positions? Cause this is how he operates. He hasn’t yet attached himself to the idea as he did with his prolonged and false birther claims against Obama, and he probably doesn’t have to. His minions breath in falsehood like it is oxygen. So watch for more bomb throwing than nuanced debate. They are running out of time, like they have run out of ideas.

116 Responses to “Bomb Her Harris?”

  1. No one will be fooled by this.

    Not like before.

    Maybe some Trump supporters here will criticize Birtherism 2.0, even if none of them criticized Birtherism 1.0.

    Saying stuff like this typecasts Trump as clueless even more than before. His only weapons are baseless inneuendo and vicious personal attack, things that no Christian would ever do.

  2. I think some law professor had made a distinction between a citizen born in the US and a “natural born” citizen, believing only the latter to be qualified.

    Trump then – inevitably – misunderstood him to mean Harris was not born in the US.
    Next he’ll probably say she wasn’t even born.

  3. I don’t know Phantom

    Joe Arpaiho’s group exhaustively investigated the electronic copy of Obama’s birth certificate and declared it an electronic copy of a birth certificate

    With a brain trust like that maybe they can re-form the group and exhaustively investigate en electronic copy of Kamala’s California birth certificate so they can declare it an electronic copy of a California birth certificate

    I mean I hear sheriff joe hasn’t got anything better to do

  4. before the site blew up I thought it very appropriate that you titled your last post after the theme of the Poseidon Adventure.

  5. Obama was definitely American, the question and only question in regard to Harris is IF her parents were here illegally.

    If you go by the original Law anyone born here from illegals would not be a citizen, but that has not been the interpretation since WWII.

    She was born in country under current interpretation of the Law she’s an American.

    All this birther crap is stupid.

    Obama wasn’t qualified because he was an academic marxist. Biden isn’t qualified for a number of reasons, mental fitness and corruption being the top two.

    Harris is fully qualified.

  6. IF her parents were here illegally

    Is this the angle Trumpers are stooping to now?

    Obama wasn’t qualified because he was an academic marxist. Biden isn’t qualified for a number of reasons, mental fitness and corruption being the top two

    If Obama was a Marxist he was a really shit one, I think you’re confused with what Marxism actually is. Please explain Biden’s corruption.

    What qualified Trump then? Embezzeling monies from charitable foundations?

    Pls check your inbox.

  7. Harris is smarter than Biden, Trump and Pence combined. Not even close.

    And she has a Trump-like ruthlessness to her.

    Do not underestimate her.

  8. as I said Paul Obama was a Marxist ans a Leninist, the fact that is something you can’t grasp sorry can’t help ya…. horse water….

    I was never a birther Obama’s mother was American it doesn’t matter if he was born and raised in outer space he’s still an American.

    As for Harris she was born here she’s an American period. The here legally clause regarding anchor babies hasn’t ever been enforced and was even dropped in the wording after WWII besides her parents weren’t here illegally, they were both legal immigrants I believe…..

    I’ll check my mail in a minute.

  9. I suspect only the Europeans get the reference in the title of the post.

  10. Oh I get it

  11. Bay Ridge is nearly European.

  12. You never criticized your president for playing the birther card, now twice.

    It wouldn’t kill you to criticize a politician

  13. The fact that is something you can’t grasp sorry can’t help ya…. horse water….

    No, I grasp it perfectly. You are claiming something that isn’t correct.

    I meant to crongratulat you on the title earlier Mahons.

  14. NYC isn’t European, but it’s on the way. Very many New Yorkers travel to Europe.

    The distance to London is not much different than it is to Los Angeles.

    And if you’re flexible on time, air fares can be really cheap.

  15. https://nypost.com/2020/08/14/seattle-blm-protesters-demand-white-people-give-up-their-homes/

    A group of protesters in Seattle marched through a residential neighborhood this week demanding that white residents give up their homes, dramatic video shows.

    Footage of the Wednesday demonstration posted to Twitter shows a crowd of dozens chanting “Black lives matter” before an unidentified man projects his ire toward nearby white residents — saying they are living in a historically black section of the city as another woman in the crowd yells that they should “give up their homes,” the clip shows.

    This is going to make many in middle America want to vote for Trump, twice.

    You are not likely to see much of this on CNN or MSNBC.

  16. The man continues: “’Cause if you don’t, now you f–king do — now do something about it!”

    Another woman in the crowd then urges the residents to “open their wallet” as the man continues to yell at the unidentified residents off-camera.

    “So how do you plan to fix it?” the man continues. “As a gentrifier, because you are part of that problem.”

