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David Vance meets the Founder of UK Lockdown Sceptics, Alison F.

By Patrick Van Roy On September 23rd, 2020

30 Responses to “David Vance meets the Founder of UK Lockdown Sceptics, Alison F.”

  1. that’s our Alison……

  2. That’s well said.

  3. Hi Alison!

  4. Good to hear that the malice of Bill Gates is ‘appreciated’

  5. Good to hear that the malice of Bill Gates is ‘appreciated’

    Gates is Jewish? Who knew?

  6. Bill Gates is one of the good people in this world.

    Despite what the phonies say, he is a benefactor of very good causes, getting his hands dirty making sure that the money is well spent.

  7. For the record, in Northern Ireland you can:

    1. Have a “bubble” with another household.
    2. Visit freely for childcare or support for the elderly.
    3. Meet up to six people outdoors.

    So we’re not in a police state yet. But I agree that we are following a foolish policy, led by a foolish and incompetent government led by a lazy deceitful clown. An initial four-week lockdown was probably unavoidable, but we are now in Groundhog Day. Because each time that restrictions are relaxed the virus will spread and each time they are tightened the economy and the main NHS (cancer treatment etc) will be stuffed. We have already condemned tens of thousands to premature cancer deaths in the next couple of years and we are about to add to that casualty list.

  8. Great to hear from you Alison, I’m mostly in agreement.

    Sweden has done much better with a herd immunity policy. The UK started out with this but that imbecile Ferguson’s “model” blew it out of the water. The NHS was shut down along with the economy, to the enormous destruction of lives and happiness. And let’s not even get into the damage caused by the total education shut-down. Sweden kepts its schools open and Germany only closed for about a month. We closed our schools for five months.

  9. The Bill Gates Foundation invests billions in healthcare solutions for impoverished countries, eg malaria vaccines and clean water. Gates is not one of the bad guys Alison, but Delingpole has always been a contemptible shit, that’s for sure.

  10. Is that really ex-ATWer Alison? If so, great to hear, and see, her again. Beautiful voice, as I suspected.

  11. Wow. Alison has had three Twitter accounts suspended. When you look at the utter vitriol and poison posted on Twitter; I almost dread to think what she must have been up to.

  12. When you decide to go against science, reason and expert information based on emotion, ignorance and recycled poppycock you can’t go half assed. You have to portray yourself as heroic, all knowing and oppressed. Those who you attack are not just cowardly, the are also dominating. So terms like bedwetter and fascist are used in the same breath.

  13. I am very receptive to doing different things than what we are doing now on Covid, to more, smart reopening, especially in the US northeast, which is for the time in a good situation.

    But I’m afraid that when I hear terms like ” bedwetter ” used in a ” debate “, I don’t read or watch any further.

    Those who know the most about this subject, and it is an evolving knowledge of a still new thing, will never use such terms.

  14. Of course, but reasonable discussion is out the window. Instead we have to hear self-congratulatory nonsense of people who can’t address the real world and so create their own in which they are heroic all-seeing dissidents oppressed by vague deep state and mainstream media. They never see themselves as the fringe pushers of baloney whose embrace of false narratives is nothing more than cranky self indulgence.

  15. Herd immunity has been achieved in a Brazilian city, but at a high cost:

    “The Amazon region has seen the virus at its worst, with people dying at home and infections hitting indigenous groups. However, by mid-August, the Washington Post was documenting a sudden turnaround in Manaus. From a peak of 79 deaths on one day in May, the rate in the city is down to two or three a day in September, according to its health department. It remains unclear why the virus spread so quickly in Manaus, where mobility data shows people did begin social distancing in March. Sabino and her colleagues think the outbreak may have been accelerated by dense housing, poor water supplies, and crowding on boats that serve as local transportation.

    According to the authors, the infection fatality rate in Manaus was about 0.28%, or one death in every 350 people infected by the virus. Considering that not everyone has caught the virus in Manaus, the city-wide covid-19 death rate would be between one in 500 and one in 800 people overall…

    Other cities should be cautious about drawing conclusions from Manaus since, among other factors, it has a fairly young population. Just 6% of citizens there are over 60, according to Brazil’s Institute of Geography and Statistics. In New York City, that figure is around 16% and for the US overall, it’s 20%. Elderly people have a much, much higher risk of dying if they catch the virus than younger people.

    The Brazilian figures do suggest just how many people in one place could get infected as the virus spreads—a concept known as the attack rate. Were two-thirds of the US population to be infected, the virus could easily claim more than 500,000 American lives, mostly among the elderly. That’s in line with early projections for worst-case scenarios and with recent events on the ground. The US today surpassed the grim record of more than 200,000 deaths attributed to the virus. Tens of thousands of people are still being infected daily…”


  16. I don’t listen to know nothings like Trump or Ron Paul’s son the eye doctor.

    I listen very closely to Fauci and Osterholm.

