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By Patrick Van Roy On August 20th, 2020

31 Responses to “BREAKING”

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with him at this time.

  2. Drain the swamp !

  3. I’m shocked, shocked….

    I forget exactly how Bannon has played out on ATW. He was promoted by Pete Moore, David and The Artist Formerly Known as Troll up until his deranged exit from the White House. What is the rightwing take on him now?

  4. I think that he deserves a pardon.

  5. I think if he’s guilty he needs to go to jail.

  6. Does Bannon know where any of the Trump bodies are buried?

  7. I agree with Patrick.

  8. As some wag posted, MAGA starting to look like it stands for My Advisors Got Arrested

  9. Is there any adviser or close confidante who is not a criminal?

    Curious minds want to know.

  10. This had to come out now so turnip has time to pardon him just before he is dragged kicking and screaming out of the Whitehouse

    Expect a fairly quick guilty plea so the time line can play out

  11. Amazingly the fraud relates to subscriptions to build a wall that Trump said Mexico would pay for:


    Never let an opportunity go to waste, eh?

  12. https://newsthump.com/2020/08/20/donald-trump-wondering-if-he-will-have-to-take-time-away-from-his-busy-golfing-schedule-to-pardon-yet-another-former-advisor/

  13. There’s a Ballybannon and Ardnabannon outside my home town. I wonder does the oul right wing sheister have roots in County Down?

  14. Con men always steal from their own people.

    There is a greater trust.

  15. He was promoted by Pete Moore ..

    Yes, I like the cut of his jib, though I can see how his casual, working class disregard for establishment niceties grates the effete East Coast liberal.

    If he’s guilty then he needs to do his time. No-one will argue against that. And he might be guilty of the accusations.

    What we have here is America’s sharpest political strategist and best campaigner arrested three months before the presidential election. The charges were brought in legal oblast of SDNY, which is somewhat notorious.

    The Attorney General has ignored Chelsea Clinton paying for her wedding with Clinton Foundation funds, but she’s suddenly hot on that kind of thing, apparently.

    The AG is a long time Democratic Party donor. She donated to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2007 and Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. She contributed in 2006 to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

    And the Bannon indictment just happens to specifically thank the USPS for its help and assistance. Dog whistles are going off everywhere.

    So yes, Bannon might be guilty, but so far this doesn’t smell completely legit.

  16. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/clinton-foundation-paid-for-chelseas-wedding/


    Fake news about Chelsea Clinton, unless you some evidence you care to share with us

  17. If you are referring to the AG of New York State I have to inform you she isn’t part of the US Attorney General’s Office for the Southern District which is Federal.

    All you could come up with as a diversion was a fake story about Clinton’s kid. You guys are running out of fibs.

  18. Doug Band emailed John Podesta about it.



  19. Superb.

    Bannnon might be guilty of fraud but it’s really an activist lawyer’s plot to deny Trump electoral strategy.

  20. There is a torrent of fake news from all sides

    Assume all that you hear from right or left wing political sites is a lie until proven otherwise

    Charities are regulated, and the Clinton Foundation receives high marks from watchdog groups. How the hell would an expensive wedding of a public figure not be noticed by regulators or others

  21. An alleged email on an anti Clinton murky website is not proof of anything

  22. The Clinton Foundation gets an overall almost 90% approval rating and 100% for accountability & transparency:


  23. Yes, that is a good watchdog

    And yes there has been a vast torrent of Hannity / Limbaugh / RNC lies and half truths about that foundation.


    Almost everything that Limbaugh has ever said has been a lie


  24. More trouble in the world of Trump media allies. Oh my.


    An Infowars correspondent who was arrested for the alleged robbery of her own mother has more than $170,000 waiting for her from supporters who believe her arrest to be a conspiracy.

    Millie Weaver, 29, was arrested Friday at her Ohio home on multiple charges related to the alleged robbery and abuse of her mother, Felecia McCarron. According to an indictment filed by the Portage County Sheriff’s Office and obtained by Right Wing Watch, Weaver was charged with three felony charges of robbery, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of justice. She was also arrested for a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence.

  25. Jeez, Snopes, Newsweek and the Huffington Post? You’re in no hurry to look outside the cozy bubble.

  26. Burden of proof is on you bro.

    Putin-ally, anti Clinton Wikileaks posting what may or may not be a real email means nothing.


  27. The guy who posts falsehoods thinks other people are in a bubble.

  28. he does know where the bodies are buried paul, and the Trunks are up to their neck in it as we’d expect:

    Now it turns out the Trump family is indeed tied to this particular criminal scheme. For instance, Donald Trump Jr did an in-person fundraiser and a testimonial for the Bannon border wall scam, which means at the least the SDNY is surely investigating to see if Junior knew he was promoting a criminal scheme. Now it turns out Trump lackey Kris Kobach has previously claimed that he personally got Donald Trump’s approval to use the Trump name to promote the wall scam.

    It gets even worse.

    It turns out the border wall scam investigation is being conducted by the SDNY’s Public Corruption Unit. By definition this means that the SDNY is looking at one or more public officials as a subject or target of the investigation. Given the circumstances, that almost has to be Donald Trump himself. In other words, the SDNY appears to be preparing to criminally indict Donald Trump as soon as he’s out of office, and it doesn’t look like Bill Barr has been able to do anything about it

    Hat-tip to Harri’s fav site palmer report


  29. Drain the swamp!

    “Trump will hardly be the first president whose cronies got into hot water with law enforcement. Jimmy Carter had Bert Lance and Bill Clinton, the McDougals, among others. But the sheer scope and sweep of malversation surrounding Trump is breathtaking. He seems intent on setting a Guinness Book of World Records for employing confidence men. The man who pledged to drain the swamp has singlehandedly pumped more fetid water into it than almost anyone could have conceived. It seems that the only way you can avoid becoming soiled in the Trump administration is by wearing a pair of high water pants into the White House. Trump and his associates seem to regard the presidency as a prolonged exercise in personal fundraising rather than public service.”


  30. //Con men always steal from their own people.//

    Let’s face it, this gave us the biggest laugh this week.

    He conned the dumb, pro-Trump right-winger. He knew his target.

  31. In the MAGA movement, you’re either a predator or a mark

    Shaggy, pretentious and endlessly cynical, Bannon presented himself as a man with a limbic connection to Trump’s base. But few people had more disdain for the members of the right-wing grass roots — whom Bannon sometimes referred to as “hobbits.”

    ( Michelle Goldberg, NYT )