    A woman with a megaphone then urges the residents to “give up” their house, the footage shows.

    “Give black people back their homes!” she yells. “You’re sitting there comfortably — comfortable as f—k as if they didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood! I used to live in this neighborhood, and my family was pushed out, and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends!”

    Explain away this overt racism, someone. I beg you.

    Reported by the NY Post. Won’t be reported by the NY Times.

  17. Two random crazy people need to make the New York Times cause they said stupid shit? It is that newsworthy?

  18. It’s not random and it’s not two people.

    It’s all part of an ugly, highly racist, whole, what is going on in these places.

  19. My thoughts exactly Mahons.

  20. I’ve made fun of the birther movement from the beginning. I have no need to qualify it in any other way than I laughed at it when Obama was President.

    If you want me to criticize Trump find something he’s done wrong as President.

  21. Every time there are reports of looting, or rock throwing, or shooting laser beams at cops, or setting fires in occupied apartment houses, or death to cops chants, or ethnic cleansing chants, we hear, its just a few bad apples.

    Well…no it’s not.

    It’s at the core of all of this.

  22. Senator Harris’s record:

    – Supports the Green New Deal
    – Supports socialized medicine & health care for illegal aliens
    – Will confiscate our guns
    – Giggles about the #2A
    – Wants sanctuary cities & open borders
    – Believes felons should vote from prison

    those are just some of her bullet points.

  23. Your president is the King of the Birthers

  24. These people are Anarchists and violent idiots.

    They want everything for free and they believe they are entitled.

    The only thing they’re entitled to is a swift kick in the ass.

  25. Phantom, on August 14th, 2020 at 8:00 PM Said: Edit Comment
    Your president is the King of the Birthers

    and that’s an idiotic position…… ah Phantom like it or not he’s YOUR President also….

  26. The problem with US liberals, is that any time you point anything out the response is always

    ” ah, its a few bad apples. It doesn’t mean anything. Democracy is messy. Don’t exaggerate “

    Which is a complete mis-reading of everything that is going on.

    BLM/Antifa are violent, dangerous and racist. The situation has been allowed to fester. They’d cut the throats of US liberals as soon as look at them.

  27. Trump rode to political prominence on the Birther issue.

    And Fox News and Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity talked about it every night and none of you guys criticized it at all

  28. well ya got all that right

  29. If you want me to criticize Trump find something he’s done wrong as President

    Why? The question you asked was how was Obama qualified to be POTUS and I asked the same.

    Oh, its a few bad apples. It doesn’t mean anything. Democracy is messy. Don’t exaggerate

    And anytime you adopt your hard right mantle you love to conjoin evrything to sensationalise.

  30. This is what American liberals say.

    Almost every time.

    They think that they can ride this tiger, but may wind up inside this tiger.

    Democracy is messy.
    A few bad apples.
    They mean well.

    Sure they do.

  31. Phantoms hard right mantle……

    I’m sorry I’m laughing to hard to comment

  32. No Paul Phantom knows the difference between right and wrong and justifiably at times the blatant idiocy of events causes him to speak with a conscience. The fact is that buried inside under all his other nonsense he’s a decent man.

  33. Not right

    Not left

    Like a good umpire, call them as I see them, and respond accordingly.

  34. Has any white neighborhood been turned over to BLM? No, I didn’t think so.

  35. nor will there be….. this is violence for the sake of violence. There is no cause or rhyme or reason among those doing the actual rioting. I guarantee you ask 20 different rock throwers why they are out there you’ll get 20 different answers. These are the disaffected, the misguided, and the malcontent. They are always with us.

    The problem is not them the problem is the political motivation in allowing them to continue for what is 75-80 days…..

    The fact that this riff raff hasn’t been hosed from the streets is a political calculus of your party. The Democrats believe this unrest benefits them and hurts Trump so it’s been allowed to continue.

    The Judgement on THAT will be in 81 days.

  36. OK

    So they called for ethnic cleansing, surrounded by a large mob of bigots cheering them on, so that’s now acceptable discourse.

    ” Democracy is messy ” I know.

  37. BLM and Antifa are the shock troops of the Democratic Party

    There has been just about no criticism of them from any leading Democrat, or from media house organs like NYT, CNN or MSNBC

  38. No Paul Phantom knows the difference between right and wrong

    Well it’s a pity that he can’t differentiate that a looter in Chicago has nothing whatsoever to do with two eejits shouting stuff at a protest in Seattle. It’s allegorous with the Muslim ‘no go zones’ fabricated by the American right press.

