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September 14 1959

By Patrick Van Roy On September 14th, 2020

Two days after launching, the Soviet Union’s space probe ‘Luna 2‘ crash-lands on the moon’s surface near Mare Imbrium in the Palus Putredinis region. The spherical spacecraft becomes the first man-made object to reach another celestial body, and the first of many future moon visitors.

8 Responses to “September 14 1959”

  1. Every time I read about space travel I always think about the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster joke. In pretty bad taste, but still pretty witty.

  2. Let’s hope we go back soon.

    You’ve got to tell us the joke now Paul.

  3. We will be on the moon by 2024 if Trump is reelected, it will be canceled if Biden Wins.

    I apologize for this joke, and blame Paul;;;;;;;;

    “You know Kristy Mcauliffe, she was a World Cultures Teacher, well she’s History now”

  4. I found RT on Roku. They have both the US and UK versions, as well as an Arabic version. Very well funded, snazzy first rate graphics, for a channel that doesn’t have advertising!

    I saw that the famous scoundrel George Galloway has his own show there named Sputnik!

    The show I watched had one guest who basically said that China wasn’t in the wrong on anything, the other guest being the owner of one of Galloway’s fave Asian restaurants in I think Manchester.

    Highly marvelous. Give it a watch.


  5. //You’ve got to tell us the joke now Paul//

    Q. Why do Americans love Coca Cola so much?

    A. Because they can’t get seven up.

  6. Pepsi Cola came to town, coca cola shot him down, Dr Pepper fixed him up, then they all drank 7 up…….

  7. 7Up, like Royal Crown Cola, was once a major brand in the US. Its sales has fallen to nearly nothing over the past 45 years .

    Many stores don’t even carry it. I bet that noone here has had one in quite a while


  8. come to think of it…. no it’s been a long time