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By David Vance On September 16th, 2020

I see that Boris Johnson has decided that the EU “may not be negotiating in good faith”.

In other news, bears defecate in the woods.

I was going to add, and the Pope is Catholic but I think we can safely rule that one out!

11 Responses to “BAD FAITH…”

  1. Boris Johnson declaring the EU may not be acting in good faith is about as believable as Colin Kaepernick being asked to impartially review American police behaviour !

  2. Yes, Johnson knows all about bad faith. Just ask DUP leader Arlene Foster and former “Boris” cheerleader Sammy Wilson. They so wanted to see him replace Teresa May and look where it got them.

    But also yes to the EU being deceitful when it suits them, which is frequently.

  3. Colm –

    The UK’s lead negotiator, David Frost, is a career diplomat and civil servant. He also made the same charge against the EU.

  4. I wonder was it ‘oven ready’ bad faith?.

    Wilful untruth to give cover to 180ing on a previous agreement.

  5. Pete

    If he didn’t say that, he wouldn’t be the UKs chief negotiator for much longer. He know which side his Brussells bashing Boris backing Brexit baiting Bread is buttered !

  6. Colm

    Let’s not forget Johnson’s January crusade to “Bung a bob for a British Brexit bong of Big Ben!”.

    It’s less than eight months ago, but somehow it seems like a lot longer.

  7. This is Boris’ oven ready deal that he negotiated last year.

    And yet he didnt appear to know that it says the UCC applies in full to NI and that EU regulatory requirements necessary to protect the single market apply to NI.

    Again: is he lazy, stupid or a liar?

  8. Again: is he lazy, stupid or a liar?

    Obviously yes to charges one and three, but definitely not two. He is a very cunning operator.

  9. Peter,

    I tend to agree.

  10. I was going to add, and the Pope is Catholic but I think we can safely rule that one out!

    David, perhaps a little harsh! I personally would term him an Argentinean Catholic; which perhaps would explain his view of the world, probably along the same lines as the Junta viewed the Falklands.

  11. Spectacular, absolutely spectacular:


    The US/UK trade deal is going to be so great.

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