    Not right

    Not left

    I didn’t say you were left or right I said you adopted a hard right mantle when dealing with BLM issues.

    Which you do.

  39. Chicago looters are absolutely connected to what that mob wants in Seattle.

    BLM leaders called the Chicago looting a form of reparations

    It is all connected

  40. If you put something on video lots of folks loses their shit as if some crackpot is representative or the things he (or she) says are about to happen.

    Biden has condemned violence, looting and vandalism. You can’t claim otherwise if you want to remain factual.

  41. Has he condemned the BLM chants ( in many cities, many events ) of ” pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon ” or ” fuck the police ”

    Has he specifically criticized BLM or Antifa? I do not think so…

    We’re all breezily opposed to ” violence “. But you might offend someone if you named those who were doing it.

  42. By the way, Pete Moore is locked out because of a technical issue with the new format, somehow.

  43. ANtifa in a moniker. He’s specifically condemned specific acts of violence, if that isn’t sufficient for you keep pretending that BLM and Antifa are his “shock troops”.

  44. In my part of Brooklyn, BLM thugs chased down a pro police march, confronted them, got in their face, shouted them down, very much sought to provoke confrontation with the pro police people.

    Not an insignificant number of them either

    Did Biden criticize that by name? This was not the only incident of its type.

    In multiple other cases, they ” non violently ” terrorized public officials by night time and day time protests at the family home. Did Biden criticize that.

  45. If you’re not condemning Antifa by name, you’re truly not saying anything.

  46. Biden isn’t qualified for a number of reasons, mental fitness and corruption being the top two.

    LOL. And those reasons don’t apply to Trump?

  47. In your part of Brooklyn the police marchers and the BLM types were both out of hand on that occasion.

  48. Because ANtifa isn’t a bona fide organization.

  49. Antifa is a different type of organization.

    But they are highly organized in their own way, across the country and beyond.

    And everyone here knows it.

    Not close to a debatable point.

  50. Highly organized? Um no, they aren’t. They are a Boogeyman. An extremely disorganized collection of multi-agenda shitheads, pretty much anarchists.

  51. No.

    Saying that they are not organized is a major error, which enables them.

    Barr was 100% right the other night when saying this.

    And the ” peaceful ” protesters that allow these guys to swim among them are just as guilty. They provide cover for some serious criminal activity.

  52. Ok, detail their organization for us.

  53. They just exist out of the air in multiple cities, doing the same things, in the same way, but they never once have communicated with one another, trained one another, or coordinated their activities in any way.

  54. Organizational details please, as per your claim.

  55. what happened to the earlier comments ?

  56. looks likes the new wordpress 5.5 patch is doing something clever, but it’s failed in real-time. Bugged software needs more rigourous testing . A manager needs firing , really i’m serious; becuae he’s taken a punt that all will be fine and it isn’t .
    He should have waited and sided with the developers who know their shit .

    ON topic

    Trunk has great zeal for attacking Harris and USPS,
    but not so much Covid-19 or Russian Bounties
    Bit of a give-away that as to his character

    ooh can edit now , get 5 mins i think 🙂 Nice ..just need the 50 comments pls wordpress

  57. Their organized and sustained activity in multiple locations over time shows that they are organized

    I don’t have their Org Chart and HR manual. Send them a letter and ask them.

  58. You made the claim they are highly organized. But can’t detail it. Wow they are good….

  59. And everyone here knows it.

    Actually everyone here doesn’t know it unlike you who seem to be an expert on the subject.

    Mahons, spot on above.

  60. They aren’t organized

    They are like a school of fish or a flock of birds, they duck and dive, turn and wheel like a single organism and no one knows why or how

  61. They are like a school of fish or a flock of birds, they duck and dive, turn and wheel like a single organism and no one knows why or how

    They were trained by somebody

    Here, we can all support Trump and Barr when they seek to put the hammer down on these criminals

  62. if they were trained their trainer should get the sack

  63. EP

    What do you think should be done to them?

  64. I think some of them should be arrested in precise surgical strikes

    The problem being by his own actions turnip has lost the moral high ground and any ability to act

  65. These guys long precede the honorable gentleman in the White House.

    He’s wrong on everything else, but he’s right on this

  66. the minute someone tries to connect isolated incidents in seattle to the democrat party
    claiming they’re shock troops , has lost total credibility .
    Its a whacko statement

    The Biden/Harris ticket is about something entirely different

    Man some people are always missing the good news , they can’t give up their craziness !

