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Cozying up to the Russians

By Patrick Van Roy On September 17th, 2020

KYIV – Ukraine and the United States launched joint military exercises on Thursday, two days after Russia began joint military drills with forces in neighbouring Belarus.

The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv said the U.S. Army-led Rapid Trident exercises, taking place near Yavoriv in western Ukraine, would involve about 4,000 servicemen from 10 countries.

It said the exercises show the strength of the U.S.-Ukraine strategic partnership and “commitment to enhance readiness in a challenging operational environment, which increases the strong relationships that are necessary for peace and stability.”

6 Responses to “Cozying up to the Russians”

  1. But Trump has still said nothing about the Navalny poisoning. That shows that he’s still Putin’s bitch.

  2. What has your countries Leaders done?

  3. Fair question Patrick.

    The Germans have made loud noises but the only action that would count would be to cancel the gas pipeline from Russia which is 90% completed and will land in Merkel’s own constituency in North East Germany. The EU is divided as always. The Poles and Balts would like a strong response but the Hungarians and a few others are also Putin’s bitches and the French are the French.

    Johnson has said **** all as far as I know, but he is bumbling around Downing Street and his days as PM are clearly numbered. The Tories will wait until Brexit is done and then do the needful.

  4. I was very pleased to see Navalny has awoke from his Coma, and is going to live.

  5. Yes Patrick, Putin’s goons have failed again. Navalny’s people have identified the source as a water bottle in the hotel before he left for the airport.

    Someone in the KGB is going to disappear soon.

  6. 🙂