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By Pete Moore On September 9th, 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said “we must act” to avoid another lockdown as virus cases rise in England.

He set out a new “rule of six”, restricting gatherings to a maximum of six people, enforced with fines or arrests.

Mr Johnson also outlined a “moonshot” plan to control the virus with mass testing.

It comes as the UK reported another 2,659 coronavirus cases, the fourth day running of over 2,000 reported cases.

Just as the economy groans slowly into life the government kneecaps it again. The best way to avoid a lockdown is not not call a stupid, costly lockdown. Five months ago we had hundreds of thousands of infections, thousands hospitalised and some kind of death toll (though not the absurdly high reported numbers). Now hardly anyone is dying from the virus and hospitals are empty. These new cases (a decent percentage of which will be false positives because PCR testing is highly unreliable) are being discovered because of the vast number of tests being done. So many people are being tested that the government is asking people without symptoms not to get a test.

According to the ONS  the number of deaths in England and Wales leading up to 28 August (week 35) was 9.6% above the five-year average, but the rise is “not driven” by Covid-19. Deaths mentioning Covid-19 fell by 26.8% from week 34. So who’s dying? Non-Covid patients that the NHS is not treating.

The usual suspects claim that Boris is a chronic liar, mendacious and not to be trusted. But when he screws over UK PLC again they cheer. We see you. There is no second wave, there will be no second wave, and masks are still pointless.

You lot follow the rules and obey the new Covid Marshals (give me strength.) Normal people are getting back to normal, the old normal.


  1. According to the ONS survey data, testing is only picking up 20% of actual infections. The virus may be less deadly than it was, but it is definitely spreading again.

    “The Office for National Statistics Infection survey data has already told us this is the case. An estimated 27,000 people – and as many as 37,000 – in England had Covid-19 during the week from the 19 to 25 August 2020. Yet, government testing only picked up 6,900 over this same period, less than one-fifth of the upper number of infections predicted by the survey data.”


  2. The usual suspects claim that Boris is a chronic liar, mendacious and not to be trusted.

    Do “the usual suspects” include the DUP? Because that is their view 100% and with good reason.

  3. Things continue to slowly re-open in NYC.

    Gyms reopened at reduced capacity on Sept 2. But no classes, no showers, reduced capacity for machines and weights only.

    Indoor dining at restaurants starts again at the end of the month. Max 25% capacity, temperature must be taken on entry, contact tracing info must be given.

    Re-opening the restaurants more will be a major morale boost for the neighborhoods, and of course for those who work in the restaurants. Big ray of hope.

  4. Things aren’t so good in our wee Ulster. We are now worst in virus class in the home nations, a bit like the football team (Northern Ireland lost 5-1 to Norway in Belfast this week):

    “Mr Swann told a Stormont press briefing the number of Covid-19 cases in Northern Ireland have been “rising sharply” and “more people of an older age are beginning to test positive”. Northern Ireland’s current case rate is 35 per 100,000 people – a figure far above the level at which the UK has imposed quarantine restrictions on other countries, which was a rate in excess of 20 cases per 100,000 people. “To be blunt, if a foreign country had our figures we would be imposing quarantine on anyone returning from us,” Mr Swann said.

    Chief scientific officer Prof Ian Young said there was no area of Northern Ireland where the virus had not hit in recent weeks. The seven-day rolling average number of cases has increased from about four per day at the start of July to more than 90 by the start of this week – a twentyfold increase.

    Prof Young said some people attributed this rise to the fact that more tests are being carried out now than compared to early July, but he disagreed. “The average amount of testing has increased about fivefold, during a period when the number of cases has increased by over twentyfold – increased testing is not the explanation,” he said. At the start of July, less than 0.5% of tests were returning a positive result on a seven-day rolling average basis. That has now risen to just under 2% of tests, or 1 in 50. Prof Young said that, at times, the number had been more than 3%. That clearly indicates, he said, an increase in the epidemic and an increase in community transmission.

    Prof Young added that Northern Ireland was experiencing a “substantially greater” number of cases than anywhere else in the UK and Ireland, when looking at infections per 100,000 people. “Our position is worse than England, Scotland, Wales or the Republic of Ireland at present,” he said.

    On Wednesday, Northern Ireland’s Department of Health said 49 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the past 24 hours. No new deaths were reported so its toll remains at 567 deaths. In the Republic of Ireland, three coronavirus-related deaths were reported on Wednesday and 84 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed. The Republic’s death toll is now 1,781.”


  5. I remember when Pete Moore commented here about the elaborate hygiene precautions he engaged in every day to avoid Coronavirus. Those were the days 😉

  6. I was against masks, but the Science real science showed that the virus enters the body through a specific set of receptors in your nose.

    It can also enter through those receptors if you have the germ on your hands and touch your face.

    So if you are concerned of catching it and you want to lessen your chance of catching it wear your mask and wash your hands.

    Understand though, odds are you’re still going to be exposed. This virus did not go dormant in the summer as most do, that means it’s going to burn through the world population no matter what.

    The odds are 97-1 that you will die, but you have a 60% chance of catching it.

  7. Patrick

    The latest research suggests that there’s a decent chance that masks reduce the viral dose to a level that will let you get immunity without being hospitalised. That would be good news.

    What a shame that your guy is still holding rallies which are 100% without masks and refuses to wear one himself, just because he’s in a state with a Democrat governor. And he still mocks Biden for wearing a mask. He’s still causing unneccessary deaths with this bullshit culture war posturing. But I guess you’re cool with it.


  8. It has become a matter of Principal with to many people Peter.

    I was against them, but after the real science came in I listened.

    and I’m not bashing this survey or that medical opinion blah blah blah. None of it was based on science.

    When the men and woman who ran the virus under the programs that analyze how a bioweapon progresses through a human host, mapping it. I listen.

  9. Trump has made the pandemic and masks part of his culture war. If you wear a mask you are a shit-scared cuk Dem, and if you don’t you are a Republican Patriot American. Don’t take my word for it, just watch Tucker or any of the gang on Fox.

    And as a party member you will be well aware how much of the GOP base buys that shit, even as the death toll still mounts and Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic becomes more and more obvious.

    My hunch is he’ll get another term. I really hope I’m wrong but I have taken out insurance.