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By Pete Moore On September 21st, 2020

Yet more restrictions across Northern Ireland and Wales. More restrictions to come across the UK. All for a virus which has been killing fewer people than the flu has done all summer. I’ll tell you what we’ve found out though; everyone’s wearing a chin nappy so they clearly don’t work if the eggheads think we’re in for a second wave. That is observed and confirmed real world science, not a dodgy model.

But there’s no one science, of course. There’s lots of debate, disagreement and doubt around these catastrophic lockdowns. This is evidenced by this letter, sent to the Prime Minister today, from other eggheads and which makes a lot of sense.

9 Responses to “SO MASKS DON’T WORK THEN”

  1. You Brits and Irish aren’t wearing masks all the time.

    I hear this from you, I hear it from people who I know personally who tell me what they see over there.

    Why not copy the Taiwanese and the other nations who have succeeded to this point for a few months and see what happens?

    Or is better to moan and groan and google selectively all the time

  2. Phantom – you have this fetish with masks, and locking people down. Very worrying.

    These people whom you know personally over here – do they tell you that people are dying all around from this deadly killer disease? No – they don’t, because people aren’t dying from this hoax-virus, though many are now dying of lockdown.

  3. Who told you that I want people locked down?

    I want the opposite. I leave my house, I have been traveling, etc.

    If you wanted no lockdowns, you wouldn’t fight masks as you do.

    Have you ever heard of Taiwan, Korea, Singapore? See how they’re doing with this one.

  4. I read the letter and its attached recommendations and agree with it 100%. But it doesn’t mention masks, not even once.

  5. Great headline!

  6. Here are five questions that should have been asked of the two scientists today, except they weren’t taking questions. That’s our democracy these days. Anyway, this is question one:

    “Sir Patrick presented a graph showing a frightening exponential rise in cases to 49,000 a day by mid-October — if cases continued to double every seven days. He emphasised that it wasn’t a prediction, yet only presented one scenario. The idea that cases are doubling every seven days is based on data from a very brief period in late August and early September. But in France and Spain — which are being watched closely, under the assumption that the UK is following the same Covid-19 trajectories — cases took three weeks to double. Moreover, the graphs presented to us show that cases there are no longer rising at an exponential rate — in fact, the rise is starting to level off. If the UK is following France and Spain, this does not support a scenario of Covid-19 infections doubling every seven days. Why didn’t he also show a graph with this scenario: that we follow either Spain or France?”


  7. Phantom – where is everybody dying?

    Oops – wrong question, because nobody is dying of Covid.

    Cases, cases, cases – so what?? Nobody is dying – unless you’re looking for medical treatment for heart condition, cancer etc.

  8. From Peter’s link at 12.46am


    Chris Whitty spoke of the threat of the NHS being ‘overwhelmed’. The Nightingale hospitals remained virtually empty. Why does he think there is a serious risk of hospitals being overwhelmed — and why hasn’t any data been made publicly available to discern capacity in NHS hospitals?

    Chris Whitty spoke of deaths from three different causes: direct deaths from the virus itself, deaths as a result of the NHS being overwhelmed, and those from the NHS spending so much of its resources on treating Covid-19 patients that it was forced to reduce treatment for other conditions.

    What he didn’t mention, however, was deaths caused by fear: people dying because they were too frightened to go to hospital or seek medical attention for heart attacks and the like. Recent data shows that the number of heart attacks detected and treated fell by 40 per cent during lockdown. He has a ‘scenario’ for direct Covid-19 deaths. Has any attempt been made to draw a ‘scenario’ for deaths that would undoubtedly be caused by another lockdown?

  9. “I’ll tell you what we’ve found out though; everyone’s wearing a chin nappy so they clearly don’t work if the eggheads think we’re in for a second wave”

    Doesn’t follow at all.

    You can accelerate a car that has the handbrake on. That doesn’t mean the handbrake isn’t doing anything.