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By Pete Moore On September 8th, 2020

Caerphilly in Wales has been plunged back into lockdown. Not that there’s much to do there anyway. From this evening no-one is allowed to leave the county “without good reason”. But is there a “spike” in cases? No. There’s a spike in testing. Look at it! They must have gone door-to-door, kicked them all in and shoved a cotton bud up everyone’s nose. The result is a blip with plenty of false positives hidden within it.

The ONS reveals today that excess deaths are currently up on the five year average while Covid deaths are down yet again. Deaths at home are up while hospital deaths are down.

Covid is not responsible for rise in deaths. People are staying home and not getting the care they urgently need for other conditions. In part it’s because the politicians and media are constantly telling people to be scared of a pandemic which is done and gone.

23 Responses to “SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND”

  1. think I’ll take the word of a consultant over panoptic pete

    “Dr Rhianwen Stiff, consultant at Public Health Wales, said there had been a “significant rise” in positive coronavirus cases in Caerphilly county.

    “Our investigations indicate that a lack of social distancing by a small group of people of all age groups in a range of different locations has resulted in the spread of the virus to other parts of the population,” she said.

    It appeared people had taken advantage of the easing of the lockdown and “seem to have forgotten the importance of social distancing” resulting in possible transmission in the wider community.

    Its really clear and ever so simple to grasp when you put your mind it , and stop listening to voice inside your own head , leading you off in the wrong direction

  2. There’s certainly been a spike in armchair epidemiologists shovelling up the BS.

  3. It’s a hoax

  4. petem is clueless about how to interpret data, not being mean , just a fact

    interesting data on the election in USA

    bottom of the page , grid chart , last two columns


    so as of August 6th 2020 the polling suggested Dems 319, and the same again on Sept poll Dems 319, but the interesting thing is the toss-ups have dropped from 94 to 15
    Trump is on a predicted 204
    if you scan down the changes between the last 2 columns you see virtually an abundance of states going from likely GOP to leans GOP, which means Trump’s support is hemorrhaging
    like a loose cloth that frays at the edge, its lost the binding
    Dems on the other hand have solid showing, good showing so good binding

    that’s how to interpret the data in front of your eyes
    bye the way you study this in week 1 of first year uni in UK
    How to interpret data, and you simply would not pass exam without demonstrating how to interpret correctly ..

  5. BS, Frank?

    Data, kurt? I spent October and November 2016 saying that Donald Trump would win the presidency. Some of us don’t need made up numbers. We just know stuff.

  6. Kurt

    You do realise polls are meandering snapshots and it is foolish to imagine they will be replicated exactly in the election. I’m going to stick my neck out and say I think Trump will win and the result will be little different to 2016.

  7. Frank O’Dwyer,

    There’s certainly been a spike in armchair epidemiologists shovelling up the BS.


  8. That’s a shame, Colm.

    All those exclamation marks and the graph lines haven’t moved.

  9. Pete doesn’t need those big numbers and long words, he just knows da stuff!

    Pete, your impression of a toddler is great.

  10. I spent October and November 2016 saying that Donald Trump would win the presidency. Some of us don’t need made up numbers. We just know stuff.

    Remember how you told us Remain were going to win the referendum?

  11. Yes BS. Unsourced graphs wrongly interpreted by some rando.

    Now there appears to be a spike in England. Gatherings of 6 or more expected to be banned from Monday.

  12. Coronavirus: Social gatherings above six banned in England from 14 September

    Would you like to give us a prediction for USA election then petem .
    Electoral College votes for Trunk . . .?

    Bye the way I’m reading data and interpreting wisely .
    So in this moment in time it reflects reality . I’m not claiming that can’t change . Just dealing with here and now like the second spike . You’d be wise to follow suit

  13. Colm you’re making the same error as petem . This hunch business
    The current data we have does not support your POV
    It’s hytseria and you might as well look at tea leaves for guidance after your morning cuppa 🤣

  14. Or maybe Colm you been playing with your ham and cheese and made this

  15. I don’t pretend my view is scientific. I just think Trump supporters will be more likely to get out and vote.

  16. Dunno your attention span Colm old bean but theres a good talk on YouTube I posted yesterday two conservatives talking bill kristol and mike Murphy .
    What they say is that the idea that more people will come out for trump than did in 2016 is not happening .
    So with that in mind we can be pretty sure the polls are accurate because they have already factored in those who came out in 2016 contrary to expectations in certain states like Ohio.
    For your prediction to be true trump would have to find a whole bunch of new voters .
    They’re not there , he has been brilliant in alienating everyone .

    I’d have a look at the clouds on Election Day see if you can see a face of trump in them
    Be just as convincing 🤣

  17. Trump will rule for a thousand years 😉

  18. 1000 days plus more like and 300 playing golf badly
    Even though the system in USA with ec has always been skewed to favour gop
    Trump still has to win virtually all the swing states
    Biden only needs one biggie like PA and simply perform as expected in all the others .
    Dens don’t need Florida or Texas even Ohio the bellwether . Prolly need Virginia VA
    It could be close like yr 2000 but this time I think Biden will get it as bush did then
    But boy it will take till Xmas to be declared and go through all the courts , the trump rage machine
    Then there could be a lot of violence , serious not annoying diners outside but mass casualties

  19. kurt – what does this mean?


    Anyway, on the Covid-hoax, who exactly is dying? Apparently huge numbers of cases – and no deaths. It’s a very mild pathogen.

  20. Interesting interview on Spanish TV – a doctor was allowed to say what he sees


    Ivor Cummins
    97.4K subscribers
    I don’t know what to say about this mainstream Spanish news item, I’m kinda speechless. This front-line, clearly expert Spanish doctor reveals the reality around the truly massive media madness going on at the moment. He explains the actual reality, and the interviewer is thrown into confusion…!

  21. Allan

    (Jesus, I always end up regretting this)

    Do you, or did you know anyone, who has/had Coronavirus?

  22. Allan he means more lives lost than a certain number of wars added up collectively in the past 100 years .
    It wasn’t elegant he’s speaking off the cuff .
    He doesn’t tell Lies though you’ll be pleased to hear
    Trump has been estimated to have made 20000 False or misleading statements
    Can you imagine . ?

  23. Frank –

    The source is the Welsh NHS. Link is in the next tweet.