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By Pete Moore On September 10th, 2020

Actual criminal damage, again. This is the work of an Extinction Rebellion economic terrorist. Yeah, defacing Sir Winston Churchill’s statue will cool the Sun, or something.

Terrorist tip: if you want to deface a statue of someone who hated blacks then Gandhi’s statue is just over the road.


  1. Obviously more draconian laws are needed and our right-wing Home Secretary is just the gal to do it. Except that we don’t need new laws, just the political will to enforce the laws that we have now. Sir Robert Peel must be turning in his grave at the headline grabbing antics of his “populist” successor:

    “In a culture where headline-grabbing gestures count for more than genuine accomplishments, the knee-jerk response to almost every major new criminal incident is to demand a change in the law. Priti Patel, the inheritor of Sir Robert’s mantle as home secretary, is the prime exemplar. She cannot witness a crisis without reaching for the statute book. When the shrill protestors of Extinction Rebellion caused mayhem in London and at two newspaper printworks last week, she announced that she would look ‘at every opportunity available, including primary legislation’ to deal with environmental extremism. Her office revealed that among the options were amendments to the Public Order Act and a designation of XR as an ‘organised crime’ gang.

    This is typical of her style. Following police constable Andrew Harper’s brutal murder in Berkshire last August, Patel has indicated her support for the campaign by his widow Lissie to introduce mandatory life sentences for killers of police officers and other emergency workers. As well as ‘Harper’s Law’, the Home Secretary backs ‘Martyn’s Law’. Named in memory of Martyn Hett, one of the Manchester bombing victims, this would mandate big public venues to introduce airport-style security checks. After the first Black Lives Matter protest in London, where an attempt was made to start a fire at the Cenotaph, she joined calls for a new law which would introduce ten-year jail terms for vandals of war memorials. Predictably, her solution to the mounting incidence of Channel crossings by illegal migrants is a ‘fair borders Bill’ to revamp the asylum process, while this week she also declared her backing for a statutory police covenant to provide more protection for officers…

    Patel talks of the need for new immigration laws but the Home Office does not bother to use its current powers, with her department admitting that the number of deportations of illegal migrants is ‘at its lowest since records began’ in 2004. Despite tough legislation imposing supposedly mandatory sentences for habitual burglars and knife possessors, a large proportion of such repeat offenders still evade jail. In fact a study by the think tank Civitas found that half of all criminals with between 11 and 14 convictions avoided prison, while just a third found guilty of violence ended up behind bars…”