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Where’s Pete?

By Patrick Van Roy On August 15th, 2020

Well my Friday selections never got the responses his did, and where my brother is I just don’t know. So here’s a little tune for ya all, please add anything playing in your background in the comments….

15 Responses to “Where’s Pete?”

  1. Jesus, Nickleback are truly, truly awful shite, Pat.

    Interesting, from the Specials latest album:


  2. People have made comments about the diverse range of music I enjoy listening to.
    However, I have to agree with Paul Nickelback track was crap.

    The specials track was good except for the moaning about racism.

  3. I think the ‘moaning’ was the main point of the track, Dave….

  4. lmao…. like I said even when I try to pick things others might enjoy……

    here’s a real choice.

    I love the blues as most of you know, but when I’m feeling melancholy it’s not the blues I play. Moments of regret and hauntings from my past are soundtracked with the same artist. Springsteen was such a presence when I was in my wild days. I’ve seen him play over a dozen times, served as security half a dozen times, but every heartbreak and moment of sadness in my past seem to have some tune of his playing in the background.


  5. I like Springsteen, he’s a prolific top quality songwriter with some great tunes. I don’t bestow the God like status on him some do but absolutely respect his principles and his commitment to working hard and giving value to his legions of fans.

    This is sublime:


  6. Paul McMahon,
    //I think the ‘moaning’ was the main point of the track, Dave….//

    My sense of humour just goes right over your head Paul. 😋

  7. I’m not a big Springsteen fan but that track was quite nice.

    Here’s a better version of jungle land.


  8. I did wonder what had become of the Friday jukebox…hopefully all is well with Pete.

    Here’s a nice track from the new Waterboys album, with video shot over Inis Mór I believe:


    Subsequent video is not too shabby either ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ8edDThJ3A )

  9. Pete can’t log into ATW at the moment, after the changes

  10. Pete was captured by Antifa who are torturing him until he agrees to put up a N.W.A. or Public Enemy Video on the next Friday Night Jukebox.

  11. Mike, I spent a great night with the Waterboys in the Europa hotel in Belfast in December 1990. Great bunch of fellas.

    This literally is poetry:


  12. NWA or Public Enemy, Mahons you are showing your age

    I quite like Nickleback, but then I usually run against popular opinion


  13. EP- always.

  14. Blaggers ITA:


    Another supposed example of ‘anteefa’

  15. nah lets protest……