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By Pete Moore On September 19th, 2020

You’re getting decent food, at last.

The first shipments of British beef is being prepared for the US for the first time in more than 20 years, representing a ‘historic moment’ for UK farmers [,,,]

It comes after market access for UK beef was granted in March of this year, following the US’s longstanding ban on EU beef – introduced in the wake of the BSE outbreak in 1996.

This isn’t just beef. This is British beef, the finest beef you can chomp on. None of your hormone-filled Frankenstein food that you’re used to either (I read that in The Guardian). I’ve had your Jap Wagyu beef and your Argie Longhorn and all the rest, but British beef is the best. The others are good, but it’s not British beef.

And don’t go pouring your plastic cheese on it either.

3 Responses to “GREAT NEWS, AMERICANS”

  1. The lifting of the eu-wide ban means the Americans can get some of that tasty French beef as well.

  2. Finest EU beef may contain traces of Jockey Meat. Neigh….

  3. When UK beef is actually EU beef:


    Johnson thinks so too.