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How to make Democrats Heads Explode

By Patrick Van Roy On September 9th, 2020

Make Cruz Ginsberg’s replacement…. LMAO 

14 Responses to “How to make Democrats Heads Explode”

  1. How to make a republicans head explode

    Have tape from February of turnip admitting he knew thousands would die but he wouldn’t admit it in public


  2. nah… it’s just more of the same EP.

    It was extremely stupid to give Woodward an interview. No matter the context everything will be spun against him.

    The tape playing today is clearly about not causing a panic, but that’s not how it’s being spun, and I’m sure there will be more.

    It ain’t gonna change a single vote.

  3. My god Pat you are completely divorced from reality

    It makes me understand turnipistas and how they could support the least american candidate to ever run

  4. oh ok…… whatever you say….

    Stay in Canada with Trudeau…… lol

  5. Cruz is widely hated by his fellow Senators

    He might not be confirmed

  6. I didn’t realise you could appoint a non judicial person to be a Supreme Court judge.

  7. I don’t believe that there are any formal requirements to be a supreme court judge, Other than having to be appointed by the president, and confirmed by the Senate.

    Technically, you don’t have to be an attorney. ( Though all Supreme Court judges I am told have been trained in the law )

  8. So in theory for example he could appoint Ivanka Trump to the Supreme Court if the Senate ratified it ?

  9. Anthony Scaramucci for the Supreme Court!

    It is not better here. Our government make appointments based on loyalty, not ability. You will will see people appointed to things like the European Court of Auditors who are wholly unqualified but they stood by the leader during some ‘crisis’ or whatever.

  10. Very few countries have a restriction requiring a judge to be a lawyer

    But most countries do have the tradition

  11. Historically a lawyer was not a learned profession, but effectively a trade. Lawyers didn’t become lawyers by going to school but by doing an apprenticeship with a lawyer. So it wasn’t until Justice Levi Woodbury, who in 1846 became the 30th justice of the United States Supreme Court, that a Supreme Court justice had actually attended law school. As law schools became the norm so did the norm of appointing formally qualified justices. Then Justice, and future Governor, James Byrnes was the last Supreme Court judge to have not gone to law school, when he was appointed in 1941.

    However every single person, whether through law school or the historical “reading law” model, every single justice of the Supreme Court has been an attorney.

    It is worth pointing out that a huge number of American politicians are attorneys. In the current Congress 145 Congressmen and 47 Senators are attorneys. Four of the last nine Presidents have been attorneys. Ted Cruz is an attorney. Tom Cotton is an attorney. Josh Hawley is an attorney. So if being a lawyer is the only de facto requirement then all three would meet that requirement.

    In more modern times it has largely been expected that judges will have judicial experience (and will have served as a judge somewhere). William Rehnquist, in 1972, was the last judge to be appointed without judicial experience. In 2005 George W. Bush nominated White House Counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court but the nomination was withdrawn when it became clear that the Senate would reject it.

    But previous to that it was quite common. Of the 114 Supreme Court justices in the history of the court, 40 of them had no prior judicial experience.

    Theoretically there is no qualifications required for a Supreme Court judge. If the President and 51 Senators say a person is qualified then they are qualified by the only metric mentioned in the Constitution. Certain conventions exist but then Trump has shown that he doesn’t feel bound by them, and Senate Republicans have shown a remarkable willingness to go along with him.

  12. I accept the Nomination…… thank you

  13. Thank you Seamus

  14. Colm could be selected for the court.

    The only tough parts are the nomination and confirmation.