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Not my usual recommendation

By Patrick Van Roy On September 15th, 2020

This is a Family Drama set with the first mission to Mars as the backdrop. I highly recommend it, great series to watch with the wife and kids.

4 Responses to “Not my usual recommendation”

  1. When you say kids, how young do you mean? My youngest is 12.

  2. 12 would be good, there is no sexuality, or violence. Very good portrayals of a family dealing with stress of mom away, dad, and a 15yr old daughter.

    Depending on the child it might be boring, there is enough action that the balance of family drama and space program drama is well done.

    The writing is excellent, great cast of nobody’s that are all played well. An American woman the main character, a crusty russian old timer, a repressed oriental woman, a african refugee, and an indian (from india)

    Watch the first episode with the wife FO, you’ll get feel if your 12yr old will like it, but nothing objectionable that I could see. If my girls were 12 I’d let them watch it.

  3. hope you saw this FO

  4. yes thanks