  17. There’s no doubt that Trump would accept 500,000 US deaths if he thought it would help him get re-elected by avoiding a panic on Wall Street. That’s why he was so keen to play down the virus in February. He was never worried about the death toll and hasn’t even mentioned it for weeks.

  18. Fauci who in Late Febuary said the US had nothing to worry about this virus, Fauci who said we don’t need masks, and the 100 other things he’s Flip Flopped on…. that Fauci is your deciding factor…… lmao

  19. your savior

    Leaked Emails Show Fauci Was Called Hillary’s ‘Doctor …
    Apr 14, 2020 · Dr. Fauci once claimed Hillary Clinton was in great health when in fact her health was deteriorating after illness. Unclassified emails from the State Dept show HRC staffers labeled him as “Hillary Clintons admirer”. He also said “We love her [HRC] & are proud to know her.” pic.twitter.com/9abcQqFCot

    Dr. Fauci outs himself, sharing Atlantic Festival platform …
    As I wrote in my March 21, 2020 article on Fauci, he sent a gushing email to Hillary Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills on January 23, 2013, congratulating Hillary for her performance at a …

  20. When he finally accepted that the virus had arrived, Trump was hoping that it would rampage through the USA in the spring and be over by summer. And he would have accepted 500,000 deaths as a good result if it helped to avoid too much economic damage. That’s why he was anti any measures that restricted economic activity and started urging GOP governors to re-open almost immediately.

    He saw the pandemic not as a public health emergency requiring non-partisan leadership from him, but as a potential wedge issue that he could use to play to his base. And that’s what he has done the whole way since this thing started. Undermining the scientists at every opportunity, supporting gun-toting protestors, holding indoor rallies and opposing mask-wearing – all calculated to play the pandemic as just another front in the culture war.

  21. you shouldn’t smoke that stuff Peter……

  22. Great response Patrick, you sure know how to argue your point.

  23. Patrick

    Fauci is a very careful man.

    He used a lot of caveats like ” at this point ” in the early days

    He has learned more as the months went by, about a new virus.

    What is your point. Are you a Rand Paul man?

  24. No more lockdowns!

    “A recession was inevitable but there were hopes it would be V-shaped as businesses reopened and shoppers made up for lost time. That optimism began to wither when a three-week lockdown to save the NHS became a six-week lockdown to flatten the curve and then a 12-week lockdown to… what? Eliminate the virus? Prevent death at any cost? Flatten the economy? If there has been a strategy since May, it has never been articulated. If I had to guess, I would say that the plan is to ensure that Boris Johnson is never again accused of acting too slowly.

    Only a sucker would fall for the idea that the next lockdown will be a mere ‘circuit breaker’ lasting a fortnight. Supporters of lockdown are adept at switching between cases and deaths depending on which is rising. Deaths lag behind cases by three weeks, so even if a two-week circuit breaker reduced transmission, the number of deaths would still be rising by the end of it. With the likes of Piers Morgan howling from the sidelines and the ‘Zero Covid’ fantasists re-energised, it is hard to imagine the government ending lockdown while the death rate is climbing. You can almost hear the slogan now: ‘One last push to save Christmas!’

    And when case numbers rise again in the new year, as they will, who’ll resist a third lockdown, especially with the promise of mass vaccination just around the corner? ”


  25. Fauci is a fraud.

    He was crystal clear that people should not wear masks because “it is not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is”:


    Then he said that people should wear masks, and came out with a cock and bull story that he only advised against masks to protect stocks for health care staff. No, we have his reasoning on camera.

    He’s a bullshitter. People in his position cannot reclaim credibility once it’s been lost.

  26. It’s not Fauci, by the way. The Public Health industry has been exposed as full of frauds this year. When hundreds of public health “experts” flipped their advice on its head and announced that attending BLM protests was fine they lost the right to be heard.

    Bullshitters, every one of’em.

  27. Agreed re BLM

  28. Pete

    Which one or two persons in your opinion would have the greatest knowledge about the coronavirus and what we should do about it

    Those who attended the BLM pep rallies in the midst of the pandemic will be condemned for all the ages of man

  29. Israel is back in full lockdown and has now tightened it further:


  30. One of the reasons for fewer deaths may be that viral loads are falling. This US study is supported by a study in Italy whcih found the same pattern:

    “A US study from the city of Detroit, presented at this week’s ESCMID Conference on Coronavirus Disease (ECCMID, online 23-25 September) shows that the initial SARS-CoV-2 viral load in nasopharyngeal samples has been decreasing as the pandemic progressed. The authors also observed that the decline in viral load was associated with a decrease in death rate…

    The authors concldue: : “During the April-June 2020 period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the initial SARS-CoV-2 load steadily declined among hospitalised patients with a corresponding decrease in the percent of deaths over time.Though confounding variables have not been evaluated, this suggests an association between initial viral load and mortality.”