  67. They’re not just in Seattle.

    They try to burn people alive, and you guys start speaking in riddles.

    Maybe they exist, maybe they don’t….

    They should give a speech at the convention?

  68. It’s pretty easy,

    Blacks rioting = BLM

    Whites rioting = *’anteefa’/ anarchists / communists / Black Bloc / Democrats or something

    It’s easy when you connect the dots.

    * Delete/ conjoin as appropriate.

  69. Don’t forget the common criminals

    They’re part of this so called movement too.

  70. ‘Anteefa’

    The Keyser Soze of political movements.

  71. Yes

    The shock troops of the Democrat Party

    Who are not just a few people and who are tacitly supported by those who pretend that they don’t exist or that they’re not organized.

    Giggle all you want.

  72. a true work of art


  73. where’s EP….. you know he’s gonna subscribe to it’s first run….


  74. Good clip, good thought

    The greatest trick that the devil did was convincing people that he didn’t exist

    That’s always been true

  75. Who are not just a few people and who are tacitly supported by those who pretend that they don’t exist or that they’re not organized

    Mahons & EP tacitly support ‘anteefa?’

    I’m sure that’ll be news to them.

  76. Amen

  77. They don’t pretend that they don’t exist

    They’ve never said that

  78. A violent attack in response to a racist insult. An insult that never happened.


  79. They don’t pretend that they don’t exist

    They exist, in as much as a loose uncordinated association based around an abstract political idea can.

    You really should try to limit your dishonest missrepresentation of someone who disagrees with your ‘analysis’.

  80. Pat, I like most Canadians are embarrassed by the hero worship of Trudeau

    You should how ever note most of that worship is done outside Canada by non-Canadians, like Ivanka and Melanya Trump. Who both look at him like they would like to wear his ass as a hat.

  81. Why is it unacceptable for Biden to condemn all the rioting and looting? Why is it important that he specifically condemn violence and looting by alleged BLM/Anteefa members?
    This same tactic was employed against Corbyn, when it wasn’t enough, somehow, to condemn all violence during the Troubles. He was vilified for not specifically condemning IRA violence.
    Yet the same people who insist on these specifics when it comes to condemning the illegal actions of those they oppose, are much more broadminded in matters which concern them less ie when they say, “No no, all lives matter!”

  82. spot on seimi
    people don’t understand its the gov’t who respond , they have the responsibility, its on their watch. Assuming democrats are pro all this shit , because they haven’t said anything is naive. Its not how elections work .you don’t give your opponent anything.
    If Trunk and WH wanted to call a joint press conference with Biden invited because they wanted a cross party voice on some issues that’s different .
    Anyway some are so in the grip of this fear , that if a black man does/says anything anywhere at any time to anyone that could possibly be construed as raising his head above his secon class status , that equals storm troopers for Democrats . Yeah they set the bar really low , but very high for white supremacists and racists.
    Sad to see grown men lose their minds

  83. They were trained by somebody […]

    The shock troops of the Democrat Party

    Like something from the worst excesses of Breitbart.

    Sensationalist hysteria.

  84. //The shock troops of the Democrat Party//

    The Pete-Patrick-Allan nexus of insanity is now being expanded.

  85. “It’s been four days and Team Trump still can’t figure out if it wants to attack Kamala Harris for supposedly being a cop or supposedly being an anarchist, a sign that no one within Donald Trump’s orbit has any idea how to even so much as lay a glove on her. ” Palmer

    what’s interesting is if people stay with their positions on other matters
    Pat will come out for Kamala for a pro-policing reason (she was top cop in california )
    phantom will come out against Kamala accusing her of being the anarchist organiser of antifaa

    Elections do funny things to people’s heads 😉

  86. an Corbyn won the election…..

  87. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/08/kamala-cop-record/596758/

    It is fairly clear that as California AG, Harris kept a wrongfully convicted man in prison for two additional years after he might have been freed ( with the aid of the Innocence Project ) and that she subsequently blocked compensation for that man when he ultimately was freed.

    She also withheld evidence from defense attorneys about problems at a crime lab, for which she was criticized by a judge

    This report does not come from any right wing publication either.

  88. Phantom will come out against Kamala accusing her of being the anarchist organiser of antifaa

    That’s impossible Kurt, everyone knows that AOC is the trainer & organiser of ’anteefa’/ anarchists / communists / Black Bloc and is turning them into Dem foot soldiers while Bernie Sanders is their Commander in Chief.

