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By Pete Moore On September 19th, 2020

Good? Not good? It could be worse. Be thankful your name isn’t Primoz Roglic, who has just blown winning the Tour de France, for the first time, on the penultimate day. He had a 57-second margin over his compatriot, fellow Slovenian Tadej Pogacar, going into today’s time trial. Roglic is the better time triallist and was the red hot favourite to ride into Paris in the morning as the winner. He bonked and fell 59-seconds behind. That’s a man who won’t be sleeping well tonight.

Neither will Romain Poite, the referee in the Clermont vs Racing 92 match I’ve just watched. Because rugby referees are mic’d up we’ve just been treated to Poite coughing his guts up for 80 minutes. He needs a Wuhan Flu check pronto. Racing won but he might have infected the entire team. Saracens, who were perfect at times in beating Leinster earlier, will be hoping so.

6 Responses to “HOW’S YOUR WEEKEND?”

  1. Looks like Sam Bennett has won the green jersey for Ireland.

  2. Bonked means what?

  3. In cycling terms bonked means his body let him down. There was nothing left in the tank. He was red hot favourite to achieve the greatest win of his life, blew it and came across the line with his helmet on wonky.

    This is Roglic rolling over the line and sitting defeated after 13 days in the yellow jersey. These men give it everything. They’re skinny things but it’s a hard man’s sport.


  4. I made the best meatballs I’ve made so far yesterday. I really scienced the crap out of them using the advice from this great French chef:


    Today I’m going to get a rare chance to play one of my favourite computer games, Bioshock infinite. I think I’ll also open a nice bottle of red.

    So this has been a pretty good weekend so far.

  5. Snap Dave.

    I made the greatest Bork Bork yesterday using the advice of this great chef:


  6. LOL. That’s a blast from the past Paul. I remember watching that when I was a kid, that brought back some memories.