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By Patrick Van Roy On September 12th, 2020

8 years ago 4 Americans died in Benghazi because Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama decided in spite of it being requested that they needed NO additional Security. This resulted in our Ambassadors body being dragged through the streets.

The whole situation was mess. After the fall of Libya caused by Hillary Clinton to aid the British Libya had a stockpile of SAMs. These weapons needed to be secured. In the process of securing these arms an arrangement was made by John “the traitorous scumbag” McCain to use the operation to funnel arms illegally to the Syrian Rebels. Ambassador Stevens was a CIA bagman & deal broker.

The day after the annex was overrun Obama who no one knows still where he was that night came out blamed it on some poor bastard that made a youtube video and then got on a plane to raise money for his reelection.


Four Americans died in the 2012 Benghazi attack: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs.

“What difference does it make”


22 Responses to “Benghazi”

  1. So Obama. Clinton and Biden still have a 189,996 dead americans to catch up with the trumpdemic

  2. Mistakes were made, but the RNC baloney factory made up and exaggerated things in order to try to hurt Obama and Clinton

    Fake controversy


  3. Vox? A Democratic propaganda outlet? Are you kidding?

  4. Nice bit of shooting the messenger, Pete.

  5. What I’ve written above are the facts.

  6. and EP this isn’t about body count this is about an illegal arms deal that blew up in Obama’s face and still no one has ever paid for it, it’s just swept under the rug like all the other Obama & Clinton illegalities…..

  7. an illegal arms deal that blew up in Obama’s face and still no one has ever paid for it

    You mean they couldn’t find a fall guy like Oliver North? Or Scooter Libby?

  8. They like covert arms deals when their guys do it.

    This issue is entirely fake

  9. This issue is entirely fake

    It’s entirely as PVR describes. No serious person disputes that. The media went to total radio silence because they know that nothing good for the Dems would come out of it.

  10. This issue is entirely fake

    Indeed. Patrick and Pete are flogging a dead horse. It shows how desperate the Trumpists are. Next up they will be claiming that it was Trump who ordered the killing of Bin Laden in 2011. Or that it was faked.

  11. Sent you mail, PaTroll

  12. posted

  13. A ginned up controversy of politics at its worst. Clinton was the second worst candidate for the Presidency in 2016. The worst candidate won.

  14. Good to see you back around these parts Mahons and that your incarceration for violent ‘anteefa’ activity was an ugly rumor.

    Hope all’s well.

  15. it’s alive………

  16. My first day back in the States in a month and Mahons pops up. Coincidence? I think not!
    Welcome back.

  17. Glad to get home Charles?

  18. Glad to be home but with a heavy heart, Paul. My wife cried when we took off from Dublin.

  19. Ach, 🙁

    I look forward to the blog you promised.

  20. Charles

    Welcome home

    How crowded was the Dublin- DFW flight?

    I remain a little surprised that they continue with that nonstop flight in these unusual times, with so little business or tourist travel

  21. Air travel seems to have gone the way of ATW commentary.

  22. for charles