  89. Whether Corbyn won or not is not the point. There was selective condemnation of his refusal to specifically condemn the violent actions of one group during the Troubles, rather than all of them, as he did.

  90. https://californiainnocenceproject.org/read-their-stories/daniel-larsen/

    From the Innocence Project

    Daniel Larsen spent 13 years in prison, after a wrongful conviction.

    If it wasn’t for Kamala Harris, it would have been “ only “ 11 years.

  91. An Corbyn won the election…..

    A bizarre, completely unrelated comment.

  92. no it was a response….. pay attention

  93. The democrat ticket can’t touch the law and order issue and Harris made her bones nailing animals to the wall so she’s actually a deterrent to the party’s current position.

    Law and Order are what will be the defining issue of this election.

  94. Yes, a bizarre, completely unrelated response.

    Law and Order are what will be the defining issue of this election

    At least that’s what Trump will try to keep it focused on in order to deflect from his numerous faux pas.

  95. Law and Order are what will be the defining issue of this election.

    Not according to Pew Research

    Great Graph here about the difference in priorities between the parties


    Def worth a whole thread ..

  96. Phantom – you’ve had your time (approx 24 hours) to provide some information demonstrating that Antifa is well organized. Do we put your inability to do so down to being poorly organized?

  97. mail sent pat/phantom for pew research thread

    Mahons s’funny you wrote that above as I was thinking last night of saying to phantom
    “you’re not always going to get the softly softly from Mahons – this is your chances to get it together” , lest the proverb kick in ” A bridle for the horse, and a rod for the fools back “

  98. Mahons

    Your seem to have gone the full Paul on this. You may wish to let it go one of these centuries.

    We disagree.

    There is objectively similar/ same criminal activity happening in multiple cities over time, as committed by the same types of people

    You see entirely unrelated coincidences, I see clear evidence of organization and coordination.

    Even if they’re a different type of organization – a point that I’ve always made – as other terrorist groups have different, decentralized cell structures , etc

  99. Your seem to have gone the full Paul on this. You may wish to let it go one of these centuries

    Here’s an idea, how about you just verify your own claims?

    I see clear evidence of organization and coordination

    So, there should be no problem presenting this ‘clear evidence?’

  100. The truth is that the Antifa fringe is not responsible for organizing the anti-police brutality protests. I don’t think there have been a significant number of antifa arrests (if any) among the looters and vandals. While people styling themselves Antifa certainly exist, they are too divers an array of miscreants to be a prolonged or serious threat the the US.

    However they do serve as a cover for the likes of Trump and Barr to label protests the work of Antifa (Trump even falsely accusing an elderly man in Buffalo who was knocked to the ground by police as a member). Antifa serves as a tool to try to attack the legitimacy of peaceful protest.

  101. Frick and frack are tag teaming

    Time for kurt to jump in

  102. It’s annoying when you can’t see Batches of previous comments now and can’t tell what the last comment was in response too.

  103. You see “evidence” of organization and coordination. Do you see who is going to win the third race at Belmont? I want to lodge a bet.

  104. Phantom – I’m sure Allan and others will be along soon enough to support you.

  105. Indeed Colm, are my bon mots lost for all time now?

  106. I see evidence of coordinated horse racing activity there

    If it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck

  107. Antifa – so highly organized that their organization can’t be described.

  108. So much evidence seen all the time that it can’t be presented.

  109. these aren’t the droids you are looking for…….. oh yes they are! Lock their asses up.

  110. Pat, check inbox pls.

  111. By all means, lock up anyone who commits a crime.

  112. it’ll be a little bit Paul

  113. NP. Thanks as always.

  114. lol phantom I’m imagining you correlating black crime websites and fox news biased reports
    concluding ” Yep they’re coming for us ” .. haha please tell me it aint so ?
    and if it ain’t so what is it driving you to madness these days
    you’ve been invited to produce your evidence ? what’s the problem in doing that methodically?

  115. Meow

  116. yey that’s the issue isn’t it , you can’t produce
    lemme tell ya why ?
    Ii rumination and anxiety your mind is running a flight/fight responses, its like a whirlpool,
    its chaos in their buddy !
    in these circumstances its not possible to be rational, because being driven by demonic, chthonic thoughts there is no place to speak/write calmly objectively and wisely

    this is all evidence-based , it not hocus-pocus.

    remedy : relax : baths, exercise, diet, music, mediatate, stretch, jogging, build yourself up , find resilience ; Faith .
    Don’t drink more, or visit crazy sites that will simply amplify the fear .
    Phone a friend !

    you’re welcome