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What’s in a Name?

By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006

After years of deliberating what would be the name for the European Single Currency, the best the ‘brains’ of Brussels could think of was ‘Euro’.  Nevertheless, when you compare and contrast their final titularity with the nonsensical and bland names for the proposed seven councils in Northern Ireland, Euro is a stroke of imaginative genuis.  What have the intelligentsia of the powers-that-be come up with for the new areas?  Statements of the geographical bleeding obvious!

West?  Inner East?  North?  Hardly inspire the soul, do they?  My proposed names for the seven councils are as follows.  Maybe you can add a few of your own suggestions.

Proposed name                                 My suggestion

Belfast                                              Royal Borough of Belfast (a monarchic imprimatur would be ideal)

Inner East                                         Two Loughs District Council

East                                                  East Down District Council

South                                                Bannside & Mournes District Council

West                                                 South Sperrin & Lakeland District Council

North East                                          Causeway & Glens District Council

North West                                         Glenshane Distict Council

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